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October 31, 2019

Kids Bathroom

Got a few questions about the girls' bathroom (in our new home the kids have their own bathroom, WITH a tub - this is a big deal since we've been living for years without a tub)! Here are all the product sources for their bathroom and what I love about them! 

Bathtub spout cover - this slides right over the spout and protects them for bumping or scratching themselves on it (especially helpful when I have all three of them in there)!

Step stool - this no grip step stool is probably the most used piece. Love the simple white and grey star design, love even more the utility and independence it gives them in getting on the toilet, washing their hands, and brushing their teeth. We bought another one for the kitchen!

Toilet seat cover - Ro had a little potty training setback after an accident at school, and was scared of sitting on the toilet (but had no interest in a little potty either). This was the perfect addition to get her back on. The other two don't seem to mind it.

Nonscented wipes - maybe TMI, but they're still learning to wipe their own behinds correctly, and I love these nonscented ones by Parent's Choice (Walmart's baby brand)! They get tossed in the trash next to the toilet.

Not bathroom related but always ends up in there anyway - this cozy blanket. Maybe it's a morning comfort thing, but they all go into the bathroom with their blankets in hand and it's the funniest thing. They love this one.

All of our bathroom goodies came from Walmart! Love that we can find such good prices there (and next day shipping, particularly useful when we realize we're out of pull ups or wipes)! Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post!

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