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September 29, 2016

Fall Essentials

Happy almost weekend!! Sharing some fall essentials on the blog today - all at great prices!

1. Classic watch - you guys know I wear my Daniel Wellington everyday. I have multiple different color straps (black, dark brown, and this lighter brown/cognac color). For the last month I have only been wearing this color and find it really goes with everything! And right now it's only $100!

2. Comfortable carry-all bag in a new neutral - I'm a sucker for neutrals, but sometimes it's fun to change it up a bit and a deep olive green is the perfect neutral for fall! I love the thick strap on this bag that makes for comfortable carrying.

3. Simple patterned scarf - the scarves come out in fall! And this one doesn't disappoint, in a simple color pattern with enough fun to spice up any outfit.

4. Over the knee boots - these were HUGE last fall and aren't going anywhere this season! I'm about to pull the trigger on these babies - you seriously cannot beat the price at only $136! They also come in black and a light grey as well. Classic riding boots (not pictured) are also coming back out for the fall, and these ones are currently my favorite!

5. Cozy sweaters - these dominate the colder temperature closet, and I love ones that can be worn dressed up for work or down for the weekend - and all of these fit the bill. Included here are my picks for chunky sweaterturtleneck, and crewneck.

What are some of your favorite fall essentials?

September 23, 2016

Happy Weekend!

Happy weekend all! I'm on call this weekend and covering our inpatient service - which means I round on any consults who are in the hospital and then see any new consults throughout the weekend! It's a little crazy since I cover 3 hospitals but always makes for some incredible learning - my last weekend on call I saw a 3 day old baby in the NICU who likely had epidermolysis bullosa, a patient with a crazy urticarial drug eruption in the ED, a patient who I got called in the middle of the night about for a full-body "vasculitis" that ended up being a CRAZY case of scabies, and a couple of other not-so-exciting consults (dyshidrotic eczema seems to be a favorite consult as of late lol). I'm torn this weekend between hoping for a really quiet weekend (the entire house is recovering from a bad cold this week) but then also wanting some cool cases so we can help some patients!

A sneak into my biopsy bag! A lot (although definitely not all) of what we do in derm is based on skin biopsy - and there are many different types of biopsies we can take! PS - my nail polish (which I think is my new favorite) is OPI Tiramisu for Two

In the meantime wanted to share 5 fun links for your weekend and week ahead!

1) Apple pie cookies. Need I say more? This recipe looks SO easy and I know Liv (or any toddler... or grown adult... or just some being that needs to eat) would love putting them together!

2) We're planning a pretty big family trip soon (can't wait to share more details) and I've been eyeing a few good travel purchases. This gorgeous wrap just went on sale for 30% off and I might have to snag it! For nursing mamas it's the perfect cover up, and for everyone else it's the best to travel with on the plane and have something to cozy up with!

3) I shared this with my students earlier in the week, but I'm absolutely loving this desktop background by Pretty Darn Cute. I have it set as the wallpaper on my iPad and love how motivated and happy it makes me when I see it!

4) Baby Toms are just about the cutest thing ever. I found an old pair of Liv's red ones and immediately felt like I had to buy a pair for Elli and her chunky little legs! How adorable is baby Reese in hers? I'm thinking I'll pick up a fall shade like ash or navy.

5) This is the last weekend my E-course will be available and then enrollment will be closing again! I'll be hosting an hour long (or longer depending on how much fun we have) webinar next week for all enrolled students answering all of your questions in real time, you don't want to miss it!

Hope you all have wonderful weekends!

September 22, 2016

Fall Weather (at least indoors)

Happy first day of Fall everyone! The weather down here in Miami certainly doesn't feel like fall (and I'm accepting that it never really will), but these crazy people put the air conditioners on so high that yesterday I still wore a sweater to work (and was still chilly all day)! 

My top was a recent purchase from SheIn; I've been obsessed with ruffle tops lately (maybe because Liv loves them and twirls with me when I wear them?), so I'm wearing them as much as I can until the bump makes it look a little ridiculous. And at under $20 it's hard to beat! These pants are my new favorite work pants - I love that they come in petite sizes as well, and I especially love the soft stretchy material and the side zip which should be able to accommodate the bump for a while! And my shoes - maybe you guys remember me obsessing about the rose-colored ones I got this spring? I went ahead and got the camel colored ones for fall and love them just as much. 

I get asked all the time about my watch and glasses on Instagram photos - I'm always wearing the same ones that I linked up below! New to my "classics" are these pearl earrings that my mom got me over a decade ago and I just rediscovered! I wear them almost daily. 

Top  //  Pants  //  Shoes  //  Bag (similar)  //  Watch  //  Glasses  //  Earrings (nearly identical)

(Pager not included hahaha. Trust me you don't want it).

September 18, 2016

How to Have It All - Start Saying No

I still get this question ALL of the time (and even more lately after I made the announcement that we're expecting baby #3 early next year! Yeah, if you missed it, WE'RE EXPECTING BABY #3 IN FEBRUARY)!!!!

Most people think I'm either a) crazy, or b) "goals," both of which I think are way off! What I am, though, is someone who knows what I want and someone who's life has taught her that not one day we have here is promised. Not. A. One. So I live my life in a very particular way, careful not to waste a moment on anything that is not necessary. Those of you who have taken my E-course know pretty much all I have to say about all of it - but for those of you who haven't been able to join yet, I'm talking a little about it tonight!

The first thing is - you make time for what you want. It might seem like I want a little much - a husband and children and a demanding and rewarding job and nice nails most days of the week... I know I'm asking for a lot, and there are plenty of times I don't have them all figured out at the same time, but at the end of the day I know I deserve it and I know I can have it. It also means, though, that I'm really good at saying no. Because to make time for the things that truly matter to me, I can't have anything unnecessary on my plate. And I think this is where a lot of people have a hard time - figuring out what is worth their time and what isn't. You'll get there eventually; one way to get there a little faster is to actually test the waters - say no. See what happens. Another great way is to find a mentor who can help guide you as to what time commitments actually made a difference in their careers or personal lives (a quick tip on finding a good mentor? Don't ask them, "will you be my mentor," just ask them the actual question you have and let that open up discussion, and when you have another question, ask them - now you have a mentor)! Getting good at saying no (or cutting out things you're already involved in but just aren't meant for you) is one of the most undervalued skills in actually getting what you want and living a satisfied life.

Saying no can be scary; there are so many what ifs and unknowns that we could just never predict, but some of the most successful people are where they are because they didn't let what ifs stop them. We have no idea what our lives could become if we just stopped living in fear and started going after what we wanted, cutting away safety nets that are really just holding us back. These could either be relationships that aren't right for us, a job that isn't what you want, anything!

Another critical factor in maintaining your sanity and being happy with your life (and not adding any more to your plate) is to stop the comparison game! It happens all of the time - from premeds reading forums where others talk about all of their "accomplishments" and so they feel the need to run and overcommit to another 4 time-sucking extracurriculars, to scrolling through Instagram and seeing someone with a new (insert your choice here - handbag, haircut, car, puppy, baby, house, whatever)! Comparison really is the thief of joy, so to learn how to be happy with what we have, and continue refining what it is we actually want and where we should be focusing our time is so important to being happy!

I hope you guys liked this tiny bit of "wisdom" and feel a little bit more empowered to start cutting out the nonessential things in your life so you can have more of what you actually want.  I guess I just wanted to touch on it because I really don't think we're taught how to say no well. I highly recommend the book Essentialism by Greg McKeown. It's one of my favorites that I've gone back to time and time again and that offers some great tips and wisdom. And a shameless plug for my E-course, which will actually stay open for one more week, that talks about all of this in depth and offers a three step proven way to say no without actually shutting doors for yourself in the future!

September 14, 2016

The most comfortable/adorable/affordable flats

Alrighty y'all - I'm always getting questions about comfortable flats for the hospital and clinic - and I've done multiple posts on the matter! 

I can now officially say I have a favorite. I still love my crocs flats, and they really do provide the best cushion, but I've found that they're not great for doing serious walking - days that I'm all over the medical campus I still get the occasional blister! I will say, though, I wore my crocs all last year (intern year) and they were so comfortable being on your feet - but I really just walked from my car to the work room and then here and there in our small hospital. Seriously the crocs were still the best. Now though, my walking is from one hospital to another hospital a block down and then all over different floors of city-like hospitals - it's just really way more walking! So if you're doing walking like that, the crocs can end up rubbing the wrong way. 

The winner that's actually emerged are my little Payless ballet flats. And they're now on sale. And I selfishly bought 2 more pairs before publishing this post because I'd be really sad if my size sold out! (I got the quilted cream and leopard for any of you curious lol, one $30, the other $15, and then buy one get one 50% off and free shipping)! Their memory foam bed is super comfortable and the (fake) leather and elastic trim is so soft and flexible - they've literally never bothered my feet and in fact feel like slippers! There's no breaking in required. They've come out on top and are now my go-to shoe for still looking put together but also staying oh-so-comfortable all day! And they come in so many styles! Check out my picks above (there's style 1 and style 2, both almost identical) and do yourself a favor and buy a pair (or two or three). 

And a little hint - since I always search for coupon codes, I used the code ZZRTMN15 for another 15% off that worked! If that doesn't work try ZZBONUS for 10% off ;)

September 5, 2016

E-course open for another session!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Labor Day weekend! If you've been following along on Instagram, you may have heard the exciting news that my course is open again for our second session! We had an amazing group of women last session and we're so excited to welcome another group! 

Check out some of the feedback from our students below!

As a medical student on a budget, I was initially reluctant to sign-up for this course. However, as soon as I took the plunge I realized that it was the best money I had spent in a long time! Watching Laura’s video tutorials were my daily treats, and her advice and perspectives were breaths of fresh air. I really enjoyed the “Me, Myself, and I” section that really helped me remove negativity from my life and focus on “filling my cup” with what matters. However, my favorite section was about being a “Working Girl,” which was applicable to medical and non-medical professionals alike. I was so sad when the course ended but frequently re-watch videos when I need a little inspiration. Laura is exceptional, remarkably humble and down-to-earth. You will NOT regret signing up for this course!!!

I'm already feeling so much more in control of my daily to do list and getting so motivated to make a plan to achieve my longer term goals. I also really liked the ideal day/week exercise--it was hard to start off but once I did it really helped me zero in on where I need to make changes and I had a great conversation with my husband about some adjustments we need to make in our schedule. He has finals right now but I'm totally making him watch the course when he is done! 

Your course helped transform my life by putting my goals in perspective. I began to focus in a way I never have before and assessed those who meant well for me versus those who meant me harm. My organization has improved greatly, I am more prepared for the challenges that come along in my studies and my love life. Thank you for being an excellent role model who is down to earth and open to share your personal stories. It is truly appreciated.

I started Laura's course the summer before I began medical school while I was looking to get in the right headspace and to start some good life habits before the madness began. I really have enjoyed the course as it has helped me develop better organizational skills, create tangible goals for myself, and overall give me a better perspective on life in that I am more grateful for what I get to do. I especially loved the modules Working Girl and Me Myself and I. I took vigorous notes while watching the videos and look forward to looking back at them as I reach roadblocks or milestones in life. I would highly recommend every woman buy the course and invest in becoming a better version of themselves! Thanks Laura!

Of course, one of the best ways to get a taste for the course is to check out on of our 30 videos! So below I'm including a link to our "Ideal Day" lecture that really gets us inspired to start identifying what it is we actually want! 

In celebration of Labor Day Weekend today only we're offering a 15% discount with code LABORDAY15!

Get more information by checking out the course sales page and feel free to send me an email or comment below with any questions you may have! 

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