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May 26, 2019

Outfits Lately

Happy weekend y'all! Today I just wanted to quickly link up some of my recent outfits since the links I add on instagram stories only last for 24 hours! Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

(SO many colors to choose from, and only $12)
(unfortunately most sizes sold out after I linked on IG the first time, but hopefully they'll restock!)
(I went with the bright gold, but I think I'm going to buy the blush gold as well - 
at $15 it's easy to buy a few)!

(on sale this weekend for $22.50!)

(on sale this weekend for $20! I'm obsessed with the fit and comfort of this dress)
(under $50!)
(another sweet Amazon find, and a steal at under $15!)

May 23, 2019

Working mom's morning routine (and products)

Hi all! Earlier this week I shared a pretty in depth look at our morning routine getting myself and the 3 girls out of the door to school (and myself to work for 8am clinic)! If you missed it, I made it a highlight on my Instagram stories that you can find here!
I promised I'd link up many of the things we use, so here goes (pretty much in order of appearance from our morning video). If there's anything you were looking for or any questions you have feel free to leave them in the comments or leave a comment on IG!
Coffee maker (super versatile, brews normal K cups, espresso shots, and has a milk frother)
Coffee mug (the sweetest set)!
Coffee and creamer (at home this is my favorite, at Starbucks my go-to is a blonde roast with cream, sugar, and a dash of cinnamon - the most caffeine for your buck)!
Girls lunch containers (truly leak proof which I love; their old ones were good but sometimes leaked, so I repurposed them to organize my beauty products in my drawer)!
Our dining table (obsessed)
Rollerball eye depuffing serum (one of my favorite steps in my AM routine; eye bags are one of the most difficult things though, since there can be SO many different causes for bags + dark circles, many of which need in-office treatments not just creams or serums!)
Vitamin C facial oil (finally found my holy-grail vitamin C. Used the entire bottle and repurchasing)
Daily facial sunscreen (my favorite - never leave the house without)
Eyebrows (this drugstore one replaced all of my more expensive ones!)
*will do a full post on their hair care, but in short, despite them having very different curl patterns, these 2 products work great for all of them - the difference is how much I use in each girls hair - Liv's hair needs to be soaked each day and is super porous so she definitely goes through the most product, Elli and Ro don't need very much at all
Car seats (fit 3 in a row in small SUV)
Hope you guys find everything you need! xx

May 11, 2019

Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts!

Happy Saturday! Today I'm coming through for all my last-minute shoppers (cough cough, me) who may not have picked something special up for mother's day if you celebrate. Thanks to services like Amazon Prime you would be set if you ordered something late last week, but if by this point you still haven't gotten something services like Target's order online and pick up in store really are a game changer (if you're also like me and can't fathom having to take all 3 of your own kids to the store to do shopping since your husband's out of town). 

All of these picks were available to pick up in store within 2 hours! So hopping into some of my picks! //  An Instant Pot. If the mother figure you're shopping for does any cooking and doesn't have one of these, hook her up. I now make my pasta, rice, almost all of my meat, and always my boiled eggs in this baby. It's a real game changer. //  An adorable mom mug like this one. Whether she's a coffee or tea fan (or just lemon water), this one speaks to all moms of littles on the hard days! //  The softest plush pom pom throw (I own it in pink and it's my favorite blanket - it comes in cream and teal too)! The kids always steal this one from me and I know if it's gone missing I'm sure to find it in their bedroom - definitely considering picking up another one since it's on sale for under $10! //  A pair of bluetooth headphones -bonus that these are semi-noise cancelling - I have these exact ones and play white noise in them or relaxing music and it really helps with the stressful solo evenings with the kids! It may sound horrible but those with kids know it gets loud, and I get easily overstimulated haha. This helps mellow everything out on the crazy days and are great for workouts too! //  A back massager; anyone can use a massage, but especially moms. Pro tip for my pumping mamas - set up your pumping spot at home (or work if you have a designated space) and pump with this back massager! //  A sweet necklace like this moon and stars necklace //  If your mama is anything like me and can keep the kids alive but not the plants, an artificial plant is the way to go (bonus no dirt for the kids to play with)! This artificial agave is so pretty for indoors or out! 

Most of all I hope you just show the mother figure in your life you see her, love her ,and appreciate her. That's most of what we want - the rest is just sprinkles on top!

May 8, 2019

Matching Mommy + Mini outfits!

Almost Mother’s Day! I don’t know about you, but for Mother’s Day I’d love a relaxing spa morning (maybe even sleep in) and someone cleaning the house! Followed by a fun outing with the family (most mamas know that as much as we say we want alone time, once we get it we usually miss the kids instantly)! 

Aaand I would love for the kids to be silly with mommy and dress alike! I got a ton of questions about our looks after this fun afternoon grabbing ice cream together and most mamas were super happy to hear I picked up everything from Old Navy! They have a ton of options with similar patterns for the whole family (even men's pieces!), so I picked up some of their banana print pieces for Sunday! We can only do matchy-matchy for so long, can’t wait to show the girls these when they’re older! 

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