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February 28, 2016

On Instagram Lately

Details:  coat (sooo soft and less than $25!)  // shirt (will be buying another as backup!) //  jeans  //  lace-up flats (my absolute favorite!!)  //  watch (my classic Daniel Wellington that seriously goes with everything! And is on sale from the original $200 to less than $100)!

Details:  shirt  //  jeans  //  shoes

Details: N shirt  //  Elli shirt  //  cardigan  //  pants

Details:  coat  //  shirt  //  leggings  //  shoes  //  Liv coat (unfortunately can't find it or anything similar anywhere! It was from Old Navy!)

February 26, 2016

Easy Healthy Lunches!

I get asked all the time about how we plan lunches and meals for the week - and honestly, as much as I know meal planning is fantastic and saves time, most days I don't even have time for that! Liv and I are big snackers, so if we're going out I try to pack tons of snacks for us to eat (one of our favorites is cheese and crackers and grapes)! The other day I spotted these at the grocery store (Star Market for any of you in the area) and I had to try them! As a kid I have fond memories of Lunchables (did you guys eat those!?) but as a parent I now cringe at the thought of whatever mystery meat I was eating!

These revolution food packs have over 10g of protein in every pack (Liv's favorite pack has 16g of protein - something I'm always worried about her getting enough of), have meat raised with no antibiotics, and no artificial flavors or preservatives (and I later found out, founded by moms who wanted to provide healthy school lunches to low-income students - a cause I especially can get behind - the company now serves freshly prepared meals to 1 million students per week in public schools across the US)! They offer jet packs and lunch bundles for moms like me who care about what's going in their kids' bellies but don't necessarily have the time to always make it ourselves.

For more info check out and check here to find where they are sold near you! You can also receive $1 off Jet Packs and Lunch Bundles by going here to download a coupon!

And one lucky winner will win a “Take a Lunch Making Break” Survival Pack, including a lunchbox, water bottle, and free coupons for Revolution Foods Jet Packs! Just leave a comment below sharing what you'd do with the time you'd save not having to make a lunch! A random winner will be selected Tuesday!

Thanks so much to the amazing team over at Revolution Foods for sponsoring this post!

February 23, 2016

A Day in the Life: Wards

Day in the life posts are always fun so today I'm sharing a pretty typical wards call day - this is the rough schedule of what a day looks like while "short call." An easy call day - because some days you can get 4 new admissions instead of 1, and some days rounds are interrupted by a rapid response or code blue and ICU transfer - so the day I'm sharing below is a nice calm one with no surprises lol! 

Really quickly, our schedule works on a Q4 call system, meaning we work late until 9pm (or later) every fourth day. We work through weekends and holidays, getting a lucky "golden" weekend (meaning both Saturday and Sunday off) once a month. Here's roughly how it works:

Although it sounds bad, and is pretty exhausting, it is at least nice having those post-call days when you can theoretically get out around 1pm and have the rest of the day free. Without saying much more let's jump into the day!

Mornings are always hectic and involve lots of working as quickly as possible with rounds, consults, and early discharges if there are any, usually in the afternoons things can slow down a bit depending on admissions. 

Like I said, this is a nice, slow call day, things can get much crazier, but like with everything else you learn to just go with it and adjust to the madness (or go mad yourself if you can't keep up)! As much as some days it sucks leaving the girls, I love working and I being a doctor. And the nice part is that in residency we are still constantly rotating through different blocks, so while this block is pretty intense and doesn't allow much time off, next month I do a rotation in the emergency department which allows for a lot more time at home with the girls (and the month before this I was doing outpatient primary care, again very schedule friendly). So there's light at the end of the tunnel! 

Below I just wanted to share my typical wards outfit - for short call days we're supposed to actually get dressed, long call and post call days we can wear scrubs :) It's not strictly enforced so some days I just wear scrubs, but it's fun to get dressed for work when I actually have the time! 

The necessities? Cute shoes that are most importantly COMFORTABLE! These are the absolute best, and look great with a dress, slim pants, or jeans on days off! They actually come in more colors too that you can find here at a bit higher price tag. Of course my white coat (I owned the short coat version of this lab coat my last year of medical school and absolutely loved it - the fabric was soft and thick, not stiff and easily wrinkled, and the fit was just perfect) - our hospital provides them this year, but if I had to buy my own I'd buy this one in a heartbeat. You can never go wrong with a simple knee length dress. And of course my stethoscope (the cheapest I've found it)! And almost forgot! The perfect bag - I've mentioned it multiple times (here and here), and right now it's finally on sale for $88! For the hospital I love a bag with lots of pockets to throw my stethoscope, snacks, pocket-sized books, pager, and more! And most importantly, although I love a good leather bag, for the hospital I prefer a material that I can wipe clean and try sanitizing so I'm not bringing MRSA home! PS- for long call and post call days when we're allowed to wear scrubs, my favorite brand is FIGS! The material make for the softest scrubs I've ever owned, the fits are modern and don't make me feel like I'm drowning in my pants, and they're even antimicrobial (and wrinkle free)! And even better for each pair purchased they donate a pair to healthcare workers in need! Get 15% off your entire order using code 'figsxlacquer’! 

February 18, 2016

Handbag Sale!

Right now all winter items are on major clearance, and while those of us with a little extra spending money and a little extra storage space will pounce on deals for winter items that we can store until next year, not everyone wants to buy heavy coats and boots with spring right around the corner! 

But winter sales still include handbags, and handbags are a year-round thing! Especially in classic colors and fabrics like black and leather, or spring shades like blush and tan, you can't go wrong with these deals!

Details (clockwise):  black hobo  //  michael kors satchel  //  marc jacobs blush backpack  //  wallet  //  bucket bag  //  ipad mini case  //  tan crossbody 

February 15, 2016

Barbados Trip!

Just got back from an amazing super quick trip to the beautiful island of BARBADOS! We went for a gorgeous destination wedding and were so excited to make a long weekend escape out of it! Hope you guys enjoyed the snippets of it that I shared on my snapchat (@lauralacquer)! Here are a few shots and exact links for everything!

Drinks on our balcony // Bon Voyage nightshirt (I ordered a large)

Black coverup (I ordered a small) // Sunglasses  //  Crossbody bag (on sale for $20!)  //  Sandals  //  Green coverup (I ordered a large)

Padfolio (that doubles as a my ipad mini case with a velcro strip!)  //  Headphones  //  Yellow dress I wore to the wedding (only $20!) (for our crazy night out at Oistins I wore this minidress!)

One of our favorite spots to grab food  //  Our afternoon on the catamaran snorkeling! My green coverup and N's swimtrunks

Black bikini (almost identical here, I also wore a one piece that I never photo'd but you may have caught on my snapchat!)  //  Gorgeous palms that I'll miss (until Miami)!

February 12, 2016

Travelling Necessities

We're headed off for a little long weekend escape and I couldn't be more excited - although I'll be honest and say I'm having a really hard time not feeling guilty for not bringing the girls! But I'm trying to tell myself they'll be just fine (they will) and I'll be back to them in no time! Guys I have a confession. In preparation for this trip (and having to check luggage on the way back so I can bring all of the milk I pump back with me!) I bought my first "spinner" suitcase and I'm never going back. This thing is awesome. If you guys follow me on snapchat you'll know that N is incredibly jealous of it lol! Best of all it's carry-on size and fits all of my stuff perfectly (and even fit under the seat in front of me when all the overhead space was taken)! The white one is gorgeous too, although I'm not sure how practical white luggage is? No, I know that answer - it's not! But still pretty ;)

For my smaller bag I keep under the seat I brought along my Charlotte + Asher diaper bag! It's the perfect size to hold my laptop and other necessities, has enough pockets to keep everything organized, but not too many pockets where things are still sort of lost. I also have this toiletries bag that I absolutely love - it's so much easier finding things in a clear bag! 

For entertainment I brought along my iPad mini (mine was just on sale in store at Target since Liv has officially commandeered my old one) with the kindle for iPad app (or alternatively a kindle paperwhite - I'm trying not to look at photos of it because it makes me want one! All kindles are currently on super sale right now too though)!

For this vacation since the kids aren't with us I decided I'd actually try and get some leisure reading in (honestly a laughable thought when traveling with them lol)! I actually signed up for Kindle unlimited since they were offering a free 30-day trial! You essentially can download almost any book and have unlimited reading (and audiobooks too) for $9.99 a month. So I've got a ton of books on my list right now! Honestly I don't know if I'll continue using it past the 30 day free trial (does that make me a horrible person?) since once this super short vacation is over I'm not going to have much "leisure reading" time, but if you are somebody who does it's seriously awesome!

And of course I couldn't forget my earphones (although I love these gold ones - they come in pink too!) for listening to music - I get major anxiety on planes (flying doesn't bother me, but being in a confined space with no escape does!) and music and chewing gum help big time! And this time I had to bring along a headphone splitter - this is the best invention ever for when you're watching a movie on the same laptop or ipad but each want to listen with your own headphones! 

As far as a travel outfit - this one is my tried-and-true - cozy fleece-lined leggings, a loose high-low hem sweater, and travel wrap. This wrap is awesome - I can wear it as a scarf for when I'm getting around the airport, but it opens to a really good size that I use as a wrap/blanket on flight! And makes for an awesome nursing or pumping cover up if that's something you also have to balance while traveling! Make sure to have easy slip on shoes too! During warmer months I stick with sandals that are completely hands-free when it comes to putting on and removing, but these shoes worked perfectly for this trip! 

Make sure to be following along on Instagram and Snapchat (both @lauralacquer) for peeks of our trip! Happy weekend everyone!

February 5, 2016

Lately on Instagram...

Details:  Dress (exact here but no longer available, almost identical here for less than $20!)  //  Stethoscope  //  Nail polish (check your local drugstore, I found it for 99¢, with my method it lasts for 2 weeks!)  //  Reusable cup

Details:  Top  //  Jeans  //  Pumps

Details:  Nursing top  //  Watch (can't believe how cheap it is!)  //  Necklace

Details:  Bag (30% off right now!)  //  Stethoscope  //  Shirt  //  Leggings  //  Flats ($10!)  //  Watch

Details:  Scrub pants (15% off the site with code figsxlacquer)  //  Sneakers (on sale!)  //  Laptop  //  Bag  //  Breastpump

February 4, 2016

New Deal Website!

Hi guys! Today I just wanted to quickly share a new (for me atleast) deal website that I just learned about! It's called MyHabit, and like other flash deal websites that you might be familiar with they feature major discounts on items in short-lived "events!" The only difference (and what has made me already make a few purchases) is that with this site you can checkout using Amazon (meaning you can even use Amazon gift cards for purchases)! My family knows that if they ever need to get me a gift, Amazon gift cards are the way to go (seriously though, where else can you buy pretty much any and everything under the sun)? A lot of the sales feature really high-end brands and are a little out of my price range, but some of the deals are just too good to pass up! Especially the kids/baby items (the stroller set below is $350 - and it's normally a thousand dollars)!! Anywho, just wanted to share it with you guys since I know it was new for me - here are some items from some of their current sales!

Product info:  duvet set  //  dresser  //  handbag  //  stroller system  //  top  //  shoes  //  toy dog

I might have to buy Liv that dog. She saw it on my laptop and now won't stop talking about it lol!

February 2, 2016

Little Black Dress

Just sharing a quick and easy look with a wardrobe staple - the little black dress. This one by the babes over at Brass is my favorite. It's been teasing me in the closet all pregnancy and I finally dusted it off and wore it today! Will definitely be a favorite for years to come, the quality is really something else! I spiced it up in the most neutral of ways by throwing on these lace-up flats (I originally mentioned them in this post and had to buy them)!

Outfit details:  dress  //  flats  //  watch (currently 55% off!)  

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