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March 29, 2016

April Showers

Rounding up some of my favorite light-weight jackets and trenches for spring!

1. coral waterproof rain jacket - so many amazing reviews on this light weight jacket and SO many colors to choose from - I'm in love with this coral one, although the aqua is a close second!

2. long trench - looks amazing on, check out the model!

3. pink trench - seriously my color crush this season. 

4. military anorak - super versatile and goes with almost any outfit!

5. black jacket  - can't go wrong with a simple black jacket.

6. waterfall cardigan - technically a sweater, but the perfect extra layer for chillier days.

March 28, 2016

Stay In Touch!

Hi all! I hope your Easter weekend treated you well!! Today I wanted to check in quickly and remind you of different ways to follow along with us!

As many of you know, Instagram (@LauraLacquer) has been my absolute favorite way of keeping updated and sharing on social media - as a visual person I love scrolling my feed and sharing with you! And I know you guys love it too! I still have to pinch myself sometimes when I see that there are over 73,000 of you following along!!

And as many of you likely know, soon Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) will be rolling out a MAJOR change and no longer display your feed chronologically - instead it will show you what it thinks you like, which I think is a huge bummer! There is the option of turning on "post notifications," which everyone is explaining how to do on Instagram today, but I honestly hate pop up notifications on my phone (maybe you do too lol)! Per Instagram their new algorithm on what to show you will be based on the photos you like and comment on the most, so my best advice (and what I'm trying to do myself) is to interact with the pages you want to continue seeing! Like and comment away!

In anticipation of a huge project I'm working on (but still not quite ready to announce), I'm also encouraging everyone who wants to keep in touch to sign up for my email list! I promise I pretty much never send out emails, and will only do so to announce big things! Those of you that sign up will receive a free download of my customized weekly planner that I use for busy times so that I schedule everything in (including dinner lol)! And PS - for those of you lovely ladies already on the list who want the planner file just shoot me an email and I'll send you the link asap! ;)

I of course will still update the blog regularly! I'll also continue updating my Twitter account (my favorite way to share some MAJOR motivation) and of course my Snapchat (my newest fun obsession and about as real as it gets to hanging out with me for the day lol)! Liv is definitely the star of my Snapchat. My name is LauraLacquer on both of those accounts!

I've recently rekindled my love for Pinterest - so find me pinning away inspiration and blog updates there as well! I also try updating my Facebook page when I remember, but honestly (because of the type of changes Instagram is about to make) it's not my favorite at all. And of course, as I mentioned in my last post, my YouTube channel is back up and running and I've been posting new videos monthly!

Are there any other forms of social media that you love? I'd love to hear, as I know there are more!!

March 25, 2016

Videos are BACK!

For those of you who might have missed the couple of announcements I did over on Instagram, I'm back to making YouTube videos (when I get the time lol)! Actually speaking to you guys on video as opposed to "speaking" on the blog adds a whole 'nother level (at least that's how I feel, I hope you guys feel the same)!

Today I posted another video, what's in my bag! Check it out below! 

My outfit details:  Sweater  //  Jeans (on sale for $18.50!)  //  Shoes (obsessed with this color for spring, FYI- I sized up a half size and they fit perfectly!) //  Bag (similar)  //  Nail polish

Product mentions in video: Aquaphor  //  Baby lips  //  Perfume  //  Multicolor pens  //  iPhone  //  iPhone charger  //  Stethoscope  //  Notebook used for iPad (only $10!)  //  Mini Binder  //  Macbook Air

Check out my channel to see previous videos and subscribe if you want to know when I post again (as I won't always be posting it to the blog)! 

I hope you all have great weekends!!

March 24, 2016

Casual Stripes

A simple casual look I wore for a mid-week lunch date with N! I'm currently on my ED rotation so my schedule is much more chopped up (it's literally all over the calendar and during multiple different shifts), but it also means I get more time off during the day! It's a nice change of pace from inpatient medicine, and means I get to see kids again (I loved peds)!

Outfit details: striped shirt  //  grey cardigan  //  jeans  //  bag (years and years old, similar here)  //  flats  //  necklace  (get 15% off w/code Laura) //  nail polish

March 20, 2016

Real Miami Like

I don't know about you, but nothing screams Miami like a pair of white pants. Last night we celebrated with our best friends and many of you requested outfit details! I apologize that I don't have any pics taken on my real camera, these are all just iPhone pics from the night! Thank you all so much for your sweet wishes, hope you all are having a great weekend!

Outfit details: 
Coat (You've seen me in this so many times! I'm wearing an XS)
Sandals (Almost exact pair here in more sizes, I also love these closed-toe versions)!
Jeans (Less than $20! Make sure to order a size or two up! I'm wearing a medium and could barely zip them)!
Shirt (On sale for $10! I'm wearing a small)
Earrings (Couldn't get over how gorgeous they were! Perfect with a messy ponytail)!

March 18, 2016

How I Straighten My Hair

Happy Friday!! I got a lot of snaps recently about my hair care - particularly what I use to get my hair straight or to get my loose waves as most of you know my hair is naturally wavy/curly (for those who are familiar with curl types I'm usually a 2B/2C with absolutely no product in my hair, a 3A with curl-enhancing product).

For those who have seen my snaps this is the straightening iron I use - both for getting it straight and for doing my loose waves. I bought it on a whim when I lost my old one (after having it for almost 6 years!), and could not be happier with it! I've had it now for about a year and have had no issues, most of the reviews online agree it's awesome as well!

After shampooing and conditioning (and honestly I switch up my shampoo and conditioner ALL the time so I won't act like I have a favorite) I use a ping pong ball size amount of this mousse and work it through my towel-dried hair. This has been my holy grail (especially since it started thinning and falling out post-partum)! I try to let it mostly air dry, and then finish drying it completely with a round brush and my blow-dryer - making sure to brush it up away from my head and in various directions to get the most volume. (the right side of the middle picture above is my crazy hair after blow-drying it in this fashion - it's not meant to be the final result)! Then I split my hair in half and then multiple smaller pieces, going over each piece with my round brush and flat iron right behind it (which provides nice tension). I make sure to bend the bottom to get a little bounce as I'm not a fan of stick straight hair! To get the waves I use the same technique except I sort of flick my wrist while using the iron which creates a nice loose curl - I'll have to video it since I think it likely doesn't make much sense when I explain it!

My hair is happiest actually a day or two after I wash it, as I use dry shampoo that gives it more volume and thickness (right now this postpartum hair loss is no joke)! Right now I currently use this dry shampoo which works fantastically, but sometimes does flake and sometimes annoys me with its smell (its weird, some days I can tolerate it, some days I can't). I think I'll be buying this one next  - it has fantastic reviews on Amazon (and in magazines, etc) and I smelled it the other day in a salon and it smelled SO good! It was pretty pricey in the salon though so I think I'll purchase through Amazon which is the cheapest I've seen so far (although I'd love to hear if anyone sees it cheaper somewhere else)! I just spray it at the roots, let it sit for a minute, then massage my roots (and usually brush it out, although some days I'm going for a more toussled look so I skip the brush). And that's pretty much it! When I straighten my hair I usually will not wash it for at least a week after - my curly haired girls know this is the norm, we don't deal with as many issues as those with fine/oily hair. As far as sleeping, I usually put it up in a loose high pony with a soft hair tie. When I shower I just put it in a bun and have a microfiber headband I wear over my edges so they don't revert to their natural nappy state lol! I hope this post answered some of your questions, and have an awesome weekend!!

PS - my scrubs in the left photo are by FIGS (and you can get a discount any time using code "lacquerxfigs" for sizing reference I wear an XS in both top and bottom), and here are the details for my outfit on the right : Tee  //  Sweater (non-cashmere look-a-like a fraction of the price)  //  Jeans  //  Sneakers  //  Bag

March 14, 2016

On Matching

Today is the day that all of the fourth years find out if they matched or not - on Friday, "Match Day," they'll find out where they actually end up for residency. This day last year for me felt like a dream - if any of you were following me back then know the end result - I didn't match.

Our situation was crazy unique, so it's not as relatable for everyone, but I still share it for any of you who may find yourself in this situation now (and it just makes for a good story/life lesson for everyone else lol)! N was applying in ophthalmology, which is an early match, meaning he submitted his rank list before I even started interviewing for my dermatology programs! It was terrifying! At the end of the day we jointly had to decide on his rank list with my input about what I knew about dermatology programs, and we both decided that he would rank Bascom Palmer (the #1 eye program in the world for the last decade) at the top of his list - we both thought it would be amazing to live down in Miami for training and we'd both be able to see diverse patients and pathology (something incredibly important to us).

Thankfully he matched there, and my interview there for dermatology went along fantastically, but maybe they didn't believe me when I told them with a straight face that I wouldn't be ranking any other program other than theirs. I think programs find it a little hard to believe when you say you're not ranking your home program (especially when your home program is Harvard). But I truly wasn't, and even though I love Harvard Derm and have fantastic mentors there, they all knew our situation and that I refused to split up my family. I think three years being apart is technically doable if it's just you and your significant other, although I have co-residents doing it and they all recommend against it. But bring a child (or two) into the mix and there was no way I was splitting up my family. Most people our age couldn't totally understand that, as it truly meant that regardless of how competitive of an applicant I was, I would only be ranking one program for dermatology, and there was a very real chance I wouldn't match.

And come this time last year I got the news that I didn't. The email said we're sorry, you didn't match. And I immediately got a phone call from my society master to come to his office, as we'd have to quickly "scramble." You see, I also screwed up my prelim year list and only had it tied to my advanced position, so I didn't have a program for intern year either. Thankfully all of the hard work I had done to that point meant that some of the highest up people at all of the biggest Harvard hospitals were immediately making phone calls on my behalf and I at least secured a spot for intern year at my 2nd choice hospital. The chair of dermatology here as well as all of my mentors made phone calls and emails to Miami as well, none of them could believe that I hadn't matched. I'll admit that it all still felt like a dream, so surreal to be sitting there with all of the chaos going on, my friends texting me to hear the good news and not believing me when I told them what I was dealing with. I also felt so humbled to have so many people sticking out there necks for me. But it was done. I didn't match in dermatology.

I later had conversations with the people at Miami who sounded genuinely regretful that I didn't match, and they were kind enough to offer me a research position for the year after intern year once we moved down, and I'd reapply and it would all work out then. All of match was ruined for me - I still showed up to match day events and we still partied and I just put on my big girl pants and smiled for pictures. I knew that this didn't reflect me, I knew this was just a crazy situational thing, but at the end of the day you still question your worth, and you still worry that others see you as inferior. Being the girl who didn't match is no fun.

I continued communication with Miami, set up backup business plans in Miami as well to have other options, and continued hustling on, taking intern year by the horns and working my butt off so I'd get good letters for reapplying (and to just learn as much medicine I could). And crazy enough one day while working in the ICU I get a phone call from the chair at Miami, asking about my plans for this summer. I still didn't have anything "officially" set  up, but I was looking into research positions, I told him. And then he asked if I was still free to start as a resident in their program. For this summer. My heart literally dropped, I'm pretty sure it stopped beating for a couple of seconds and I was thankful I was in the ICU and the nurses could respond if I actually passed out. I didn't ask too many questions because I honestly didn't care. Maybe somebody dropped out. Maybe they somehow found funding to open up another spot. Doesn't matter to me. I was offered a spot to start in the class that I would have if it had all worked out the way we initially wanted to. And I still didn't share it, as I still wanted to wait for today. The day it all became official. I've already filled out all my paperwork to start this July, but part of me still feared that there would be some computer glitch and it wouldn't actually happen. But this morning I got the email I didn't get last year. This morning I can finally breathe.

I share all this (again super personal) to hopefully help some of you. To let you know that having your priorities straight and not compromising on your values is always the right thing to do, even if it initially doesn't work out. I refused to split up my family. I just couldn't. And even though initially it felt like I was being punished for that decision, I still stood by it. And somehow it all worked out the way it was supposed to. Your hard work will always be rewarded, even if the reward isn't immediate. Stand by your decisions and continue working hard, things will work out the way they're supposed to. Good luck to all of you matching this year! I really hope none of you are in this situation after getting the email today, but if you are, know that it's not the end. Keep celebrating and keep working hard.

March 12, 2016

Casual Date Night

Just sharing a super casual look for our mid-week date night! We both happened to have Wednesday evening off and decided to grab dinner by the water! The weather was mild enough that we even ate outside! 

Outfit details: sweater  //  floral cami  //  jeans  //  flats (seriously my favorite purchase for the spring)! //  crossbody bag (the best for going out - it has three separate compartments that keep everything organized even for a tiny bag)!

Even though I'm blurry in this pic I love the backdrop - this is one of my favorite views of Boston! As we get closer to our move I sure am going to miss it!

March 4, 2016

Sales you don't want to miss!

Happy Friday y'all! Today is a special Friday during this rotation because it's my golden weekend! Meaning I actually have BOTH Saturday and Sunday off! When on inpatient medicine this doesn't happen very often (you guys with normal weekends better appreciate them lol)! Anyway, we're currently recuperating from Liv having a bad GI bug the last 2 days, so the weekend will likely be spent just hanging around here, but that's fine by me!

Today I just quickly wanted to share two big sales going on right now - the first is the shopbop sale that everyone is talking about and perfect for my fashionistas - the second (and honestly the one I'm more excited about) is the sale. Also - for those who asked on snapchat about the bouncer Elli is using it's this one! Even with the sale the bouncer is actually still cheaper on Amazon so that's where I linked up (that's where I purchased it years ago for Liv and Ms. Elli loves it)! Ok - to the sales! is having it's Great Big Baby Sale! 25% off so many major brands it's insane! Just use promo code GREATSALE16!

Seriously so many good brands are a part of this huge sale - some of my tried and true favorites we use for the girls include aden + anais (their burp cloths are some of the best, their swaddles are great too), Fisher Price (a baby classic, love their gear and really considering buying this play yard), Carter's (a good chunk of the girls' clothes is Carter's), OXO (absolutely love all of their food gear, especially once it's time to start introducing solids, two years later their stuff has still lasted all of our dishwashing and Liv's rough handling), Dr. Brown's (the bottles I use for Elli), and so so SO much more (like the diaper bag I'm always talking about). If you or anyone you know is pregnant or have a little one this is the sale to stock up on whatever you need or anticipate needing!

The Shopbop sale is also amazing, but really only translates to big savings if you're already planning on doing some big spending - the way it works is you save a certain percentage off depending on how much money you spend - spend $250+ Save 15%, spend $500+ Save 20%, spend $1000+ Save 25%. Honestly I could never spend that much (or maybe I could lol, but I wouldn't), but I know some of you might (especially with big money items like designer handbags, shoes, etc). If you've been eyeing some big purchases this is the time to make it - if you spent $1000 you'd get $250 off! This might sound super broke/cheap of me but one way to make use of sales like these is to buy together with a friend! A couple of years ago I actually did this with 2 friends - we all added everything we each wanted to the shopping cart to get the biggest discount! Just an idea, especially for my college girls! Make sure to use code BIGEVENT16.

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