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December 31, 2013

Au Revoir, 2013

2013, you've been the most amazing year yet. Here are just a few of my favorite moments of the year:

ringing in the new year with N/ our impromptu getaway to St. Thomas/ positive pregnancy test! (x2)/ snowstorm/ working with the neonatologists (terrifying while pregnant, btw)/ big brunches/ hms ball/ fancy shmancy dinners/ those precious ultrasounds/ st. patty's day/ hikes/ newport trip/ radiology/ n spilling the beans to the boys (and them deciding we immediately had to go to the baby store)/ sharing the big news with you all/ our end of 3rd year rotations celebration/ medicine sub-i (and baby gifts from the nurses!)/ finding out "it's a girl!" on mother's day/ beach trips/ grilling/ movie at fenway/ baby shower/ maine trip/ maternity shoot/ cape cod trip/ "last" date night sans the babysitter requirement/ Liv's debut!!/ newborn cuddles/ crisp walks around the pond/ babywearing/ my mama becoming abuela/ my little lion on her first halloween/ N's birthday/ Liv's first shots/ taking (and passing!!) Step 2 and paper getting published/ Thanksgiving/ snow/ hks ball/ baby's first Christmas - what a year ❤

December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!!

Just wanted to take the time out to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! This year I feel blessed beyond belief with the gifts I have already received - good health, loyal friends, loving family, and most of all my precious Olivia (and Isabel of iSweet Photography, who always does an amazing job capturing her too!). And of course you, my amazing readers! Thank you all for following along on this crazy journey of mine! Happy Holidays ❤

December 19, 2013

Oh Baby Chic!

Liv comes with me everywhere. Most of the time I carry her - I love having her close - I can cover her and protect her from seemingly anything. But we definitely still use our stroller, especially for shopping, where the extra storage comes in handy. What do I hate about though? People all up in her face! I know they are all well-intentioned, but get your face out of my stroller! Or how about the ones who cough right behind you in line? And then the precipitation of course. All reasons I absolutely love my seat cover from Oh Baby Chic - it gets rid of all of these problems! On top of that, it's adorable (huge points for me), and aptly named the Paparazzi Pod. Love it!

December 13, 2013

Winter Mom Uniform

Nursing top c/o Au Lait (here), thrifted Levi's jeans, Target boots (here), Gap scarf (here), H&M beanie, Sephora Cream Lip Stain 01 Always Red (here)

You can call this my mom uniform. Black knit beanie to cover my crazy hair. Amazing sweater with nursing slits to keep me covered and warm even when nursing Liv. Stretchy skinny jeans tucked into my wear-with-anything boots. A cozy buffalo checkered scarf to top it off, and no makeup except for a red lip that doesn't leave red lip stains all over my precious girl. Rinse and repeat. Every. Day. ;)  

December 10, 2013

A Little Fancy

Over the weekend N and I attended a ball at the beautiful Institute of Contemporary Art - my mom drove down to watch Liv for the night (so thankful for her being relatively close) and I had a chance to actually get a manicure! I didn't have time to wash and blow dry my hair so I put it up in a big bun, went with a smokey eye and nude lip, and slipped into the most gorgeous Badgley Mischka gown for the evening. This was my second time renting from Rent the Runway and it was another great experience that made for a wonderful night! 

I love that you can get 2 sizes of the dress to find the best fit, and even order a backup dress for just $30! This dress was actually my "backup" and I liked it better than the one I thought I wanted. I was amazed that I fit into the size 0 (take that baby weight!), but wasn't sure that my boobs would fit by the end of the night since I wouldn't be pumping (TMI? sorry!), so I went the size 2 instead. The best part is at the end of it I just threw all the dresses into the pre-addressed bags and dropped them in a UPS box! Done! Do you have holiday parties coming up? Would love to know what you're wearing!

December 9, 2013

The Simplest Gift

If you follow my Instagram you know I love babywearing. What is it exactly? Well, just walking around with your baby on, basically the best thing ever. I have both an Ergo carrier and a Solly Baby wrap - the latter being my go to pretty much every day (I professed my love for my wrap in my gift guide here). And as if I need any more reason to love my wrap for keeping my baby close, Solly Baby is keeping the right thing in mind this holiday season and keeping my perspective. During these times we get into the swing of gift giving and gift guide making with sparkly goodies and gadgets, but what if the only thing on your gift guide was a supply of diapers? I'm thankful that I can afford enough diapers for Ms. Liv, but they aren't cheap and she goes through them like crazy! Not everyone has the luxury to change a diaper every time their child soils it (and to think that this is a luxury in our country is incredibly sad but all too true for many families). I'm partnering with Solly Baby this season for their Deck the Halls with Diapers campaign - for every purchase from now until the 15th, Solly Baby will donate a package of diapers in your name to local charities that get them to the families that need them. Get yours today and help a baby with one of the simplest of gifts. 

December 6, 2013

Gift Guide Week: Baby

Happy Friday!! Today I'm sharing gender-neutral gift ideas for baby! These are some of mine and Liv's favorite picks! Happy Holidays!!

  1. Owl hat (here) - Keep your little one's head warm in what is quite possibly the cutest hat ever. 
  2. Fleece one piece (here) - With a super functional zipper that spans its length, this hooded and footed one-piece will keep baby nice and cozy for trips outside. 
  3. Organic onesie (here) - Adorable beige chevron, organic, and all around awesome for baby boy or girl. LuckyPalmTree makes some of the cutest baby gear. 
  4. Jellycat Raccook (here) - I'm not huge into toys for really young babies, but the striking white/black/grey patterns on this cute little guy make for great eye-tracking practice - Liv locked eyes onto him the first day we brought him home and she loves him!
  5. Aden and Anais bibs (here) - Some of the best bibs around in super soft fabrics and beautiful prints. 
  6. Knitted heart blanket (here) - Baby will have his/her favorite blanket, and this will be it. Simple, warm, and precious.
  7. Natursutten pacifier (here) - It's up to you whether or not you want to use a paci, but if you do this one's a great option. Most babies will pick they're favorite, so buy a few different types, but make sure to give this one a try.
  8. Aden and Anais sleep sack (here) - Young ones like being swaddled (see my last gift guide for a great easy swaddler), but when they grow out of it these sleep sacks are wonderful options for keeping baby warm in the crib without blankets to get in their face.
  9. Fox knit rattle (here) - Great for playing and teething, it's one of the cutest rattles ever. 
  10. Skip Hop Activity Gym (here) - Before they start crawling this will be the best spot for playtime. Liv loves swatting at her little friends and tummy time staring into the little mirror discovering her reflection. Plus it doesn't clash too much with our home decor (a sort of shallow but completely honest concern of mine when it comes to baby stuff). Easy to put together and take apart too. 

December 5, 2013

Gift Guide Week: The New mom

Another gift guide! This time we're sharing gift ideas for the new mom. I hope you've been enjoying the guides so far!

  1. Halo Sleepsack Swaddler (here) - Newborns innately like to be cuddled up nice and tight, and swaddling is as good as it gets once they're out the womb. The act of swaddling, however, is not as innate to the new parent. This makes it easy and makes nighttime a little less of a hassle.
  2. DryBar gift card (here) - Blowout and scalp massage? Any new mom (or woman for that matter) would absolutely love it. We barely have time to pee, let alone do our hair. This little card would be a real treat.
  3. Milkmakers Lactation Cookies (here) - All new moms who are breastfeeding for the first time are plagued with concerns about whether or not they're making enough milk. Ease those worries and satisfy your sweet tooth with these yummy lactation cookies!
  4. BKR Water Bottle (here) - Staying hydrated while at home with the new little one (or at work, at the gym, etc.) is so important, especially if you're breastfeeding - keep one of these water bottles at hand at all times! They come in gorgeous colors and are eco-friendly.
  5. Medela Harmony Breast Pump (here) - I was so lucky that my MIL bought me my fancy high tech electric pump, but that I will use much more when I go back to work. When I'm home, this handheld pump has been so perfect! I can nurse Liv on one side and pump on the other as I need to, or quietly pump in our room after a night out without waking her. It also comes in handy for traveling! I basically love it. Get one.
  6. Au Lait nursing sweatshirt (here) - I'm almost embarrassed to admit how often I wear this sweatshirt. I pretty much live in it until Liv vomits on it (true story). It's cozy, looks chic with leggings or jeans, and best of all makes nursing a breeze. I wish all of my tops had nursing slits.
  7. Infinity Scarf Nursing Cover (here) - Since all my tops don't have a nursing slit, this gorgeous scarf makes nursing in public or with guests over super easy, and when I'm done I can wrap it back up as a cute scarf or throw it in my bag. 
  8. Solly Baby Wrap (here) - If there was one product these first few months that has kept me sane and helped me feel like a regular old member of society it is my wrap (I love my Ergo too). I have worn Liv since she was a week old and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. I wrap her up and we go about our day, taking walks and running errands without having to find ramps and elevators, doing the dishes, you name it. I absolutely love having her so close and she does too; truly don't know what I'd do without my wrap. When we're in the car I can just throw the wrap in my bag to walk around with her later. And the prints are perfection. I can't say enough good things about my Solly Baby Wrap - let's just say I'm asking for a second one this Christmas.
  9. Housecleaning appointment (here) - I love a clean house, but I'm not the biggest fan of actually cleaning, and with a new babe it's tough to make the time. This would be a well-appreciated gift for any new mom. 
  10. VonBon Multi-Use Cloths (here) - VonBon makes some of THE cutest baby gear around. We love our chevron swaddle blanket, and use these multi-use cloths for just about everything. Another favorite brand who makes amazing cloths is LuckyPalmTree. Between the two of these brands you will have all the beautiful burp cloths you could ever dream of! And trust me you will need them ;)
Hope these give you some ideas for what to get the new mom in your life! Or what to ask for if you're a new mom yourself ;) Today's the last day to enter my Datevitation Date Book giveaway, enter below for another great personal gift!

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December 4, 2013

Gift Guide Week: The Momma-To-Be

Happy Wednesday! We're continuing gift guide week with something for the momma-to-be! And i mean something actually for her, not the baby. Too often mom gets forgotten too early - before baby arrives, she deserves all the attention! After, that will change ;)

  1. Mama Mio Pregnancy Essentials Kit (here) - I absolutely loved all three of these products throughout my pregnancy, she is sure to as well. They're on the pricier side, but this way she can pick her favorite and get the full size later!
  2. BumpNest Pregnancy Pillow (here) - Sleep later in the pregnancy becomes harder and harder, this pillow was just what I needed in the last few months to make sleeping feel heavenly again (read more about my experience with it here!)
  3. Ugg Ansley slippers (here) - Every woman is going to have her most troubled area during pregnancy - for some it's their back, for others it's their hips, for me it was my feet. Cozy slippers like these would be a dream to slip into.
  4. Labor & Delivery Kit (here) - A cute little kit for that long-awaited day, complete with slipper socks, chapstick, hair ties, and all the other stuff you're likely to forget in your hospital bag. 
  5. Lily Jade Madeline bag (here) - With all the pockets you could ever imagine, it works as a tote, a hospital bag, and later the perfect diaper bag! Plus you can wear it as a shoulder bag, messenger, or backpack!
  6. Sexy maternity jeans (here) - Show off your new curves in a great pair of jeans. Asos Maternity was my go-to for well-priced and stylish maternity clothes.
  7. Blanqi Belly Support Tank (here) - Loved loved loved this as my belly grew. Supports the extra weight, covers unbuttoned pants or exposed skin from shirts that are a little too short, just get one.
  8. MAC lipstick in Russian Red (here) - I kept my makeup to the bare minimum when I was pregnant, but when I wanted to feel dressy I threw on a swipe of lipstick - this shade is perfect for winter and the holidays.
  9. Cashmere Robe (here) - A robe will fit your pre-preggo body and grow with your bump; pack it in your hospital bag (my robe was so much nicer to be in than those hospital gowns, but it definitely wasn't cashmere!), and you will live in it the first few weeks nursing your newborn. Definitely a worthwhile investment.
  10. Bliss Spa Giftcard (here) - Book a "Great Expectations" prenatal massage and whatever other spa service you'd like, it's well-deserved!
Another great gift idea? Dates. And lots of them. Date nights will be a lot less spontaneous when baby arrives, so go on lots of dates! A Datevitation book is a great way to spend more time together! Get your chance to win one below! Making one? Use code LACQUER10 for $10 off your purchase and make sure to order by December 13 for guaranteed delivery by Christmas!
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December 3, 2013

Gift Guide Week: The Man in Your Life

Men are notoriously difficult to shop for. Hopefully you can find something in this guide that's sure to please him! Also, scroll down for a holiday giveaway!!

  1. Thermos (Stanley, here) - Whether he works outdoors or at a desk, this mug is sure to keep his drink hot (or cold) all day long. 
  2. Running jacket (Lululemon Relay Jacket, here) - Athletic type? Get him this jacket perfect for running in cooler temps.
  3. Cozy workshirt (Club Monaco Slim-Fit Workshirt, here) - A good looking shirt. Easy.
  4. Backpack (Asos Canvas Backpack, here) - This canvas backpack is great to throw his gear in for the day.
  5. Datebook (Datevitation, here) - He already has it all? Then make one of these - this coupon book features tons of creative date ideas you pick (from an arcade date to a "get out of argument" pass and even a halftime quickie!). You can even add your own personal messages and faces. I made one of these for N's birthday and he loved it! I'm giving away one below...
  6. Leather strap watch (Michael Kors, here) - A classic watch that will truly stand the test of time in a shade that goes with everything. 
  7. Tie clips (The Tie Bar, here) - N loves these things. I don't get them, but I men have to accessorize too I guess!
  8. Wooden iPhone amplifier (Koostik Original, here) - No cords. No power. Just wooden construction that amplifies the sound on your iPhone. Pretty cool.
  9. Wool skinny tie (Banana Republic, here) - You'll need a tie for those tie clips, make it a wool skinny one perfect for winter.
  10. Cologne sampler (Sephora, here) - Okay, so this gift is more for you, who doesn't love a good smelling man? Try them all out and when he (or you) picks the fave, redeem the coupon for a full size cologne!
I'm partnering with the awesome folks over at Datevitation to give a lucky reader a free date book, just use the entry form below!! Want to go ahead and make one now? Make sure to use code LACQUER10 for $10 off your purchase. Order by December 13 for guaranteed delivery by Christmas!
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December 2, 2013

Gift Guide Week: The Medicine-Inclined

Happy Monday! I'm back! Got through the monstrous 9 hour Step 2 exam and enjoyed family over Thanksgiving. I hope you all had wonderful times! This week I'll be bringing you gift guides to start the holiday season, and in Med School Monday fashion, we're kicking it off with gift ideas for the medicine-inclined! 

  1. Laboratory flower vases (here) - Rustic chic + science geek? Yes please!
  2. Gentle Reminders pencils (here) - These beautiful white and gold pencils almost make you want to write those notes.
  3. Littmann Stethoscope (here) - Keep it simple with the Classic II (anything else is overkill), keep it chic with the all black finish.
  4. MDpocket White Coat Clipboard (here) - On the wards this clipboard keeps all your patient notes tidy, folds into your white coat pocket, and has tons of references for when you're just starting!
  5. First Aid for Step 1 (here) - Ask anyone how to do well on Step 1 and this book is guaranteed to be a part of their strategy. Memorize this book (easier said than done) and get through UWorld's Qbank and you're golden. 
  6. iMac (here) - This one's always been a dream gift of mine and most other students I know. Any large computer display makes studying and learning so much more productive, this one is just beautiful and minimalistic to boot. Someday...
  7. Kate Spade 2014 Planner (here) - I've professed my love for planners already (here and here), and this one is perfection!
  8. Keurig Mini (here) - Hot cup of coffee. In seconds. In tons of flavors. In the perfect grey shade. Need I say more?
  9. iPhone cover (here) - My iPhone is my go-to reference on the wards, keep it protected with this cute cover!
  10. Netter Anatomy (here) - First year anatomy is a rite of passage - this book with its gorgeous illustrations is all you need.
  11. ExamKrackers MCAT study books (here) - Not everyone can afford a review course (I know I couldn't). These books were my savior. Just enough information to do incredibly well without being overwhelmed with minutiae. 
Of course, if you follow my blog, you'll know that I think the best gift for the medicine-inclined is time spent living life! A date book is an adorable way to make some date ideas and give your pre-med/medical student a break - for a movie night, bowling, whatever! Get your chance to win one below! Making one? Use code LACQUER10 for $10 off your purchase and make sure to order by December 13 for guaranteed delivery by Christmas!
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