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February 22, 2015

Join Me at Lou & Grey on 3/1!

Happy Sunday ya'll! Big surprise over here - it's still snowing!! But we're managing hahaha!

Despite what it looks like outside, I'm dreaming of Spring and slightly warmer temps and trading in my heavy down coat for a light jacket and my clunky boots for some cute kicks! As unrealistic as that might be now, the official start of Spring really is right around the corner (less than a month away), and my favorite brand Lou&Grey is celebrating the release of their spring line!

Join me next Sunday, March 1st (seriously can't believe next Sunday is already March) at the Lou&Grey store in Natick and let's do a little Spring dreaming! We'll be making brunch mocktails, styling all their gorgeous pieces for Spring, and one lucky attendee will win a $150 Lou&Grey gift card! You can RSVP on the event Facebook page here, but feel free to just pop in even if you don't!

Check out the flyer below for more details, plus some of my favorite picks from their Spring line!

Check out some of my favorite pieces here - for those of you who can't visit a store just click on one of the images and they'll take you to the shopping link! Happy spring dreaming, and hope to see you guys next Sunday! xoxo

February 20, 2015

How to Edit Your Instagram Photos

Instagram is my absolute favorite social media platform. As a visual person, and someone who loves and is inspired by all things pretty, it really doesn't get better than Instagram! And the 15,000+ of you following me there really make it such an amazing community! A question I've been getting a lot lately is how I edit my photos, so I thought I'd do a quick tutorial on the apps I use and how I use them to edit my IG photos! 

1. Unedited photo. Some tips for getting a great photo to start with? Try to use natural lighting if possible, and tap on what you want to focus on before snapping the shot! Make sure to keep your hand steady to get the sharpest image. 

2. Facetune. This is one of my favorite apps for the most natural editing. I first use the filters tab and select lighting, where I selected lighter. If a photo is too warm for my liking I'll also select cooler in the lighting tab as well (I didn't do it for this pic). Then, using the details tab, I highlight anything I really want to bring the details out of - in this pic I highlighted the rings. 

3. VSCOcam. My all-time favorite for filters, this app has a loyal following of instagrammers that take some amazing shots! One of my favorite filters is the T1 filter - you can adjust the filter strength from 1-12 - for this photo I used +9. Most people ask about my "signature" look of my photos, and it's totally this filter!

4. Instagram. The recent updates have really done an awesome job of increasing the app's editing capabilities, so much so that lots of my fine-tuning I now do directly through the app itself. For this photo, I adjusted the Lux setting a bit (-25), increased the brightness a tiny bit more, upped the saturation a smidge, and increased the sharpness of the photo (my favorite feature). 

So there you have it! I will say, this is as complicated as it gets. For lots of my photos I'll simply use VSCOcam and then upload straight to IG. But when I have time to make my pics as pretty as possible, these are all the tools I have at my disposal! I hope you all found this tutorial helpful! Let me know in the comments section below and I'll try doing more similar style posts! 

February 11, 2015

Moving and other craziness!

Happy Wednesday! Just wanted to say a quick little hello and share a few updates - we've been really busy and buried in snow over here!

- Now that interview season is over we're back into school mode; I'm taking a clinical pharmacology class this month which has so far been a nice way to ease back into clinical thinking again!

- We finally moved! We're staying in Boston for intern year (and then headed to Miami for advanced residencies) - but we figured we might as well stretch out and upgrade (and still save some money - will post more about that later) for the year we have left in Boston!

- Of course we decided to move the week we got hit with the most snow in Boston's HISTORY! We literally had to dig ourselves out of snow and make paths to walk in and get our moving truck stuck in snowbanks etc. etc. But we did it!

- I left to Vegas for the weekend for one of my best friend's bachelorette party! It was an amazing time! Of course our trip back was delayed by MORE snow pounding Boston and we even spent the night stranded in the 30th Street train station in Philly - we took turns sleeping!

- We still have no furniture at our place so hopefully we'll get moving on that but we just can't catch a break with this snow! We've got more coming, and I'm not sure we can fit a truck down our street with the cars and snow that have already narrowed it so significantly!

- I leave AGAIN tomorrow night back to Philly for my USMLE Step 2 CS exam - a full day of interviewing and examining standardized patients and writing up patient notes and showing that I can act like a doctor and communicate in English. Haven't had much time to study, but hopefully will be able to cram some in today and tomorrow before my exam Friday. Crossing my fingers I get there and back without too much delay!

Hope you all have been wonderful and can't wait to catch up more soon! As always thanks for reading!

(PS - For those interested my dress and heels are both from Forever 21 - the exact dress can be found here, and I couldn't find the heels online but here are some similar ones)!
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