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April 17, 2017

Just Winging It

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend (if you celebrate) - Nathan and I were both off for the weekend and had a great time with the girls (despite our ED scare given Ro's high fever - all is good now)! But I had to laugh so many times over the weekend at how much we just make up on the fly. You should have seen me Saturday night remembering I actually had to fill the eggs with all the stuff I had bought, or Nathan going out on his motorcycle Sunday morning because we forgot to buy actual baskets for them to put their collected eggs in during the Easter egg hunt, or me telling them "the Easter Bunny only dropped off baskets for now, he'll come back soon to hide eggs!" Nathan took the girls for a run while I hid eggs lol. And I thought back to all the times during my childhood that that likely happened and I never even noticed.

And then I thought about the one photo you all would see posted on Instagram and think to yourselves "how do they do everything? how do they run such a smooth production and have everything perfect?" I was hoping to capture some of the imperfections in my caption I shared on our Easter photo, but I also wanted to address that today too.

Displaying IMG_3792.JPG

I always get asked how we do it all/balance it all/etc. and while I've written about it many times, I think people still think I have some secret. Now obviously there are a ton of strategies (I talk about almost everything in my E-course), but I think the only "secret" is that I'm not afraid of life, and I have a partner that makes me feel like I can take on anything. No matter what happens, even if we fail (which we won't because failing just means you're giving up), we've got each other. Are we nervous before taking another step? Sure! Are we making up most of it as we go along? Damn right! Most things we jump into without quite knowing how they'll work out. But we do know that they will. And it's that faith that has taken us this far. 

Because the truth is every day I really am pretty much just winging it - most days I don't know what we're having for dinner, most days I still don't feel like the best mom ("I shouldn't have raised my voice at Liv") or the best doctor ("I should be studying more") but I've learned that I'll always have those feelings and I've made peace with it. I do what I can with what I have and have the confidence that THAT IS ENOUGH. So it is. 

I'm not endorsing just being irresponsible and doing things without any planning - I make a million plans and always have multiple back-ups never quite knowing how things will work out, but the point is some of us think the plan has to be set in stone before we can even take the first step. And this is where many people get held up. The plan will never be set in stone and the time will never be just right. Sometimes you just have to trust that it will all work out and go for it. 

And on the more practical side - we've got some help now. Most of you know my mother in law lives with us, a true blessing, but even that was never planned. When we had Liv we used a small home daycare situation initially and then a nanny and daycare - we had no family that could help consistently with childcare. My mother in law maybe saw Liv three times in her life by the time she was one and a half. But then she had an injury at work and couldn't live where she was living, and it was a win-win situation to have her move in with us and help with the girls! You see life just has a way of working itself out, and those who know that aren't afraid to keep taking steps even if they're not sure where they may lead. 

So go ahead, take the step. You'll get there, wherever your there may be. 

April 13, 2017

Instagram Roundup and a Giveaway!

Hi all! Linking up a few of the pieces I've featured recently on Instagram (and Instagram stories) as many of you ask where everything is from but don't use LiketoKnowIt (although if you haven't tried it yet, now that you can shop by screenshot it's SO easy)!

I'm also hosting an awesome giveaway with a few great small brands - check out the post on Instagram (this picture with me holding this gorgeous Charlotte and Asher bag that''s part of the giveaway) and enter there! The giveaway closes Friday!

Leather Bag (currently 50% OFF!! Only until Friday)  //  Top (only $10!)  //  Sweats  //  Sneakers (as mentioned every time I wear them, these are over a year old from Zara kids and no longer available, but check out this post on pink sneakers that has so many similar options to choose from at different price points)!

Dress (actually maternity and on sale for $29 - I find it still looks great even without the belly - here's a gorgeous non-maternity option)  //  White coat  //  Flats  

PS - A few of you asked about how I keep suede shoes like these ones clean - I actually LOVE these wipes from Aldo and am so sad I can't find them online (but I've bought them twice in store now and really hope they still are available). I did find these online and they sound very similar! 

Sweater (another one that I purchased in store at H&M and is not available online, here and here are similar options)  //  Shorts  //  Lace trimmed nursing bra  //  Mug  //  Pillow  //  Necklace 

Flats  //  Top (on sale for $10!)  //  Pants  //  Nail Polish

Pink Sneakers!

Hey y'all! I get asked ALL THE TIME about my dusty pink sneakers I wear on the regular and feel so bad because they were a steal from Zara last year - in the KIDS section! And sadly no longer available. But today I'm rounding up some awesome options for very similar looking pink sneakers at all different price points! I think the UGG ones and the Geox ones are the most similar to mine (as are the Tod's, in fact these might be the most similar in person, but the price is pretty outrageous, at least to me!), but I love them all! Hope you enjoy!

1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6  //  7

April 7, 2017

Quick getaway details!

Happy Friday all! We're nearing the end of our week-long vacation - our first as a family of FIVE! And as usual I don't want it to end!! Our escape was only a short 2 hour drive from Miami - perfect since the thought of traveling/flying with 3 girls (and Ro only being 7 weeks) was more than terrifying! We'll do it eventually but not now! I'll be posting a full review of our trip and details on our stay soon (for those who asked we're staying at the Club Med at Sandpiper Bay! It was our first time and we loved it! If you're interested in booking your first Club Med getaway you can mention my referral - Laura Scott GM number 17704394 for $100 off!)

Anyway, like I said, will do a full review soon but for now I wanted to quickly link up a few of the things you guys have been asking about over on Instagram! 

Top of the list of most frequently asked are the girls' float swimsuits! These things are awesome - Liv was completely independent in the pool wearing it (obviously still with constant supervision) and while Elli wasn't a huge fan of it (she hates all floaties lol) she at least wasn't able to rip it off and soon forgot she was wearing anything extra at all! Definitely well worth the money for us!

The other must have is sun screen (duh! dermatologist here!) - this is my favorite for babies, and this is my favorite for mama! I like this one because it's higher SPF than my usual daily SPF/moisturizer and TINTED - so it's the only thing I put on my face while on vacation - "makeup" doesn't get any simpler! For some reason the first time I tried it I broke out a tiny bit and was hesitant to try it again, but thanks to my derm co-residents I did and didn't have the same problem again! Love it!

Also photo'd above are my bikini top and bottom (I have the bandeau top but loving the halter option too!) and the matching bear hoodie coverups I got for Ro and Elli! Hope you all have a great weekend!

March 28, 2017

What's In My Bag

Hi all!! Today I wanted to do a fun post on what's in my bag! I'm actually just linking up everything here - check out my Instagram story for the full video that features my bag and what's inside!

This bag has really been fantastic and fits everything I need - including my pumping stuff and travel mug and snacks (which were missing from the video because I ate them all hahaha)!

Striped top   //   Pants   //   Flats   //   Bag

White coat   //   Sweater (from H&M but not online, this one is nearly identical, I like this one too)   //  Pants   //   Flats   //   Bag

Inside the bag:
Planner (almost identical, mine just doesn't have exposed rings)

March 21, 2017

Healthy Hair

Happy Tuesday!! Today I’m partnering with Nature’s Bounty to talk all about healthy hair (skin and nails apply too)! But I wanted to focus mostly on hair today. 

As a dermatology resident we not only see patients with skin disease, but also with hair and nail disorders as well! And you’d never imagine the amount of pathology there is out there! But the most common questions I get are always about keeping hair and nails healthy from people with no real “pathology” so to speak of (including mamas who are experiencing postpartum hair loss - which is completely normal/physiologic, and starts right around 3 months PP - I experienced it with all my girls and am ready for it to hit this time too)! Anyway, today I wanted to talk about keeping our hair as healthy as possible!  

I’ll do another post later on some products that can help from the outside in, but healthy hair, skin, and nails, all begin from the inside! And one of the biggest factors, whether we like to admit or not is stress! Stress and bad skin/hair/nails are 100% related! In fact one of the most common causes of hair loss (and breakouts) is STRESS! So finding ways to reduce stress is one of the best things we can do for ourselves (not just for hair, skin, and nails either, it most certainly has internal effects as well)! I know that's much easier said than done, but one way I try reducing stress is by remembering what actually matters in the grand scheme of things - check out this post for a few more tips.

Another thing that helps with healthy hair is blood flow! Many people love scalp massage (which serves three purposes - increasing blood flow to the scalp, breaking up any buildup on the scalp, and reducing stress) and it's one of my favorites. Exercise is another fantastic way to increase blood flow to the scalp, and also a great stress reducer! For both scalp massage and exercise, though, I’d make sure to be careful with oils (oil you may use for the scalp massage and the sweat/oil that we work up ourselves during exercise)! This extra oil can certainly contribute to breakouts, so make sure to wash your hair after your massage and wash your face after workouts (I prescribe clindamycin swabs for a lot of my patients to just keep in their gym bags, but non-prescription face wipes can also be really helpful - I've recommended these over the counter for my patients)! For the scalp I shampoo regularly with an anti-dandruff shampoo (and do a little scalp massage in the shower as well)! Having a clean scalp is also really important for health hair!

Whenever patients come in with hair loss we also want to make sure they’re not vitamin or nutrient deficient. Many are not, but they still want recommendations on supplements to take. Now - there IS NO SUPPLEMENT that's going to make your hair grow faster or give you perfect skin - it just doesn't work that way - there are so many factors in play. But it is certainly helpful to make sure you have all the right building blocks for healthy hair (and skin and nails)! And that certainly starts with a healthy diet - protein and fats are crucial - I try to include lean poultry and meats as well as fish like salmon, and other healthy fat filled foods like walnuts and flaxseed (super easy to add to a cup of greek yogurt and have a great snack)! As far as supplements, lately I’ve been recommending these Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies - one because I’ve tried them and love them (and I really feel best recommending products I actually have tried, I do the same with my sunscreen), and two because they have simple ingredients and not too much “extra.” They provide some of the vital vitamins we need to support beautiful hair, skin, and nails from the inside and out.* They essentially are just Biotin, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, which support lustrous hair, vibrant skin and healthy nails.* And they're cute and pink and strawberry flavored, but not everyone cares about that part lol! The only thing I'd caution with these is that while they taste like candy, they aren't, so only take 2 so you don't go over the 2,500mcg biotin dose!* 

As always, anything on the blog is my opinion and not my professional medical advice, make sure to schedule an appointment with your dermatologist if you have concerns about your hair skin or nails! But if you just want to make sure you’ve got the right building blocks for healthy hair, skin, and nails, remember to cut out stress, exercise, and pick up a bottle of Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies in the beauty aisle at your local Walgreens!

PS - you can read more about my current skincare and makeup routine here, some of the other hair products I use for curly hair (me and Liv) here (I'd say the only update is that I've switched to an anti-dandruff shampoo like I mentioned above), and how I straighten my hair here (I've updated a few products like my dry shampoo but otherwise most of the routine is the same)! Thanks to Nature's Bounty for sponsoring this post and asking me to share some of my tips for healthy hair!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

March 17, 2017

Back to Work

Happy Friday! Checking in quickly during a busy week - I went back to work this Monday! 

Maternity leave during residency is a tricky thing (read my post on maternity leave in residency which describes how I made it work intern year - but everything is program and resident-dependent). For this leave we were able to work it out so that I could take 4 weeks - technically I could have done 6 weeks paid, but that would take all my sick time and vacation time. I think the most exhausting thing about the arrangement I set up during intern year was that I used all my vacation time for leave (and we all know being home with a newborn after just giving birth is no vacation, add in two other littles and it's a little crazy!) so there was no other "break" during the year. Taking the 4 weeks this time still allotted me two separate weeks of vacation which we used for our cruise in the fall, and will have another one coming up in April (N has off too)! And thankfully my hours even being back to work are much better than they were intern year, no in-house call or nights, etc. 

The transition hasn't been too bad - my co-residents have all been awesome and really supportive, and when I saw my program chair for the first time since coming back, his first words were "welcome home." And I love what I do, so hopping back into clinic and surgery was nice (although don't get me wrong, I would have preferred a full 3+ months at home and then come back to work just like any other new mama, this just isn't a real option for everyone - but I love this speech by Anne Hathaway, check out the article if you want a little extra reading today)!

On top of heading back to work I also had a presentation to give yesterday that's finally over (and went great - thanks so much for all of your good luck wishes)!! It was a last minute thing because someone else couldn't present so I agreed to, but it all worked out! But definitely added to the stress factor of coming back. Now that that's over I can finally get a little bit of my rare "free time" (basically when all the girls are finally asleep - I always feel guilty doing work if they're still awake!).

Anywho... I posted this pic on instagram yesterday and many of you had outfit questions so I'm linking everything up here! I'll be posting soon about everything I bring in my tote bag for work (can you believe it's only $40?!?) and pumping (although I did a huge pumping post here - I use the FREESTYLE pump for those who asked), etc. and hopefully working on a few other posts as well! Thanks for all your support guys!! 

White coat (I'd read the reviews on Medelita website, this coat is amazing, 3 of my co-residents have already ordered one after trying mine on!)  //  Sweater (from H&M but not online, this one is nearly identical, I like this one too)  //  Pants  //  Flats (one of my go-tos for work, they are so comfortable!)  //  Tote bag (Incredible. that's all I can say.)

In the scrubs picture I'm wearing my FIGS scrubs, white coat, and these sneakers.

Hope you all have a great weekend! And happy Match Day to all my fourth years!!!

March 8, 2017

Strong Women

Women are like tea bags. You never know how strong they are until you put them in hot water. 

Being strong is hard. But the more I put myself in situations (or am put in them without choice which still happens, albeit not as often as it did growing up) where I have to be strong, I come out even stronger every time. I find so much inspiration from other strong women - women who have the strength to speak out, women who have the strength to stay quiet to protect something else, women who have the strength to go after their dreams, women who have the strength to sacrifice their dreams, women who have strength to love who they want, women who have the strength to love even if it wasn't their choice - you see, we as women need to see and respect each other for where we are - we all make choices or take actions based on things someone else will never understand.

In a similar fashion we need to remind ourselves not to compare or compete with other women. There's enough room for us all to shine in our own ways, and we'll only get there faster by supporting each other. 

I hope I can raise my girls to be strong, and to find inspiration and camaraderie from other girls and women. And to not be afraid of a little hot water. 

In something that probably makes more sense than my sleep-deprived rambling, the folks over at Sofft reached out to me as they wanted to highlight me for International Women's Day (so humbled!) so here is a tiny bit of my interview with them. Make sure to hop over to their page to read the rest

Having three young daughters and a very demanding career, how do you balance it all?
I think the illusion of "balance" is an unfair one that so many women try to achieve, when the truth is that although we may have many roles, we're only playing one or two at any given time. Now - I may switch hats about 24 times a day - from mom to wife to doctor and then back to mom for a pumping break at work and then back to doctor, then to mom again, then to wife when the kids are asleep - I think that's a more realistic way to see the "balance," not expecting that at any given time we're actually playing all of those roles. With that said - it takes a village! When we had our first during medical school we had daycare and a nanny (a sweet college student was what we could afford at the time!) - now with three we actually have my mother-in-law who we moved in with us and take care of so that she can help out with the girls, and my oldest is in pre-school now. I also have a supportive work environment - once during clinic I had to bring the girls (even with childcare and backup childcare there are still emergencies!) and my nurses took turn watching the girls so I could see the last few patients! 

You are inarguably a huge inspiration for other young women. What’s your advice for those who need a little bit of motivation to keep reaching for their goals?
The biggest motivation always comes from within, so that is always my message to young women. You need to know why you want it, I mean really know, really believe it, and be able to pull those feelings up when times get hard - because they will! I also truly believe in the power of mentorship - having a mentor who can tell you "you'll get through this, I did" is also sometimes the little bit of reassurance you need to keep pushing. I didn't always personally have it but I searched online for people I could look up to even if they didn't know I existed!

Some of us have the tendency to steer towards negativity when life becomes overwhelming – what is your strategy for staying positive when things get a bit chaotic?
Life's way too short. I grew up with constant reminders of how precious life truly is and what problems are actually real problems - from having family members murdered, to not having money for medical care, to seeing classmates put in jail - things that truly put what my current problems are in major perspective. That perspective has always reminded me to count my blessings and be grateful for what I have, and not sweat the small stuff. I also allow myself that time to be negative - just because I say don't sweat it doesn't mean you shouldn't react to it or be this perfectly positive person all the time. No! Get angry, cry a little, have a minor panic attack, sure! But don't dwell on it - give yourself that outlet and then pick up the pieces and deal with it! Because life truly is too short. 

Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.

Thanks to Sofft for helping inspire this post, and coffee, all the coffee. 


March 2, 2017

Quick Home Post!

Happy Thursday all! I wanted to do a quick post on some of my home pieces as it seems to be a commonly asked about topic nowadays! Hoping to do a true home post with nice photos at some point before I head back to work but until then here's some info below!

I get asked all the time about all the white in our house, especially with 3 little ones (and a husband, and a dog, who probably contribute more to the mess than the girls lol)! Slipcovers! The entire couch - seats, pillows - and our corner chair have covers that can all be zipped off and thrown into the washer and dryer at home. Toss in a little oxiclean and everything stays white! Of course it's not always that way, right now everything is starting to get a bit dingy which means this weekend I'll be washing everything! 

February 28, 2017

Nursing Friendly Clothing

Hi all! A lot of you have been asking about the transition from 2 to 3, and so far it's been pretty good! I did a full post about the transition from 1 to 2, you can read it here. While this post isn't dedicated to that transition, it is about something that has made the transition easier (same for going from 1 to 2) and that is 1) babywearing (duh), and more specifically, being able to nurse while babywearing. In the so-called fourth trimester (the first 3 months as a newborn), babies, like Liv so eloquently puts it, "just like to sleep and drink milk and poop." During my short time off for maternity leave I've had the 3 girls by myself all day (well, I drop Liv off at pre-school in the morning and then pick her up in the evening, so most of the day it's just 2) - but in this short crash-course on having 3 littles I've solidified my belief that babywearing is pretty much the best thing ever. Seriously mamas of multiples, you need to figure it out if you haven't yet (actually yesterday at the playground I helped teach a new mama how to use a sling and it felt so great)! I can actually confidently go out with Elli and Ro and know that I can handle it (I think a part of this confidence also comes with just not giving a f*** about others the way I did as a new mom, but I still care a little so we can't attribute it all to that)! ;)

Anywho, all that rambling to say one of the things that's most convenient wearing nursing friendly tops. For many this can simply mean a low V-neck/stretchy top if they aren't scared of showing some skin (super easy to just pull down the neck and nurse whenever - this is my go-to at home). But when out some people like to be a little bit more discreet (and this is just pure preference - I am all for nursing wherever the heck you want and not having to cover it up at all! But I digress...)

The thing about fancy nursing tops, though, is that they're usually super expensive. I've gotten lucky and had a few up and coming companies send me their tops to try out - and I've loved them all, but most of them are at pretty steep price points. Today I'm sharing some tops that are all incredibly budget friendly, and make nursing a breeze. I also love them because I can wear them at work and easily pump - I'll only have so much time to pump during little breaks here and there, so streamlining things as much as possible is critical!

All of these pieces are $30 or less!!
1   //   2   //   3   //   4   //   5   //   6   //   7   //   8

February 26, 2017

Instagram Lately

Happy Sunday! Today just sharing a roundup of some of my recent IG posts including answers to a couple of the most common questions I got this week!


Tee  (mens, I'm wearing an XS) //  Joggers (I'm wearing the sweet macaron color - they're currently buy one get one 50% off) //  Slip Ons (seriously wearing these almost daily on maternity leave)

Car seat info: I got a lot of questions on Snapchat after I share snaps of all the girls in my backseat when I'm taking Liv to daycare - we fit all three carseats in our backseat! Liv and Elli both sit in these car seats, and Ro sits in this seat I talked about in my last post). For reference I drive a Ford Escape. 


Tee (wearing an XS) //  Jeans (similar for less than half the price here)  //  Glasses
Chair  (MUCH cheaper at Ikea if you have one near you) //  Mirror  //  Kids Chairs (so many of you wanted the info on these - they're currently on sale for $20 off the normal price!)  //  Kids Bookshelf/Bench (white is available but honestly a little overpriced compared to what I paid, but after searching around it looks like it's out of stock most places, so that explains why! It's also available in grey for a cheaper price)  //  Couch (all the covers come off so I can just throw them all in the washing machine and dryer)!


Top  //  Jacket (less than $20)  //  Jeans (less than $20, run small, I'm wearing a M) //  Heels  //  Purse

I got my full length floor mirror here and absolutely love it! Hope to do a home post soon and I can share some better shots of it!   


Tee (nursing friendly!) //  Shorts (less than $20, run small, I'm wearing M) //  Sling  //  Slip Ons


I've been getting asked a ton about how I got back in shape so quickly after three babies - I haven't done anything yet except breastfeed and pump, but I was also a size 0-2 pre-baby. Everyone's uterus gets toned back down at its own pace but I do think it gets stronger each time - but who knows! I did a full post after having Elli on postpartum fitness you can read it here!


PS - so many of you ask pre-med/med/studying/balance related questions - make sure to check out the FAQ and Medicine sections of the blog!


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

February 21, 2017

Out and About with Three

Hey y'all! Hope you're having a great start to your week! Today I wanted to share some shots from our first few times out with all three girls! Liv is now 3 and a half, and Elli is 15 months, and now we have a one week old in the mix! For the most part Liv is old and (thinks she's) independent enough to walk on her own all the time - she of course does get tired though, and then one of us (ahem, N, cough, cough) always gets stuck carrying her or giving her a piggy back ride! And Elli enjoys riding in a stroller, but hates being strapped/restricted. So in come the folks over at Evenflo to save the day - they sent me their Sibby Travel System to review - and I think everyone in the family is happy with it! We have other double strollers, but like I mentioned, it's hard to convince Liv to take a seat in any now! So the ride-along board on this stroller was perfect - it has a little clasp that allows it to easily fold up when not in use (but still easily get to the storage basket) and just as easily unclasp it to bring it back down again. 

T shirt (it's a nursing top and under $20!)  //  Mesh leggings  //  Sneakers  //  Sunglasses  //  Sling (currently sold out, similar here at under $100)

Elli loves that she can pull herself forward or recline back (while still being strapped in) or even kick her feet up on the handlebar (see above lol). Which is nice because we don't have to fight her getting in the stroller - she really does love riding in it! And not to sound shallow, but we like products that look pretty, and I love the Sibby system's minimalist style and gorgeous color options (mine is the color Mineral Grey).

Baseball cap  //  T shirt (on sale for $9!) //  Jeans  //  Slip ons (similar here)

At under $200 this stroller really does pack a ton - it even comes with a carseat which is perfect for Ro and what I use in the car. It's light weight and has a great canopy, and easily snaps in and out of the car base. Obviously when I have all three I can't actually use the carseat with the stroller (it snaps in easily though), I just keep her in my sling! As an added bonus Evenflo is currently having an offer to get a free soft infant carrier with purchase of a travel system! 

I'd say the only annoying part thus far was that I found myself kicking the board sometimes when I pushed the stroller - but that only took some easy readjusting of my step and I didn't do it anymore after the second or third time using it! N says it's not the smoothest ride - but this is the guy who almost exclusively uses our double jogger when he's out with the girls that has the shock absorption of a BMW (exaggerating but you get my point - that thing is smooth as butter, and is also over three times the cost). 

Lace up hoodie (less than $20!) //  Leggings  //  Slip ons  //  Glasses

PS - got asked a ton about this bag I've been carrying - it was a steal from Payless! Unfortunately it's not available online, but check in your local store! I snagged it maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago and it's been my favorite go-to! I love the mix of (faux) leather and suede, the 2 different strap lengths, and all the pockets! I searched online and found a few similar options if you don't have luck in-store - here, here, and here!

February 17, 2017

Rowen's Birth Story

Happy Friday everyone!! And happy almost 1 week to my new baby girl - Rowen Elena! For those who may not follow along on Instagram or Snapchat (you can find me @lauralacquer there on both) - on Saturday we welcomed our third incredible blessing - and baby was A GIRL!! I can't tell you how ecstatic we both were - secretly N and I wanted a girl - the thought of three sisters was just the best to us, I think Liv is the only one who thought she was going to have get a brother this time lol! Obviously a brother would have been loved just as much, but you get the point!

I thought today it would be fun to share Rowen's birth story! It's pretty sweet that this blog has been around since well before the days of me having a family of my own, so both Liv's and Elli's birth stories are documented on the blog too - feel free to give those a read if you haven't already! Liv's was the one that really gave me a run for my money and showed me how hard it could be (especially the recovery process), Elli's was much nicer but I delivered with Liv in the room - so that was fun lol, and sweet Rowen's, well hers was the first I did without an epidural, and what an empowering experience it was. With all that said let's get to it!

My due date for this babe was today actually, but I had been having pretty strong Braxton-Hicks contractions since late January, so every day I went to work I always felt like it could potentially be the day I went into labor! Let's just say my hospital bag permanently stayed in my car so that if I did N could just grab it from the garage (I was delivering at my own hospital). This was my first pregnancy like this - with Liv I barely remember any Braxton-Hicks, and with Elli I had a few pretty intense ones, but all within the week of actually going into labor. With Rowen these lasted for almost a month! For the last two weeks I had seen my OB I was about 2cm dilated as well, which again, didn't mean a ton. Friday I went to work like any other day - I was on inpatient so I rounded with our attending in the morning (we always joked when we met up in the morning that I guess I'd still work today) and took care of orders and discharges. At lunch we had journal club so I waddled up to the podium and gave my talk on this interesting vitiligo trial (and joking with my co-residents that I really hoped my water wouldn't break up there), and then quickly ate lunch while listening to the other residents present their papers. After lunch I was working in our public health clinic (our busiest but my favorite clinic - in this hospital most of our patients have no insurance either because they can't afford it, don't have their papers, etc. so we really get to take care of an underserved population. And I pretty much get to use my Spanish 90% of the time). Anywho, I waddled around clinic (the nurses betting what the gender was and everyone laughing that I was still coming to work) and my sweet patients all sharing their blessings with every goodbye. All day I had plenty of contractions, but everyday was pretty much like that at this point so I really gave up on trying to predict when it would happen.

Nathan and I finished the day around the same time so we drove home together (seriously love working at the same hospital system!) and had a quiet lazy Friday night just relaxing with the girls and looking forward to the weekend off (I was on call the previous weekend so this was my first weekend off in almost 2 weeks)! Of course, Saturday morning I woke up at about 5:30 to contractions - and sure enough - these weren't just the dull pain of the Braxton Hicks, these were a sharper force you on hand and knees contractions and I immediately knew it was going down that morning. I hopped in the shower asap, woke N up as I was getting dressed (when he saw me getting my sneakers on he was like - "oh - NOW now!?!?") - I think he sensed the urgency. And we were at the hospital by 6:30. We parked in my normal parking garage and laughed in between breath-stopping contractions at my choice to park that far and walk to where OB triage was, but I like my parking garage lol! When we got to the building the security guard stopped us to ask for ID - I was very much obviously in super duper labor - I threw my work badge at his desk and kept hobbling over to the elevators because I know how slow they are - as I waited for it to get to our floor I apologized to him for throwing it haha - I think N picked it up for me but by this point I honestly couldn't even see straight or hear everything the contractions were so bad! We got up to OB triage and I walked right in - they were so cute asking "how can we help you mama?" and I was like "oh you know, just about to have this baby!" They were like - "ok sweetie slow down, is this your first baby?" I was like "nope, third!" and they told me to skip registration and go straight to the room and get my clothes off. I hollered I was Doctor X's patient and they knew to call him immediately - he delivers all his ladies as he proudly proclaims and in the last few visits would always remind me to not wait until the last minute to call him! Within minutes an entire team was in the room trying to check my cervix and get my information and draw blood in between contractions - they checked me and I was completely dilated - "only thing keeping this baby in is the bag" - my water hadn't broken yet. I asked for an epidural but I was beyond the point of that - and all at once I felt terrified but sort of empowered at the challenge - a challenge I had yet to take on but now was forced to. And then decided to announce "this is bullshit!" And then apologized. And then felt empowered.

We held off on pushing for as long as possible, N feeding me ice chips and the nurse giving counter-pressure on my back (ugh I always have horrible back labor thanks to everyone of my babies being faced OP) so I labored on my side while we waited for my doctor. Thankfully he got there in incredible time (he's the cutest old guy who later told us "you kids made me run this time!") and checked me and with a whirlwind of blue drapes and sterile gloves I got into position to push and started pushing! The pain was intense, but quite honestly the pain of the contractions was more intense than the pain with pushing and what you can actually feel from below. And I loved (well didn't love at the time but you know what I mean) that I could really feel where all the efforts of my pushing were going, so I really knew what I good push was. Within three pushes the head was out, and in two more we had our baby girl. It was incredible having her on my chest and hearing her powerful cry - having N be there to tell me it was a girl (seriously I said it last time with Elli, but it really is the best surprise) and sitting in awe of what I had just done. We delivered the placenta quickly and then my OB repaired one tiny lac I had (thankfully only first degree). This was one thing I was worried about with such a fast delivery, but thankfully it was super minor and he repaired it after just putting in a few shots of local anesthetic. Other than that all was good! I later noticed all the little petechiae on my lower cheeks and upper neck from pushing so hard! Thankfully those have all mostly faded already!

Within an hour I was up on my own walking and peeing (something I still appreciate so much - if you read Liv's birth story you know why) and hungry - N went and got us food and also came up with the sweetest flowers and card with the sweetest message. It was the best. Then we got taken down to our actual maternity suite and set up camp for the next 2 days! I hated being in the hospital, especially when you feel well, but it was nice to at least have a sweet room and get the chance to rest. N brought the girls to visit that night and they were just so sweet! Well Elli could care less, she was just excited to have a new place to explore and new buttons to push, but Livi immediately walked in and said "is the new baby here, is that my sister, can I see her?" She was so excited and sat up in bed with me touching her head and gazing at her face and as soon as she opened her eyes Liv squealed with excitement - and then burst into singing "Happy Birthday Rowen"! Definitely the cherry on top.

Alright, that's pretty much it! We're all adjusting pretty well to life as 5, I'm really looking forward to this weekend and having N home since he didn't have any time off. Make sure to follow along on snapchat for how we're all doing!

And thank you SO much to all of your sweet wishes and congratulations - I read through all of them and am so thankful that we have this community to share with. Have a beautiful weekend guys!

February 6, 2017

Baby Necessities - Third Times a Charm!

With the arrival of baby #3 getting closer and closer (my due date is in less than 2 weeks now!) one question I get a lot is what baby products I recommend for the first few months - and now that I've been through this a couple of times before I think I can definitely weigh in on the must haves! There are plenty of things you can pass on (wipe warmers and bottle sanitizers come to mind, but some people like them) - but there are others that really make life with a little one easier or serve multiple purposes. Here are 10 of my picks below!


*I love all kinds of baby wearing - so own not only an Ergo (ahem, 2 Ergos), but also many slings and wraps - read my review here for the pros/cons of each kinds of carrier!

**Elli also loved her Wubbanub and I know I got many questions about it whenever it was photo'd!

Hope you guys found this post helpful! It was brought to you in collaboration with Baby Cubby, who have an incredible selection of literally everything you could need for baby! They even make adorable gift sets and nursery bundles unlike any I've seen before that take the stress out of shopping if the choices are overwhelming. They do a great job of making everything feel less overwhelming - they have an awesome supportive social media presence (@thebabycubby) and even price match (even to companies like Amazon which tends to be my go-to) so you know you're getting the best price for an already carefully-curated selection (you can read more here)! 

They're offering my readers 15% off with code lauralacquer15 which is good through February 8th! 

January 29, 2017

Date Night

Happy Sunday! Sharing a quick date night look that would be perfect for Valentine's Day! We keep thinking our time as a tribe of 4 will be done soon, and we'll be taking care of another newborn and me living in milk-soaked nursing tops and changing yellow poop! So we took the chance to go out for a date night last night! 

I bought this blush off-the-shoulder midi dress and this one with longer sleeves (both under $20 and shipped in 2 days!) and ended up wearing the second one (but as a top instead of a dress)! Reading the reviews I already knew it ran smaller and shorter than expected so I wasn't too surprised, it was perfect as a long top though (I bought a medium for reference)! And so comfortable which is key (refuse to ever sacrifice comfort for style)! I paired it with these jeans I've been living in lately and blush lace up flats, a neutral grey bag, and some statement chandelier earrings

Top   //   Jeans   //   Bag   //   Shoes   //   Earrings (similar here since there's only four pairs of my exacts left)!

Hope you all have a great Sunday ❤

January 20, 2017

Instagram Round Up

Hi all! Sharing a few of my recent Instagram posts and linking up everything!! Hope you guys have had a fantastic week!


Top (bonus for my nursing/pumping mamas - it has nursing slits!! And at about $20 it's one of the most affordable nursing tops I own)  //  Cardigan  //  Leggings ($15!)  //  Sneakers are last year from Zara kids and unfortunately not available anymore (but super similar here (and an extra 20% off with code SAVE20NOW, here, here, and here)  //  Bag


Tank (THE softest tank ever  //  Jeans (non-maternity)  //  Flats //  Eye makeup (wearing a few colors from the Naked Palette)! 


Pink dress (an incredible $8 steal!) //  Tan dress (no lie, it's $5)  //  Green dress ($12!)


Bikini top  //  Bikini bottom  //  Cardigan (currently 50% off - only $25! I'd seriously wear this cardi everyday if it was socially acceptable) //  Sunglasses


Dress  //  Nail polish (in the shade Lady Like)


Pants (maternity work pants - not gonna lie I wore them 3 times this week - they're currently buy one get one 50% off)  //  Flats (currently on sale for just over $10!!)  //  Bag insert (huge game changer)  //  Bag (similar here (high end), here (middle budget), and here (super budget at only $25!))


Top (the comfiest tee I own - it's non-maternity I just have it in large to accommodate the bump! And it's $12)  // Bag (another $30 steal!)  // Leggings  //  Sneakers (similar herehere, and here)


As always you can also get links directly to your inbox from most of my Instagram pics simply by liking the picture using! If you're signed up (which is super easy) it's so convenient! 
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