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July 17, 2014

Sling Diaries: On Understanding

I apologize for being a little MIA lately - for those of you that don't know, I'm back on clinical rotations, applying to residency programs, aaaannnnd getting married next month. I honestly wanted to spend as little time as possible wedding planning but there's still a minimum time commitment required for a decent end product, ya know? Make sure to follow along on Instagram for updates when I have so little time to officially blog! But today I made sure to make time for my Sling Diaries post. This month's entry for the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries is on understanding. Read my previous entries here!

Dearest Liv,

Mommy and daddy do a lot of thinking about how we will raise you to be an amazing little person and an overall awesome human being. Daddy wants to turn you into some type of sports phenom, and that'd be pretty cool if that's what you wanted, but I think one of my most important duties is to show you how to be a caring woman, which starts as being a caring girl. 

You see, for some reason girls have it tough when it comes to making and keeping true friends. Whether it's because of insecurities they have because of what society tells them is beautiful or things they witness other women doing to one another, girls start being catty and downright mean to each other at younger and younger ages. I don't think there's anyway I can keep girls from being mean to you, but I hope I can keep you from being mean to other girls. How do I hope to do this? By teaching you the concept of understanding.

Understanding is a wonderful power to have. Having the ability to understand what someone else is going through and share (or at least understand) the feelings that person may have, well my darling that is called empathy, and empathy is what will make you a good person. Empathy is what will allow you to put yourself in another person's shoes and see where they're coming from and how it feels to be them. Empathy is what will allow you to understand that that person who says something mean to you probably had something mean said or done to them, and instead of being mean back to them you'll let it roll right off your shoulder, knowing that person is a hurt a little inside and a snap back will do nothing but make it ok for them to keep going.

Those who have the greatest empathy for others have usually actually been in that persons shoes so to speak. Doctors are more empathetic towards their patients when they have actually experienced what it's like to be in a hospital bed. The rich are more empathetic towards the poor when they have actually known what it's like living paycheck to paycheck and dodging bill collectors phone calls. Do I want you to have to go through these hardships to become a more empathetic person? Of course not, although you may.

For now, the lessons in empathy begin with developing your imagination. What will in a few years give you the ability to come up with fantastic stories and amazing make believe fairies and distant planets, will soon give you the ability to imagine the hardships another human being is going through and understand their realities, and why they may be acting the way they are. Your imagination will be a powerful tool that can help you understand those around you without actually having to know firsthand what it is they're dealing with. I hope you will develop a wonderful imagination that will lead to many fancy tea parties and fantastic plays, an imagination that will soon let you develop a wonderful sense of empathy, and allow you to blossom into a wonderful person. You're already amazing, little girl of mine, let's keep you that way. 

Love always,

I'm wearing Liv in in my Sakura Bloom pure linen sling in Maple, striped tee from Forever 21 (similar here), thrifted jean cut offs (similar here), Panama hat from Old Navy (similar here) and sandals from Target.


  1. This is so sweet. And you are so right. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Since I've stopped blogging (about 3 years ago), I've always followed your blog specifically! I love reading what you have to say and you seem like such a genuine, laid back person! Your little family is absolutely adorable too!

  3. i can't wait for liv to get old enough to read these entries.
    they are truly beautiful and full of wisdom.


    ps. i looove these slings.
    would it be weird to buy one to carry my dog in...?

  4. Such a sweet and true letter! She's so lucky to have a mother like you to teach her about the truly important things. I wish more parents would have these hopes for their kids :)

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  6. The letter is so sweet and heartwarming. Liv is so cute :) Love the outfit!


  7. i love the words in this post.........
    Sweet pictures

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  9. I love your blog. This has to be one of my favorites, especially since I have a little girl. I look for inspiration in any way shape or form and I have found it in your blog. Please continue to be you!


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