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February 28, 2014

Morning Light

Happy Friday everyone! Man, what a week it has been! If you follow my instagram, you know Liv was in the hospital for an infection, thankfully we're home now but everything had to get put on pause to tend to my sweetie. I'm so thankful for my boss, co-workers, friends, and family who were all there the second I needed them and helped me focus on getting Liv better. Here's just a few shots before work one morning - finding the time for outfit pics during the week is nearly impossible! I hope you all have had lovely weeks and are excited for the weekend!

Oh yeah, and I cut my hair! I think this is the first time it's on the blog (again, for more regular updates follow along on instagram)!

{Cardigan (similar here), Shirt (similar here), Jeans (similar here), Boots (similar here), Watch (on sale here)}

February 19, 2014

Work It Out

I've hit a work out rut. Maybe it has to do with the two hundred snowstorms we've gotten hit with here in Boston and the four miles I walk everyday to get to the nanny's/work through said snow? {Ok end bitter why-is-it-still-winter rant} Really, though, when I find I'm having a tough time hitting the gym there's nothing like some new gear to get me motivated again.

February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

Just a few shots from our Valentine's Day dinner. We ate at a beautiful little place with a beautiful view and talked for hours. I swear I must have a thing for ordering the most alive looking thing on the menu. I certainly don't do it on purpose, but somehow I always end up with a little creature who's eyes I can still see! (Like this lobster I didn't  know would be a whole lobster). It was delicious regardless but I had to cover its face hahaha. We were the last diners to leave the restaurant, finishing our meal with fondue for dessert, and then got to come home to the sweetest part of the night - our sleeping Liv! 

I hope you all had lovely days if you celebrate and great weekends even if you don't!!

February 10, 2014

A note on that little voice in our heads

For today's Med School Monday I wanted to do something a little bit more personal - discussing something that plagues each and every one of us - that voice in our heads telling us we're not good enough. 

I almost didn't apply to Harvard. I almost convinced myself that I would never be able to get into a place like that - heck I'd be lucky even getting into my state medical school. I did a lot of reading on pre-med forums that made me question all of my hard work I had done up to that point, and almost didn't give myself the opportunity to come to the amazing place I am now. Thankfully I ended up saying "why not?" and applied anyway.

Getting here, though, I constantly had to fight that little voice in my head telling me I wasn't good enough to be here. In class I was never a fan of speaking up even if I knew the answer, I didn't want to look like the know-it-all, or even worse - be wrong. It took lots of small moments to shine (ie getting called on or having to do a presentation) that really helped me solidify my self-confidence in my pre-clinical years, but finally I felt like I belonged.

Then came the clinical years, and once again I had to deal with an even louder voice telling me I had no idea what I was doing. This time though, the voice was sort of right, but having learned my lesson about dealing with this voice I did something about it and fast. If there was ever something I didn't know, I made a note of it in a little journal I kept in my white coat pocket, and reviewed it or looked it up later that night. When I started this, I wrote down everything - the pronunciation of my attending's name, passcodes for doors, what abbreviations meant, which color tube to draw blood in, the differential for wheezing, anything and everything! And soon enough the list got shorter and shorter, and even more amazingly, people started asking me stuff, me! And I knew the answer! I paid attention to that voice, because it was initially right, but I did something about it and felt so much more confident on the wards.

I share these stories with you all with two lessons in mind:

  1. There's a voice in our heads that almost always tells us we're not good enough. Especially for women, that voice is almost constantly present and isn't always warranted. That voice we need to ignore. We need to take chances, believe in ourselves, and just go for it. No selling yourself short like I almost did.
  2. Sometimes though, that voice is warranted, and we need to listen to it and do something about it! We aren't good at everything from the start and we don't know it all (and we never will), and that fear in your belly before doing something new is a reminder of all of that. But rather than be put off by that voice and paralyzed by that fear, we should welcome it as a chance to learn and even master something new, realizing that each time we do this we are getting that much better at whatever it is we do.
I hope you all enjoyed this short little post! I'd love to hear about your experiences in dealing with "that voice," as always feel free to comment below!! 

February 5, 2014

Work Desk Inspiration

We're in major need of an office re-do in my apartment. We don't have an office per say, more like a dining table that nobody eats on and instead collects books and bills and clothes and mittens, pretty much the black hole of our apartment. These Ikea desks give me hope that I can do something new with that corner of the apartment and make it a productive space once again!

Images {via}

February 2, 2014

January Shots

January marked the beginning of a new year and big change for all three of us! I headed back to work after being home with Liv for almost 4 months, N started classes back up, and Liv started with our nanny. It took lots of getting used to and our mornings are still a bit of a mess but we're finally getting a hang of things, and I'm just so thankful that we have each other. I also have to admit, it feels really good to be productive again, heck to even be speaking with adults regularly! And picking up Liv at the end of the day is the absolute best. Looking forward to what February brings! For more snapshots check out my Instagram account!
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