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September 28, 2015

Bedroom Sneak Peek

Today I thought I'd share a couple of pictures of our bedroom and share the furniture we have that allows us to all sleep in the same room! I will say it's a pretty big room (at least by Boston standards), and our bed fits perfectly tucked into an alcove in one corner, so it doesn't take over the whole room.

We used this crib for Liv and put it back together for baby #2 - it's mini size was perfect for our first place (when we had a really tiny one bedroom apartment) and worked out great! We transitioned Liv to her toddler bed around 18 months and she absolutely loves it. We got this one on sale and couldn't be happier with it - many of you even think the crib and toddler bed are a matching set!

Our bed is from Ikea, and the "nightstands" are just wooden baskets I screwed to the wall. The lamps are also from Ikea. The frames above our bed are art store finds that I bought in a natural wooden finish and spray painted gold. These frames I found online are almost identical, almost as cheap, and already gold!

Hopefully one day I'll have our whole place clean at once (in my dreams) and can take some semi-professional pics and do a real home tour before we move to Miami!

September 24, 2015

Pregnancy Skincare and Makeup

I've been getting a lot of questions lately about my pregnancy skincare and makeup routine so I figured I'd share what I've been using! I'll start by saying that for photographs, good lighting and a filter always helps hahaha, my skin doesn't look that good all the time (especially after a long shift haha)! But I have found a routine that works really well for me and may work out for some of you too! Throughout this post, click on any of the images for product links or click the text links - and read the reviews! Almost all of the products I choose for myself I do based on reviews so these are all backed by tons of happy faces!

Skincare: My skincare routine hasn't changed much since pre-pregnancy. The biggest no-no when it comes to skin care products during pregnancy are retinoids, which can be teratogenic. Alpha-hydroxy acids (available in chemical peels, but also tons of over-the-counter products as well) which include glycolic and lactic acid, may be teratogenic during pregnancy, so many doctors warn against their use as well. Salicylic acid is a beta-hydroxy acid, and some super cautious doctors will say to stay away from it, but I use it in my face wash and find it has done a great job in keeping my acne at bay. The amount of systemic absorption from any topical product is pretty minimal, even more so when it's something like a face wash (you can imagine that a cream applied three times a day would likely have more absorption). So I do keep away from lotions, peels, etc. that have any of those ingredients. Ok, now that that's out of the way, so I use this face wash from Neutrogena and love it. I only use a third of a pump for each face wash (you don't need that much!), wash gently with (clean) hands and warm water, and rinse with cold water (that feels especially good first thing in the morning). In the AM I then apply this Olay eye cream that is really moisturizing and de-puffing, making sure to just lightly pat it on around my eye area. Then I follow with my holy grail moisturizer/sunscreen. I don't care if it's dark and rainy outside, I don't leave the house without this sunscreen on. I am on my third bottle of it and I'm convinced it has made all the difference in my dark spots. Especially in pregnancy, where the change in hormones can lead to hyperpigmentation, it's even more critical to use a good sunscreen religiously. I'll then follow up with my makeup routine (see below). In the PM, I wash my face, pat on my eye cream (if I am not half asleep yet, but this step gets skipped the most), and apply a light evening moisturizer - this one is my favorite (I'm a sucker for Cerave products, but they really are fantastic and non-irritating).
Makeup: My makeup routine gets done in the car. Yes I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm that person. I promise I only do so at stop lights and drive safely! So once safely at a stop light, I apply this mineral foundation. I used to be scared of mineral makeup, but it really is so easy to apply and the coverage is wonderfully buildable - on days I need very little, I'll just apply it to my problem areas (under my nose that can get red) and blend it out, on days I need more I'll apply it lightly all over my face and then blend it out with the brush. It literally takes the length of a stop light. Then I apply my under eye concealer (another favorite, I'm now on my fourth tube, and am happy to say so many of you have tried it and sing its praise as well)! I just dab it lightly under my eyes and blend it down towards my nose and out towards my temples in a sort of triangle shape. Days that I feel like I need a little extra I'll use my blush, applying to the outer two thirds of my cheeks and the bridge of my nose. I find this gives a more "glowy" look as opposed to a "I'm wearing blush" look. I use the shade Bellissimo Bronze. Most days I honestly skip this though, but will certainly do it if we're going out for dinner or something like that. My final step that I never skip is taking care of my brows. I use this brow pencil to brush my brows, lightly line the bottom and fill in any empty spots, and then brush them and shape them with brow gel. I used to think brow gel was silly but this stuff is the bomb. My brows still look fantastic by the time I wash my face at night. Another extra that usually gets skipped is mascara, but I do love this one so so much - one coat is perfect for the hospital and although it's not waterproof it doesn't smudge or run - add a few more coats and you have gorgeous long lashes for a night out.

And that's pretty much it! I hope this post could help some of you find products work best for you, but remember that every face is different! What works best for one person may not work at all for someone else. And as always talk to your dermatologist if you have any skin issues that need issues (my posts aren't meant to be medical advice, just one girl sharing what works for her)!

September 18, 2015

Friday favorites

Happy Friday! Sharing some of my favorite finds from around the internet (and life updates) today!

Little life updates:

Liv turned two! We'll be having her birthday party this weekend and I can't wait. Even though I'm working the overnight shift into the morning of her party - nothing a little caffeine can't fix!

So many of you have asked and I've answered individually, but just wanted to say that we're waiting until birth to find out the gender of baby number 2! Part of me loves the idea of having a son, the other part of me loves the idea of having two girls! Girl or boy, all that we care about is a healthy baby, and we couldn't be more excited!

Intern year is going great. We're now at the start of our fourth block (how did that happen already!?) and for me that just means more ICU (I'm doing back-to-back ICU blocks).

Around the interwebs:

For all my med school peeps - my favorite MSIII Fran shares what's in her white coat - a perfect med school spin off of the oh-so-popular what's in my bag features other bloggers do! Love this post and will totally be jacking this idea ;) (crediting Fran of course lol)!

Amazing four year full scholarship opportunity for women planning on an undergraduate degree in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, or math) - it's a video contest! The application is due by Dec. 1st, so get to working on it now, and don't worry, I'll make sure to mention this again later!

The gorgeous Emily is giving me some major fall outfit inspiration in my favorite color palette (I know I know, I do too much grey, but it's my favorite!) - love how she layers a white shirt under the sweater - this could still work with my bump! And her boots are killer.

Awesome weekend sales:

Gap - 40% off all regular priced items with code SAVE.
I'm loving this olive ribbed dress - perfect for work because of it's length (and especially with a blazer or cardigan) but still form-fitting enough that you can make it sexy (and still keep it classy) for date night.

Old Navy - kids & baby 50% off, women's & maternity 30% off with code ENJOY.
This marled-knit boyfriend cardigan looks so cozy and is only $22! And don't get me started on this cozy cardigan for baby/toddler!

Asos - $30 off $150 with code 30WOOHOO, $50 off $200 with code 50WOOHOO
Asos has not let me down during any of my pregnancies. They make some of the best affordable maternity jeans - these are currently on my wishlist. I don't think I have to comment on the awesomeness of their nonmaternity stuff either!

Dorothy Perkins - 20% off $70 or more
These chelsea boots look like a perfect casual go-to all fall. And this shearling jacket needs to be in my closet now.

J. Crew - 25% off everything with code SHOPNOW
I'm loving this button up shirt in gingham - great for fall layering!

Hope you all have wonderful weekends!!

September 16, 2015

Tribal Cardigan and Giveaway!

Official "maternity clothes" have never really been my thing - other than maternity pants which are a necessity, for tops and dresses I tend to just shop for normal pieces that accommodate a growing bump. Especially because you're only pregnant for so long, I tend to search for pieces that work for when there's no bump as well!

There are some amazingly chic maternity lines now a days, but many of them are just out of my price range. That's why I was so excited when I found Pink Blush Maternity - they have "maternity clothes" that could work with or without a bump, and prices that are refreshingly reasonable. 

This cardigan is a perfect example of my typical maternity piece - perfect with a bump, but will be just as good without! They also have gorgeous maternity dresses, I'll be featuring one of my picks soon! 

   Tank, Nordstrom // Cardigan c/o Pink Blush Maternity // Maternity Jeans, Old Navy // Ankle Boots, Nordstrom // Diaper Bag, Lily Jade

I'm teaming up with Pink Blush Maternity to give one lucky reader a $100 gift card to their site! And with their prices you actually can pick up a few pieces with that, not just one sweater. To enter follow the directions in the rafflecopter form below! A random winner will be selected next Wednesday!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

September 14, 2015

Gift Ideas for a Two Year Old Girl

It's hard to believe my girl is turning two tomorrow. She's talking nonstop in almost full sentences (her favorite is probably "no mommy not yours, Livi's") and copying every single thing we say and do. Today I'm sharing some gift ideas that would be perfect for any two year old girl!

1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6  //  7  //  8  //  9 

1. Liv absolutely loves running around trying to push our stroller. She has a really hard time pushing around our favorite Skoot, and when we use our lighter umbrella stroller it's so light (and tall for her) that she usually almost tips herself over trying to push it! I can't wait to see her use this adorable stroller for her dolls/dogs/Mickie and Minnie - I already know she will be pushing them everywhere!

2. Liv's birthday falls at a perfect time when we can just pick up plenty of new fall and winter clothes for her - absolutely nothing from last year fits! An adorable jacket for the fall like this one is perfect for chillier temps!

3. An exotic stuffed animal. Sure Liv loves her stuffed dogs and bears, but I want to have the type of kid walks around with her sloth. A two year old who knows what a sloth is my kind of two year old. This one is amazing. So good. I can already see her walking around the neighborhood pushing her sloth in the doll stroller.

4. In Hispanic culture baby girls get their ears pierced almost immediately after birth (many hospitals do it before they go home), and if not certainly by 3 months. I wasn't a fan of it despite my mom's insisting, but Liv has actually started getting really interested in earrings herself and wanting to wear mommy's. So at 2 (well beyond the normal Hispanic age but I'm sure quite before the typical American age) we went ahead and got Liv's ears pierced (and she hasn't stopped walking around showing off her new "eawings.") It's obviously a choice that is family-specific, but if you're considering it I would highly recommend real gold studs; we went ahead and got Liv a tiny set of 10K diamond studs (on sale for $100)!

5. An age-appropriate handbag. I'm not a fan of making my Liv trying to grow up too soon, but she is obsessed with bags and always carries mine around. Searching for bags, most of them are either too "grown up" looking, or glittery and plastered with pictures of Elsa or some other Disney character. This bag is the perfect in between - bright and playful but still adorable.

6. The so-cute-but-what-were-they-thinking-when-they-decided-on-the-price gift. Scrolling through dresses this one immediately caught my eye, it's just so precious! But then I saw the price - do people actually buy stuff this expensive for 2 year olds!?! I wouldn't even spend that much on a dress for myself even if I could convince myself I'd wear it for years! I included it because it was cute for the collage lol!

7. So Liv's absolute favorite thing to do is jump in puddles. I'd almost say she loves rainy days more than sunny ones. We walk around the neighborhood in our rain coats and jump in puddles - initially in her snow boots, but now in an old dirty pair of mesh sneakers. But I can't wait to see her in these toddler-sized Hunter boots, she is going to absolutely love them. She'll think she's Peppa Pig.

8. It's been harder than I initially expected teaching Liv Spanish. I try to speak it at home when I remember, but no one else at home speaks Spanish, so she never hears much conversation. We watch Saturday morning cartoons in Spanish and Pocoyo in Spanish on YouTube, but now that she follows books so much better it's time to get more bilingual board books like this one.

9. We've just started her with potty training, and a toy like this potty training doll would be perfect to get her accustomed to the idea of what going potty is all about. Plus I am all for supporting brands that make dolls in all skin tones! Her other favorite that's she's had for about a year now is her Baby Stella that comes in a gorgeous beige skin color.

What kinds of gifts do you think are perfect for a 2-year-old girl? Would love to hear your favorites!

September 12, 2015

Fall Booties

1 // 2 // 3

I feel like I do the same post every year around this time - my favorite picks for fall booties! I wasn't trying to follow any theme, but an obvious theme emerged by the boots that were calling my name - tan and fringe! 

My favorite pair are these Ivanka trump beauties, I'm almost even more in love with them in the dark tan leather they also come in. If I had the budget and somewhere to wear them to (ie, if I didn't live in scrubs and clogs) I'd likely buy both! The stacked heel is adorable and always makes heels much more tolerable to wear all day! Although, I have to admit, the reserved part of me is still a little nervous to actually wear fringe! I love how Caitlin styled this pair (option 1 above) in the center photo of my collage, doesn't she look amazing!? I don't know if I could pull it off! 

The most practical pair I'd probably buy in a heartbeat (and likely will based on reviews) are these. They've got a chunky heel, rubber sole, and side zipper (key for getting them on/off easily, especially with socks)! 

They seem really similar to the ones in the right photo of my collage at the top of this post, and I absolutely love how she wears them. Hers in the photo may have a toe that is a tiny bit more pointy but I can't find the exact pair! Which pair are your favorite?

September 11, 2015

How to Focus

Other than actual study tips and strategies, one of the questions I get pretty often is how to actually stay focused when trying to study. I think a lot of what I have to say will sound repetitive to any of you who have read my advice before, but it really boils down to a lot of the same concepts - organize your tasks, organize your space, and organize your thoughts!

image via.

Focus on one thing at a time.
Nothing makes us lose our focus more than trying to do more than one thing at a time. Now, it is smart to plan your block of time most efficiently (and maybe one thing will be "cooking" while you work on another, see below) but for the most part all of your focus should be on one thing and one thing only. Make a list of what needs to get done, decide what you're going to work on now, and once you do, forget everything else on that list. When our minds are scattered we can't think clearly - ever find yourself reading the same page over and over again because you keep "reading" it while thinking about the other assignment you have due or what you're going to wear tonight? If it needs to get done, add it to the list so you won't forget it, but then remove it from your thoughts entirely.

Plan your block of time.
Having a good list will help you know what needs to get done and help prepare to complete it all in the most efficient way possible. Maybe you've got to bake a cake, export files to a hard drive, and prepare a power point presentation. Sure you can work on the presentation for two hours, and then export the files over the hour it takes, and then bake the cake and let it cool (and spend four or more hours doing it in that order). Or, you could get the cake together and throw it in the oven, start your file export, and work on your presentation while your files are exporting and the cake is baking and cooling. And get it all done in more like 2 and a half hours. A super simple and obvious example, but I hope it illustrates the point that with a little planning you can make better use of your time, still focusing on one main thing (the presentation) but allowing for the other time consuming tasks to still get done in the background. There is a limit to this multitasking of course, so don't try to do too much or else you will end up losing focus!

Work in an inspirational space.
I've said this before, but nothing like an inspirational space to help you focus. For some this is a quiet corner in the library, for others it's a busy cafe. And still others can work pretty much anywhere with a set of headphones and be able to focus (see below for one way to do this). Find what works for you, and realize that this may change - sometimes all the "inspiration" you need is a change of scenery! A clean table is always best, so try and eliminate as much clutter from around you as possible (I'm a true believer in decluttered space = decluttered mind)!

Eliminate distractions.
I've mentioned the self control app previously, and this handy computer plug in allows you to make certain websites completely inaccessible for a designated period of time. Unfortunately I don't think it's compatible with the newer Mac updates (or at least the reviews since have been poor) so I have not used it - instead I have been able to focus just using white noise! For those that would like an app like this, there are a few other options you can read about here (sadly I can't weigh in on any as I haven't used them myself).

So to what I use currently - I just have the simply noise website in easy reach on my bookmarks bar - there are many white noise apps you can download on your phone but I like this website because it means I can keep my phone away from me while I'm working (and eliminate the temptation to check Instagram or Twitter). My favorite setting is the pink noise on oscillation - sounds just like waves crashing. I'll plug in my headphones and listen to this while I work and really be able to focus. Some people swear by actual white noise machines, but I find these are best for keeping in your own office space if you have one or in the bedroom for sleep, not so much for on the go (although this one is so small that some of the reviewers do mention taking it traveling with them)! Find what works for you - some people would rather listen to a 2 hour rain forest sounds loop on YouTube or classical music, or even hip hop music. Careful though, if you find yourself singing along you likely aren't focusing as well on your task as you could be (unless that task doesn't require much thought).

I also like to enter full screen mode for whatever I'm working on and really visually focusing on only one thing at a time. I also make sure to turn off any notifications that would otherwise pop up (messages on my mac, new email notifications, etc).

Set a timer.
Starting is always the hardest part. To force myself to get to work, sometimes I will set a timer, even for only 10 minutes, and say, ok, for these 10 minutes I will do absolutely nothing but focus on this task. Although 10 minutes doesn't sound like much, it's enough to get started, and once you're actually working you can continue on. Some people like to continue working this way and work in focused chunks of 20 or 30 minutes at a time, taking a quick break to do their other distracting tasks that they put off while they worked. I prefer just using the timer technique for forcing myself to get started, and then I'll usually just keep working.

Take a small break.
Sometimes you just need to take a little break to get the brain juices flowing again. Especially if I'm working late at night (and at home), I love to take a shower and have a snack (usually something high protein like peanut butter and granola), then get back to work. Some things that work for other people include going out for a quick walk or run (fresh air does wonders) or even taking a music dance break (switching from your white noise to some crazy dance inducing/motivating tunes for a couple of songs).

Take a big break (ie, take a little time to find your purpose).
Sometimes, you need a big break. Like a vacation kind of break. Especially when work becomes so crazy and it feels like you've lost control of your own schedule and you just don't even know what you're working for... a break like this is sometimes exactly what you need. A big break doesn't have to be a vacation, it can even just be a day you take for yourself and try to remind yourself what your motivations really are in the first place. Maybe it means volunteering in the hospital, or visiting family, or even shopping, whatever it may be, that's what you should do.

I hope this post can help some of you find a little bit more focus when you work! 

September 5, 2015

Labor Day Sales

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Today I wanted to quickly share some of my favorite picks from a huge sale going on right now! Tons of retailers use this weekend as a huge sales generator - and there are amazing deals all over (scroll to the bottom for a list of other deals and promo codes I'm sharing) - but one of my favorites is Old Navy. Their clothes is usually very budget-friendly to begin with, but with almost everything 60% off right now (plus an extra 20% with code DAYOFF, and free shipping on anything over $50), the deals are really amazing! I'm loving this $30 handbag (the perfect bag for interviews), these $12 pants I'd be living in on clinic days, and this adorable $6 striped dress for Liv. Here are more of my picks (top row is women's, middle is toddler, and bottom is accessories)!

Some other awesome sales going on right now (in alphabetical order lol):

2020 Ave, 20% off with code LABOR20

Ann Taylor, 50% off with code HAPPY50

Banana Republic, 40% off with code BRFALL

Bluefly, up to 90% off

Gap, 40% off everything (+extra 20% off with code EXTRA)

J.Crew, 30% off your order of $125 with code GETSHOPPING

J.Crew Factory, 50% off everything 

LOFT, 30% off Fall arrivals 

Madewell, 30% off with code YESANDYES

River Island, 25% off with code LABOR2515

Saks Fifth Avenue, up to 75% off

Happy shopping ladies! 

September 4, 2015

Applying to College

Guys - I'm sort of freaking out; never mind that Liv is turning two in a couple of weeks, but my little sister just started her junior year of high school this week. I was already a teenager by the time my sister was born so I played a huge part in raising her, and nothing is making me feel older right now than the fact that we're having talks about college.  In an effort to make my mild freak out at least help some of you who are pre-pre-med (ie high school!) or considering college, I wanted to do a post today on applying to college.

Most students don't do the actual applying to college until the fall or winter of their senior year, but the planning and work towards that application happens well before that! Here are a few pointers to help guide you throughout the process. I will of course throw in the disclaimer that I applied to college a long time ago, so it's always a good idea to get the most up-to-date information from school websites you're interested in and your high school guidance counselor. I'll also add in, though, that sometimes your guidance counselor may not be the most reliable person to listen to, and you should always get opinions and help from as many mentors as you can! I highly recommend this book and am having my sister buy it - it's about as comprehensive as it gets when it comes to applying to college.

What do you want from college?
The first (and maybe most difficult) thing to ask yourself is what do you want out of college? Do you think you'll pursue nursing or engineering and get a job right out of college? Do you already plan on getting a masters or PhD in art history and working for a museum? Do you want to go to medical school or law school? Depending on what you eventually might want to do, the type of school you choose to attend can vary. If you're planning to work straight out of college, the name of the university and its alumna network really matter. The connections you make through your school will be the connections that land you your job. This usually means aiming for the biggest name school you can get into. Depending on how local you want to stay, it doesn't have to be a typical big name like Stanford or Yale, it could simply be whatever the "best" school is in your area and where many people in your field graduated from. It's helpful to ask your guidance counselor or even the career development office at schools you're interested in for a list of alumna if you don't have an idea already. If you are planning on continuing higher education and applying to graduate school after college, your undergraduate school still obviously matters, but much more weight will be placed on what you did in undergrad. I won't say that students coming from well-known universities don't have an advantage when it comes to applying to graduate schools, but students coming from state schools and other less well-known colleges can still be just as successful when it comes to getting acceptances. Unfortunately what so much of this comes down to is what you can actually afford - but I always say save the financial matters for when you actually get accepted to schools and then have to choose which one to go to. Never assume a school is out of your reach financially because of its price tag - many of the most expensive private schools also offer some of the best financial aid and scholarships.

Tiering your schools: "Safety, target, and reach"
Once you have a better idea of what you want from college (and hopefully that doesn't just include career goals, but also meeting new people, exploring different cultures and backgrounds, figuring out who you are, etc) you can start coming up with a rough list of schools you want to apply to. First think of any limits you want to set for yourself - it's definitely a better idea not to set too many limits, but for many students they do choose to limit themselves geographically. I only applied to colleges in New England and knew I didn't want to be farther than a 2 hour drive away from home - that was a huge priority for me, but I also live in an area where a 2 hour radius didn't limit my options too drastically. Once you know your limits, you can start making your tiered list of schools. Check out the admissions websites or guide books that provide information on the average accepted applicant - what were their GPA and scores like, did they all participate in extracurriculars, and if so what? Knowing this information allows you to get a rough idea of where you fall for that school's typical accepted applicant - maybe your qualifications are better than the average, this would be a safety school for you. Maybe you fit the average applicant perfectly - in this case this would be a target school. Or maybe you fall a little short from the average applicant - this would be a reach school. Some students don't like adding too many reach schools to their list, but I think especially if you have any unique circumstances or story, you truly never know how a school will interpret your accomplishments and you're better off trying your luck and not selling yourself short.

Becoming a competitive applicant
GPA: GPA is probably what most students worry about and the number that high school students usually feel define them the most. It goes without saying that a higher GPA makes you a more competitive applicant, but there are also a few things to keep in mind. For one, unlike in college where the course difficulty can never really be assumed by an outsider (ie, no one outside of college will know that BIO 263 is 100x harder than BIO 279), in high school the courses are seen as a little more standardized, at least when it comes down AP vs non-AP courses. Colleges like students that challenge themselves, so a student with a 3.8 but all "easy" courses may not look as impressive as the student with a 3.65 and a handful of AP courses. Now, this isn't to say that you should take on more than you can handle, but you should also be looking to challenge yourself. If you came from a high school like mine, you may not have many options for AP courses, which does somewhat put you at a disadvantage, but hopefully your guidance counselor or a teacher who writes you a letter of recommendation can share that information with your schools. The second thing to remember about GPA is that the trend matters. Upward trend is the trend schools want to see. I almost failed freshman year because I wasn't taking school seriously. Because of my grades that year I would never have been able to bring my cumulative GPA up to something fantastic even if I did get straight 4.0s for the next three years. And I didn't get straight 4.0s, but I certainly did better and better each year, and was getting 4.0s by junior year.

SAT score: This I know least about because it has changed so much since I took it. I'd reference the books on this one. Safe to say you want to score as high as possible, but there are many schools that no longer even require the SAT for admission (Smith - my college - being one of them). They recognize the bias and difference in opportunities many students face and how standardized tests like it may not be the best indicators of success.

Extracurriculars: Anyone (or almost anyone) can get great grades when all they have to do is coursework. But if you're also playing sports and writing for the newspaper, you're showing schools that you can balance and have interests outside of your coursework, interests that you could potentially continue in college (and therefore contribute to their university)! Now, keep an open mind when it comes to extracurriculars - it literally means what you do outside of the curriculum. Because of my responsibilities at home (ie, taking care of my sister and other things at home), I never played sports. I actually never participated in anything that required regular time commitments outside of normal school hours. But I was active in the National Honor Society (and eventually was president), our acapella choir, and I can't remember much else. You don't have to do it all, but you should have at least one extracurricular that you can show you were really involved in for a decent chunk of time and show commitment and some worthwhile contribution.

Personal: Don't underestimate whatever your personal story is. We all have a story, some stories affect what we're able to do in high school and our perceived "success" a little more than others. Use your personal statement as a place to touch on some of that - don't make it a sob story or a place for excuses, but just bringing it to attention at all will allow for any circumstances to be discussed later if you're invited for an interview (or will at least provide some background for your numbers to be interpreted with).

I hope this helps for getting a start on thinking about college! Later I can maybe do a post on college visits and interviews which will happen senior year! Let me know what else you guys want me to discuss (if anything), this definitely isn't my area of "expertise" anymore but I still remember being there!  

September 2, 2015

Shirt Dress for the Bump

I've always wanted to wear tall boots with a short dress, but when is the weather actually right to pull something like that off? Either it's too hot to wear over-the-knee boots, or it's too cold to have exposed skin and you need tights! But this time of the year, right now as we head into fall but still have the relatively warmer weather I actually think I got away with it! 

This is one of my favorite Brass dresses that I've had for over a year now, when I'm not in scrubs for the hospital and have to dress up this is such an easy piece to throw on (I of course wear the waist much lower so that the length is actually appropriate for work). 

But with this growing bump it's actually fun to hike up the waist a bit and have a cute little look! 

Shirt Dress, c/o Brass (such amazing quality for the price, but if you're looking for something a little cheaper this dress is on crazy sale right now)  //  Over-the-Knee Boots, Aldo (also on sale now here)

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