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January 31, 2016


Happy Sunday! I'm headed to bed after a long night shift, but I just wanted to quickly share some of my favorite finds that are on sale right now!! I think the bag might be my favorite!!

Product info:  roll-tab top $25 (40% off)  //  nike sweats (25% off)  //  air max premium (some sizes discounted here)  //  
tote ($30!!)  //  fitbit (20% off)  //  sign (40% off)  //  mens coat (65% off!!)  //  firming body lotion (25% off)

January 29, 2016

Sleeveless Turtleneck Dress

Happy Friday y'all! Just sharing yesterday's easy clinic look (dresses seriously are SO easy for work)! I love sleeveless designs because I don't overheat in my white coat, and can easily add a cardigan or coat for when it's a bit cooler! For the price of this dress (see below) I couldn't believe the softness and bit of stretch of the fabric - and the length couldn't be more perfect for work!

These flats are another simple staple that look adorable with ankle length skinny jeans for the weekend or a dress for work! And the best part (other than the comfy memory foam footbeds)? They were on sale for $10 (and are buy one get one 50% off). Seriously doesn't get better.

This entire look cost $144 -  that's including the coat - and the watch (that's normally priced at around $200). Ya girl doesn't play when it comes to bargain shopping!! ;)

Outfit details:  dress  ($12!) //  coat ($32!)  //  flats ($10!) //  watch ($90 - over 50% off its usual price)!

January 24, 2016

Valentine's Day Inspiration

Somehow the end of January is already upon us - I only know because I went to the drugstore hoping to find discounted leftover holiday candy canes (I'm addicted to putting them in my coffee!) only to find a new aisle full of Valentine's Day goodies. How did that happen!? While I certainly won't be buying any life-size teddy bears (although this one is pretty awesome), I did get excited for something pretty and pink! Here's some inspiration! 

1. instant camera - love these instant cameras, and how fun would it be to take it on a date and get pictures together?

2. lip balm - the reviews on this lip butter are amazing, almost unreal, but I'm dying to try it! I'm thinking the Jasmine sounds the best! 

3. heart tumbler - you guys have probably seen me with my starbucks tumbler multiple times now - it's nice to save money brewing your own coffee at home and take on the go! This one would be the perfect new addition to switch it up a bit!

4. midi dress - this dress is HOT, but still covers enough to not look trashy, and it's $20. It comes in plenty of colors too! For those that like long sleeves, I'm loving this dress at a similar price too! 

5. clarisonic - one of those things that so many ladies swear by - I absolutely loved mine although it's sadly fallen out of rotation just due to lack of time! 

6. watch - this watch is gorgeous with just the tiniest pop of pink - and at such a great price (40% off of what it is at Nordstrom!)

7. water bottle - I love my gold S'well bottle - keeps my water cold all day and doesn't sweat at all! And fits nicely into a bag because of its slim design. The pink is so fun!

8. lace up ballet flats - these flats, in this shade of pink, oh my. I would never call pink a neutral, but this pink is totally a neutral and would be a nice way to change up the usual black/grey/tan!

9. nightshirt - I love this. I need this. Gonna buy this. That is all.

10. essie "fiji" - One of my favorite shades of pink - so pale pink it's almost white, but looks so much prettier. For reference see below. All the heart eyes. 

11. purse - This satchel is the perfect size, and made of vegan leather so it's priced really reasonably. It also comes in tons of colors!

I hope you guys have fun plans for Valentine's Day (which can totally mean ice cream and netflix on the couch, that actually sounds heavenly to me)!

January 21, 2016

Clinic Looks

Just sharing some simple clinic looks from the week! I'm now on a rotation where I'm working in primary care clinic part time during the week and covering the wards during weekend overnights! So during the day I'm "dressed" and Friday and Saturday nights I'm in scrubs!

Outfit details:  Top  //  Leggings  //  Boots  //  Watch  //  Necklace*  //  Earrings  //  Stethoscope

Outfit details:  Dress  //  Leggings  //  Boots  //  Necklace*  //  Earrings  //  Stethoscope

*get 10% off using code alittlebitoflacquer through Feb. 6th!

January 19, 2016

Detailed Daily Skin Care Routine

I've written about my pregnancy beauty routine and winter skincare before on the blog, but after my most recent Instagram post many of you asked about what products I use - so here's a list in the exact order that I use them!

A tired clinic face lol! More info on my necklace and earrings here
Cleanser - I wash with half a pump of this then pat my face dry.

Eye serum - I split a pea size of this serum on both eyes, patting it lightly under and around my eyes.

AM lotion*with* sunscreen - I put two pumps of this all over my face and neck.

(some days) 1% hydrocortisone ointment - I have a pesky eczema patch on my chin that still flares up sometimes - if it's angry that day I'll pat a light layer of hydrocortisone ointment over it.

Undereye concealer - Using the sponge applicator I apply this in an upside down triangle shape under my eyes. I wear the shade medium.

Eyebrow pencil - I lightly line the bottom of my eyebrows (which I pluck and trim myself) with this pencil then brush and shape them. I wear the shade dark brown.

Cleanser - I wash with half a pump of this then pat my face dry.

Glycolic acid pads - I wipe one of these pads all over my face and neck, then let dry about 1 minute.

Eye serum - I split a pea size of this serum on both eyes, patting it lightly under and around my eyes.

PM lotion - I put two pumps of this all over my face and neck.

And that's it! Other than the glycolic acid pads and eyebrow pencil, pretty much everything you can find at your corner drugstore! Although I usually just buy everything on Amazon since it's usually the cheapest there!

Which products have made the BIGGEST difference in my skin? Definitely the glycolic acid resurfacing pads and my AM face lotion with sunscreen. I had stopped using the pads while I was pregnant, and just started using them again last week and seriously already see a huge difference in my skin! With this routine I can leave the house only wearing undereye concealer (and sometimes still need a dab of the same concealer on the corner of my chin that has that damn eczema patch)! Now I only wear more makeup if I want to get dolled up, not out of necessity!

January 18, 2016

My 3 Favorite Accessories

I've always been sort of a minimalist when it comes to watches and jewelry (well, forgetting the big earring phase in high school lol). Today I thought I'd share my favorite pieces that you're most likely to find me wearing on any day of the week!

This is my go-to watch, and I love that the bands are interchangeable so that I can switch depending on what colors I'm wearing. I have the Ladies Classic Sheffield in Rose Gold (it's the 36mm) and swap out the bands with the brown Classic St. Mawes all of the time! I actually think I wear the brown more than the black, but now that it's winter (and most of my gear is black) I'm wearing the black more often.
**I recently found them at almost 50% off their normal price here!

These are pretty much like skin to me. I never take these earrings off. I sleep in them, shower in them, work out in them, I really don't ever bother taking them off. They are my absolute favorite and give the tiniest touch of class to feel put together even on my worst days. (PS - info on my glasses can be found here - I don't really count them as accessories since I absolutely need them lol! I'm wearing the Virgo Wayfarers).

This delicate rose gold necklace is my newest edition to my collection of favorites. I love that the short length allows it sit right at my collarbone so it's perfect to wear with scrubs or a higher cut shirt and still be seen (without hanging over my top). Because it's only gold-plated I definitely don't wear this one if there's a chance it could get wet, but we'll see how it stands the test of time. For the price though I could buy a new one every couple of months if I wanted to!
(PS - through Feb. 6th you can get 10% off using code alittlebitoflacquer)!

What are your favorite accessories? I'd love to hear!!

January 15, 2016

Postpartum Fitness Part 1

Liv was totally not supposed to be in this pic, but hearing the self-timer on my camera going she jumped in and said cheese! Hahaha!
Happy Friday! I hope all of you have had a great week thus far! Today I'm posting about my postpartum fitness routine! I'll be 7 weeks postpartum tomorrow, and just started my pre-pregnancy fitness routine (lots of weight lifting) back at the gym this week. But prior to this I was only doing a couple of really low impact exercises at home, which I'll share in part 1 of this series. Before getting into, I want to say address a couple of things. 

When to start
Most women don't like hearing this, but the best time to start exercising for your best postpartum body is before you get pregnant. The biggest predictor of what you'll look like post-baby? How you looked pre-baby. So getting in shape before you're pregnant is important. Below I'm sharing photos of me pre-Liv, post-Liv, and then the day before I had Elli! Staying fit during pregnancy is also incredibly important. With working my intern-year schedule and having a toddler at home my "fitness routine" during this second pregnancy didn't involve not one trip to the gym - it was more making the effort to stay as active as possible. I was always on my feet at the hospital and consistently taking the stairs (and walking them just for exercise when I had the time), going on long walks with Liv, and eating pretty much the same way I was pre-pregnancy. I gained 40 pounds this pregnancy (pretty much the same I gained the last pregnancy as well), going from 110 to 150 the day before delivering. 

But with all that said, most of you who will be reading this are likely already postpartum! And that's ok too! So when to start exercising? I mention the first 6 weeks in the photo above, but this was just what I felt comfortable with given an easy and uncomplicated vaginal delivery. With Liv I had a complicated delivery and I barely felt like I could walk or sit comfortably after a couple of weeks postpartum, never mind exercise! So keep your delivery in mind - if you had a C-section or a complicated vaginal delivery, make sure to ask your physician and to listen to your body.

Breastfeeding and exercising
One of the biggest things I hear about postpartum exercising is the effect it could have on milk production if a woman is breastfeeding. Remember that an adequate supply requires 1) water and 2) calories. So exercising most definitely can affect your supply. To prevent that, make sure that you are drinking tons of water if you're being active and eating enough calories. I'm not dieting at all and I don't think you should be dieting if you're breastfeeding - you're loosing plenty of calories through that alone! Also remember not to wear a tight-fitting sports bra! Do you know what doctors recommend to women who want to decrease their supply/not breastfeed? Sports bras. Sports bras and ice packs. I still wear them, but I have a couple that are two-sizes larger than my normal size so that they aren't really compressing my chest. This is beyond what I'm talking about in this post, but now that I'm going to the gym again I also make sure to pump right before I leave.

Diastesis Recti - or split abs
Many women (including myself) have split abs postpartum. For these women it's important to not do traditional exercises like sit ups and squats before they're healed, as this can actually make them worse. Some people will say not to do any exercise at all, so keep that in mind when deciding what you should do. I wanted to do something, so I really focused on strengthening my core once my split was smaller than 2 finger widths apart. If yours is still larger than that (mine took longer to close with Liv) you should hold off on any of the exercises below. An awesome reader who also happens to be a prenatal and postpartum kinesiologist says this "Be careful with front planks and any quadruped work if you are still experiencing a gap along the linea alba greater than 2 finger widths."

The most important thing you can do
The most important thing you can do first and foremost? Remember to always engage your core. This doesn't mean sucking in your belly - what I'm doing in the picture on the right (and I can't breathe). It means squeezing your abs and pulling your belly button in - when you do this you should be able to breathe completely normally. Remembering to do this pretty much all the time will start to tone your muscles that will tighten up your waist - even if you never do any other "exercises." Your posture will also improve! So do this!

The excercises
Ok, now to the exercises. I don't really have a set schedule for when I workout, it almost always just depends on how much time I have and how busy I am at home, but thankfully Liv likes my exercise time and will even mimic me which is tons of fun. All of these exercise target my two most important areas - abs and glutes! Remember to engage your core during every one of these exercises. I included video links for each exercise that you should definitely watch to make sure you're doing them properly!

1. Planks (video) - This involves resting on your forearms and lifting your body off of the ground, and holding it for a set amount of time. You can count if you want, but one fun thing you can do is listen to music and hold it during the chorus)!

2. Donkey Kicks (video) - This involves getting on your hands and knees and lifting your foot up. You really want to image yourself pushing the ceiling up with the bottom of your foot.

3. Fire Hydrants (video) - This involves getting on your hands and knees and lifting your leg up beside you (like a dog peeing on a fire hydrants lol). 

4. Kickbacks (video) - This involves standing up, then kicking one leg behind you, squeezing your glutes at the top of each one. 

For exercises 2-3 I usually like to do at least 3 sets of 20 reps on each side (meaning for example you kick your right leg back 20 times, then your left leg 20 times (= one set), and do this 3 times). 

As far as cardio, I really didn't do much (out of concern for diminished supply), but I was still doing lots of walking with our double stroller.

The case for "waist-training"
Waist-training is the newest craze, and honestly, I'm not a huge fan. Personally I think the desire to have a tiny waist is just another unrealistic expectation placed on women on top of all of those that already exist. But, having said that, I do totally understand the desire to get your waist back to where it once was (ie getting back to your natural waist, and not down to some barbie-like measurements - and of course if that's what you want there's nothing wrong with that either). So much so that I bought a corset myself interested to try it out; post-Liv, as much as I got my abs back, I did feel that my waist was still wider than it was pre-baby. I bought this one because it was one of the best-rated, and after doing my research it appears that most of those latex trainers are just a waist of money, and that steel-boned corsets are the way to go. And it was really reasonably priced. I still haven't used it much, and I don't actually know if they work or not (I'd rather just work out), but I'll check back in if I use it more! 

Outfit info:  sports bra  //  leggings  (for more workout clothes check out this post)!
Corset info: here

I hope those of you who were interested in my postpartum fitness routine found this piece useful! In a couple of weeks I'll come back with a part 2 that includes what I do now that I'm back in the gym!

January 11, 2016

Lusting for Sneakers

Walked into the sneaker store the other day and was quickly reminded why I try to stay away - there are so many gorgeous sneakers!!! I'm proud to say that I walked away without spending a dime, but that doesn't mean I'm not still drooling over them! Which ones are your favorite?

Top left  //  Top right  //  Bottom left  //  Bottom right 

January 10, 2016

Lately on Instagram...

Details:  Dress (only $15!)  //  Shoes  //  Watch  //  N Shirt

Details:  Leggings  //  Sneakers  //  Nail polish

Details:  Leggings  //  Cardigan  //  Boots  //  Rug  //  Elli's seat  //  Spanish flashcards

Details:  Dress  //  Cardigan  //  Watch  //  Bag

Details:  Sweater  //  Coat  //  Jeans  //  Flats

Details:  Pants  //  Shirt  //  Corset (underneath)  //  Shoes

January 7, 2016

Going from 1 Child to 2

Hello all! I'm about 6 weeks into being a mom of 2, and although there's so much that will change as the girls grow, today I wanted to share about the transition from 1 child to 2 so far. By no means is this a know-it-all post - more of just a "this is what's working for us so far and the challenges that have come along the road and how we're tackling them" -  in hopes that maybe it can help some of you who are preparing for this transition (or in it yourself and wondering how other families are handling it)!

Motivational start
I'll say first that overall I've found the transition from 1 to 2 easier than the transition from 0 to 1. There really is no more terrifying experience than being a first time mother - everything is new, you have to learn how to completely give up your own needs for someone else's, advice is coming from everywhere but you don't know who to listen to, and most of all you don't trust yourself yet. And the long nights and sore nipples and crying babies make you wonder if you're going to survive all of this. Saying this now it all feels a little over dramatic, but all new moms know (or remember) how terrifying it really was. With the second you know what to expect, even if it still is as challenging (or more) as the first time. As much as the new baby will be (likely) completely different from your first, and although you likely forgot how to swaddle and maybe even what it's like giving a newborn a bath and how often they should poop, what you won't forget is that you survived it the first time. What you will know is that there is light at the end of the tunnel; what you know is that you can do it.

Big sibling prep
So with that (most important/uplifting thing) said, I'll share some of the more practical things that have helped. First and foremost was getting Liv ready for a sibling. Before even sharing that she was going to have a little brother or sister we definitely worked on getting Liv to learn how to do as much as she could for herself (which honestly we were doing even before we knew we were expecting). Liv loves grabbing things herself - in our kitchen we moved all of her plates and cups, etc to a drawer she could easily access, so she can get these when she needs them. We obviously still put the food or drink in them, but she starts feeling more independent and loves helping out with tasks. Now that the baby is here, we also have a lot of her bottles in the same drawer, and Liv loves helping grab a bottle for me (more on having big sibling help below)! As soon as we decided to try for a second I transitioned Liv out of our bed (we were still co-sleeping and she was nursing at night) and into her toddler bed which was actually much easier than I expected (I think it was all luck really), and she was sleeping through the night. We also transitioned from baths to showers - this was more of Liv's doing (she loves showering!) but it has helped tremendously. We started potty-training, and were almost there, but I'll talk more about that in the "hurdles" section. As soon as we shared with her that she'd have a sibling, we gradually started treating my growing belly like another person already (sounds weird, but we would talk to baby/belly, kiss baby/belly, etc.) We also put together her crib and washed clothes relatively early so that Liv would get used to that as well (we all share a room, you can read more here)!

Arrival of second
When Elli arrived Liv was actually with us at the hospital (totally not expected, you can read more in the birth story)! So she knew she was coming and was one of the first to meet her, and loved her almost immediately! I think the kissing of the belly helped because Liv immediately just wanted to kiss the real baby! She was so enthralled.

Things that have helped? Well, giving Liv a helper/big sister role has really been awesome - she loves helping. At the same time, we try to not make her help too much, she's two and we make sure to keep her feeling like a two year old! Our double stroller has been an absolute lifesaver. Trips are so much easier and Liv loves being able to get in and out herself and peek in on her sister. All details about our stroller are below - I bought it for Liv as a single knowing that we hoped to have our second when she was around 2, so I made sure to buy one that could convert to a double. I have absolutely loved it so far, and love that it folds flat and can fit in our trunk!

Personally, this time around has also felt easier because of pumping earlier and more. I knew I would need to start pumping earlier than I did with Liv because I was heading back to work in 4 weeks (versus the almost 4 months I had off with Liv)! But I started even earlier because Elli's initial latch wasn't the best, so I had really bad bleeding nipples. I continued nursing, but Elli actually started vomiting blood because of it (she was spitting up my blood she was ingesting). So we took a nursing break to heal up my nipples and pumped almost exclusively for about 2-3 days, but I realized that having N help with feedings was incredibly freeing. As much as I love nursing, and we still do it, pumping and bottle feeding has allowed everyone else to help more. This was a huge difference from Liv, where I only nursed - she was almost attached to me at all times, and we actually had a really hard time transitioning her to the bottle when I went back to work. I'm using my medela pump (check with your doctor as many insurances now provide a pump for free!) and extra milk gets stored in these storage bags. I keep the bags in Liv's drawer that I mentioned above, so she helps get me bags when I need those as well (she knows when mommy is pumping and thankfully respects that time for the most part, although she still tries climbing on my back some days lol)!

With two I feel like N has been helping much more, not only thanks to the pumping but also with getting Liv ready or getting her to bed or really anything. If he's home it's pretty much always a tag team which I love. As much as he offered to help when it was just Liv, I think with one it's easier to just think you can do it all, so I usually tried doing a lot of it myself. With two it's much easier (and necessary) to accept the help!

Importantly, we remember to still give Liv one-on-one time. For her and I it's usually our showers together, and she loves Target trips hahaha! She also gets time with just her and N - he'll take her out jogging in the jogging stroller or to the playground. I think that time is really key to helping Liv adjust.

Along with one-on-one time with the girls, one thing that gets forgotten even more is one-on-one us time for N and I. Thankfully we've talked about it and are actively trying to carve out more us time, so even that alone (the communication) is helping.

Hurdles we're still tackling
As much as Liv has done fantastically with the new baby and is a helper, the biggest thing we've noticed is that having the baby around, she tries to do a lot of baby things that she had moved beyond pre-baby. We were almost potty-trained, but now she is back to using more diapers - we're back to working on potty-training. She also loves stealing the baby's pacifier (and she never even used a pacifier)! These are minor things, but especially for the potty-training, it did feel like we took a step backwards.

Biggest take home
Trust that you can raise a child and take care of your family, and find what works for you. Take all the advice you want, but ignore as much of it as you want as well. Nobody really knows what they're doing, and even if they've found something that works for them and their family, it doesn't mean it will be best for you and your family. So find your own rhythm, listen to your own family, and have the courage to raise your children the way you want.

Stroller info:  Britax B Ready  //  Infant car seat  //  Double seat  //  Bundleme  //  Pacifier  //
And we just bought this organizer (can't wait for it to get here)! I wasn't a fan of the cup holder that comes with the stroller (or maybe we bought it separately, I can't remember now), but it makes the stroller wider and hit doorways and gets loose really quickly and overall just sucked. The organizer gets fantastic reviews so I'm really excited to start using it!

Outfit info:  Coat  //  Leggings  //  Boots
*my coat is actually a boy's size 14, but it was on crazy sale and had amazing reviews, and thanks to the 40% off sale (still going on now) and a gift card I got for Christmas I paid all of $8.99 for it!!

January 5, 2016

Cozy Clinic Look

Winter has finally arrived here in Boston, here is a quick shot of a clinic outfit that still keeps me warm in 7 degree temperatures! Although it's still cold - only snapped a few (self timer) pics and managed to cut my head off in all of them lol!! 

Fleece-lined leggings are essential for New England winters (and mine are $20)! Long socks paired with boots add more warmth (crazy to think my boots are now almost 4 years old - here was one of my earliest outfit posts with them lol!), as does a heavy knit tunic-length sweater (with a long sleeve shirt underneath) and a cozy full length coat! When I get to clinic I just swap the winter coat for my white coat and am ready to see patients!

Find all exact outfit details here!  

January 4, 2016

Why Dermatology?

Hello all! Today I'm coming in and finally addressing one of the most frequently asked questions I get - what made me choose dermatology! I already did a post on things to think about when considering a specialty (read it here if you missed it), so this post will be more of my personal experiences with deciding on a specialty.

I first came to thinking about dermatology during a relatively "dark" time in medical school - second year (I've written about that here if you care to read more)! Seeing so many unhappy or overworked physicians was disheartening to say the least, but when we started our dermatology block, I actually saw physicians who looked satisfied with their life! They shared interesting cases during case discussions, but could also talk about what they did with their kids for the weekend, and I couldn't believe it! And then we had an African-American vitiligo patient (a depigmenting disorder) come in and talk about losing her blackness, about losing part of her identity, and I fell in love with the idea of practicing dermatology and helping patients like her. How powerful. But then we got the opportunity to work in clinic with a dermatologist, and I'll be honest, it just wasn't that interesting to me. So I sort of stopped thinking about dermatology after that.

I continued through the rest of second and most of third year searching for a specialty and still couldn't really find my calling. But I sure had crossed a lot more off of my list - I loved radiology, but I didn't think I would be happy without actually having patients and offering treatments (interventional radiology gets this, but I didn't really like that lol). I loved path, but for the same reasons as radiology couldn't see myself actually doing it - I'm too much of a people person (although in all truthfulness I'm a total introvert, I still am happiest and feel most fulfilled when I'm directly helping people - not that pathologists and radiologists don't directly help - they're usually what all other doctors base their decisions off of! But I like sitting face to face with patients - read more in the comments below about my path experience and from an amazing practicing pathologist if you're interested!). I loved medicine, but rounding all day on the inpatient side pretty much made me want to jump off a building, and the outpatient side of repeatedly telling patients they needed to lose weight just wasn't for me (and I am obviously waaay oversimplifying all of this - primary care physicians do SO much, it just still felt like we were saying the same thing to every patient)! I loved pediatrics but felt like the hard days hurt a little too much, and parents sort of drive you crazy (I'm now one of them and I'm pretty sure I also drive the girls' pediatrician crazy - I don't know how they do it). Most of all I fell head over heals for surgery. I loved surgery. I loved the OR, I loved using my hands, I loved almost all of it. Except as hard as I tried I could not find a female mentor in surgery who also had kids and a husband with an equally demanding career. This last part is the most important, because though there were female surgeons who had families, all of the ones I met had husbands with much less demanding and more flexible careers, and they were able to help much more. I knew both N and I would likely have equally demanding careers. And surgical residency is no joke. Surgery just seemed like it required a lot more sacrifices than what I was willing to make. But it was still the leading specialty until I had a short dermatology elective that changed the game.

After doing clinics in other fields, dermatology clinic actually felt interesting the second time around. And when I did hospital dermatology (derm consults from inpatient services) I fell in love - I was a bit spoiled at Harvard because our hospitals see some of the rarest of the rare, but oh my gosh it was all so cool. I realized that skin really is "an indicator of systemic disease, a canary in a coal mine of sorts... Most of all skin is part of our human identity, and the diseases that affect it are nothing short of dehumanizing, as so many of my patients have described to me." Yes I just quoted from my personal statement lol!

Then I worked in excision clinic, where dermatologists excise melanomas and other skin cancers, and I was sold. It was just enough procedural stuff that I loved - being in an OR like environment again was just so nice - I really love the OR. And then there was the other derm surgery and lasers I was exposed to - there was just so much cool stuff! One big difference between traditional larger surgeries and dermatologic procedures/surgeries though is that patients are usually awake the whole time (just using local anesthesia vs general anesthetic)! That doesn't bother me, but it may not be the right fit for some people. Then there are the more practical aspects, like more control of your schedule, a variety of practicing environments, and happy colleagues! So I made up my mind, asked around to find who was the person I needed to talk to about derm, spoke to him, and he got me in touch with my research advisor who was the biggest blessing of med school. This woman ran a huge lab, saw patients in clinic (and her patients raved about her), and had daughters who she called throughout the day and went on mini-girls' vacations with (I love this idea and can't wait to do it with my girls! Sorry N!) I spent a year working in her lab between third and fourth year getting ready for dermatology applications (and also having Liv) and it was one of the best years of med school! Anywho, that's just about most of it. Most people interested in derm know that it's incredibly competitive, so I will mention that I had a competitive Step 1 score and got high honors in most of my rotations (our preclinical classes have no grades and Harvard has no AOA, so I can't comment on those things). I also got strong letters of recommendation (at least that's what I was told)!

I know many of you also want me to write about ranking programs and matching, and I can definitely comment on that from a general perspective if you think it'd be useful, but our situation was really unique and definitely not applicable to pretty much anyone else! For now I'll just share that we will both be starting our advanced residencies (N ophthalmology and me derm) in Miami come this July!

January 1, 2016

Work It Out

Happy New Year everyone! Just sharing a couple of my favorite work out pieces for getting back into the gym! And who am I kidding, if i'm honest I have to share that since having baby #2, when I'm not at the hospital I pretty much live in workout clothes - whether I'm working out or not! But for some reason I'm obsessed! Click on any of the images below to get to the item!

My go-to is a good pair of compression leggings and a flowy top (I have the ones below in so many colors - they're my favorite and pair perfectly with a cute sports bra underneath)! A good hoodie is essential as well! 

I'm not a big fan of wearing makeup to the gym, but ever since trying this stay all day lipstick by Stila I am obsessed! I started with the perfect red (for my skin tone it's their shade called Beso), but for the gym I think a nude would be perfect, and this really needs no re-application whatsoever! After your sweat session I love these wipes to clean away the built up sweat and oil - these ones have two different textures on each side and glycolic acid that is one of the best chemical exfoliators (I've mentioned it in this post) - you'll have fewer breakouts and glowing skin (and not just thanks to your workout)! 

And for Christmas I got super spoiled and N got me these pair of Nikes - I am absolutely in love! There are so many other cute patterns as well! Mine are the porpoise/cool grey. Clicking the picture below will take you to the cheapest price ($90), but they're only available in 2 sizes - here is a link with more sizes (but they are full price)! **Update! Found them on sale for $90 here! I don't know how long the sale lasts but hopefully you can snag a pair if you're looking! (And for more sneaker inspiration check out this post - with more awesome sales)!
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