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November 30, 2015

Cyber Monday (and a baby!)

Happy Monday everyone! Those of you who follow along on Instagram know that we've had a very eventful Thanksgiving weekend - early Saturday morning we welcomed our new baby girl to the family!!! Will be sharing her birth story on the blog soon, but we are all happy and healthy and ready to get home! In between cluster feeding and nurse visits and just loving on this new baby, today I'm quickly  sharing all of the best Cyber Monday sales with codes you need and some of my favorite picks!

Amazon // Huge discounts on nearly everything! 
I've been eyeing this Kitchenmaid mixer that is $180 off today! That's almost 50% off!

Ann Taylor // 50% off everything!
This chunky cable knit cardigan looks heavenly!

Anthropologie // 25% off sale items + free shipping
Pair this blue pullover with skinny jeans and OTK boots and you're set!

Banana Republic // 40% off everything!

Chicwish // extra 10-20% off!

Express // 50% off everything + free shipping!
This coat with its removable faux fur collar is fabulous!

GAP// 50% off everything + free shipping!

GYMBOREE // 50%-75% off everything + free shipping (adorable baby/kids clothes)
NO CODE REQ (but get an extra $25 off $100 or more w/code EXTRA25)
This faux fur vest is killing me. 

J.Crew // at least 30% off everything + free shipping
This cashmere long sleeve tee is an extra 40% on top of an already discounted price!

LOFT // 50% off everything!

Macy's // At least 20% off everything + free shipping
These marble and wood serving plates are absolutely gorgeous and end up dirt cheap!

Madewell // 25% off your entire purchase!

Neiman Marcus // Up to 70% off items, plus earn up to a $500 gift card! 

Nordstrom // up to 50% off select styles + free shipping and returns
These gorgeous Calvin Klein ankle booties are now almost 50% off!

Old Navy // 50% off everything + free shipping!

ROMWE // up to 65% off site wide
CODES: CYBER55/60/65
Their scarf/poncho selection is insane. And at prices like $10-$20 I'm stocking up!

Shein // 40, 50, or 60% depending on amount spent
CODE: CM40/CM50/CM60
This long sleeve casual dress needs to be in my closet now. Only $15, before the discounts!

Target // Major deals online + 15% off everything
This $500 42 inch flat screen HDTV comes out to $254 with all the discounts!

Tory Burch // 35% off $250 or more!

Victoria Secret // Buy 1 bra get 1 50% off + $20 off $125
Their cozy long robe is on major sale right now and I think I'm gonna have to buy it!! Would be sooo perfect for the next couple weeks at home with baby! 

Happy shopping everyone!!!

November 27, 2015

Black Friday Steals!

I hope you all had amazing Thanksgivings and are able to relax today! No fighting crowds for us, we're cozied up on the couch in our PJs drinking coffee and buying all of our Christmas gifts on MAJOR SALE! Here I rounded up some of my favorite picks and have a huge list of sales for you to pick from!!

HUGE LIST of amazing deals almost all ending today! 
In alphabetical order:

Amazon // 30% off select clothing , shoes, accessories, jewelry, and watches!

Ann Taylor // 50% off everything!

Anthropologie // Black Friday 25% off everything!

Banana Republic // Half off sweaters and 40% off everything else!

Chicwish // extra 20% off!

Express // 50% off everything + free shipping!

GAP// 50% off everything + free shipping!

GYMBOREE // 50% off everything + free shipping (adorable baby/kids clothes)

J.Crew // Black Friday 30% your purchase + Extra 40% off sale

LOFT // Black Friday 40% off everything!

Macy's // Extra 20% off everything + free shipping

Madewell // 25% off your entire purchase!

Neiman Marcus // $50 off select regular  price purchases of $200+ 

Nordstrom // up to 50% off select styles + free shipping and returns

Old Navy // 40-60% off everything in the store!

ROMWE // at least 55% off site wide

Shein // 40, 50, or 60% depending on amount spent
CODE: BF40/BF50/BF60

Tory Burch // 35% off $250 or more!

Victoria Secret // Buy 1 bra get 1 50% off + $20 off $125

Happy shopping everyone!!!

Shop my favorites below!

November 25, 2015

On Giving Thanks (Perpetually)

As I scribble down endless to-do lists (really you guys should see the pages in my notebook) and prepare our home for guests tomorrow and draft up blog posts with Black Friday deals I get the sweetest little reminder to slow down - a strong kick from baby boy/girl followed by a little dance before he/she settles down again. I've somehow reached a spot in life where I have so many obvious things to be thankful for - heck it makes it easy to be thankful - a good job, an amazing husband, an awesome daughter and another beautiful life anxious to make its debut. It's almost safe to say that anybody could be thankful in a situation like my current one. But that's not what this post is about. This post is about before all of this happened, before it felt like I had won the lottery, before it felt like there was anything to be thankful for. This post is about searching for the light and always finding a reason to give thanks no matter how hard things seem to be, and I hope by sharing a bit of my life and some tips for practicing thanksgiving we can all remember to be a bit more thankful every day of the year.

Giving thanks boils down to having perspective. Although it felt like a curse at the time, I was blessed with perspective from a very young age. At various points in my life I've had family members murdered - as a result of gang violence or domestic violence - five family members to be exact, not including more distant relatives I never really got to know. My abuela, the woman who practically raised me, suffered a massive stroke unexpectedly, and just like that she didn't know who I was. Me, her Laurita. Gone. Even in high school, as petty as it sounded, I got tangled up with the wrong crowd and was getting into fights and lots of trouble, and I had friends that got shot or stabbed or did the shooting or stabbing and went to jail or lost their lives. My boyfriend of 7 years was a manipulative and controlling person who cheated on me who knows how many times. And as much as I would give to have those family members back or to have a high school experience that involved fully-funded SAT prep courses and trips to Paris or an understanding boyfriend instead, the perspective that they gave me has value that could never be measured. When things have been rough, it's hard to stress over things that don't really matter in the grand scheme of things. But it's hard to know what really matters in the grand scheme of things if you don't get the grand scheme. If you don't realize that life is never promised, if you don't know that we're not guaranteed any time on this Earth, and the time we do have sure isn't guaranteed to be all flowers and sparkles.

We have to work for our happiness, and constantly practice being thankful, searching for things that we do have instead of what we don't. Just like practicing the piano or learning how to do something for the first time, we have to actively work on being thankful before it can become second nature. I would never wish for tragedy or hard times to come upon anyone, although sometimes these are the best ways to reset our perspective and remind us to be thankful. But even after these many people tend to forget - how many funerals or hospital trips have you been to when family finally comes together and vow to do so more often, only to fall back into their regular routine of not talking within months? I get it, life gets busy. And now more than ever, with a real family of my own and a job and a house and responsibilities, I get it. But we should never be too busy to remember to practice giving thanks and to let it be known that we are thankful to whomever it may be.

Here are a few ways we can practice being more thankful:

  1. Keep a gratitude log. This sounds really corny, but I try every day, or at least after a particularly good day, to jot down those memories. It can literally be a text from N that made me smile from ear-to-ear, or something adorable that Liv said, or something a patient confided in me, but I have a running list on my notes app in my iPhone that I keep. And I go back through it all of the time, particularly at times when I'm upset or down. Maybe it's a protective mechanism some of us have built into our systems, but we tend to keep a mental tally of the bad things people do instead of the good things - these for some reason are more easily forgotten. Don't allow yourself to forget these things, these are what you want to fill your heart with. 
  2. Mind full or mindful - pick the latter. With our minds always running at a mile a minute and so much on our plates it's easy to feel frazzled and not notice any of the good things that happen. Practice being mindful when you can. During a busy commute on the train take your face out of your phone and actually look up - and maybe you'll notice the teen who gets up to offer an older lady his seat, or the woman who put her grocery bags down to help another woman get her stroller on the train. I don't know about you but this always makes me happy. Sure, there may also be little sh**head high schoolers in the back making a scene, but part of practicing mindfulness is purposefully choosing what to focus on. 
  3. Tell someone. If you appreciate what they did for you, or do for you, whether it be your mother or your boyfriend or just the guy bagging your groceries, tell them thank you. And mean it. We don't have a cap on the number of thank you's we can hand out throughout the day, there's an infinite supply, and there's no shame in giving them. For the strangers it's always a nice gesture, an act that will only make them more likely to continue doing whatever good you're thanking them for in the first place. And for the people who truly mean a lot to you it can mean everything. There is nothing worse than questioning whether or not you are appreciated. Than questioning whether or not someone even noticed. Try your hardest to never let someone feel that way around you. 
  4. You don't have to, you get to. I remember reading this somewhere (and of course I have no idea where) so I can't take any credit for it, but what a powerful tiny switch up to how we go about our day. You have to go to class, you have to go to work, you have to pick up these things from Target, you have to buy the kids presents, have to, have to, have to. How about you get to? Because not everyone can? You get to go to class, and get an education. You get to go to work, and make money and provide for your family. You get to go to Target and pick up necessities (and probably $100 extra of things you didn't really need). You get to.  
  5. Give it back. Although our schedules sometimes make this one the hardest to carry out, giving back doesn't always have to mean volunteering a day at the homeless shelter or organizing a toy drive (although these are amazing things that if you can work into your schedule, do it)! Sometimes it can be as simple as holding the door for someone or stopping your car in busy traffic to let a poor car in the other lane make their left turn. One of my favorite things to do is picking up the little snack a person has in line behind me in the hospital cafeteria - as residents we get a meal card that is automatically loaded with money each month, and although I don't do it all the time it's always nice to just buy the drink for the patient transport tech standing in line behind you. It's like a dollar, but it's just the random act of kindness that goes so far - for both parties. (I'm also incredibly privileged to be able give back to you guys my readers, in the form of these huge giveaways, three random winners will be selected tomorrow just in time for Thanksgiving)!
How do you guys practice thankfulness? I hope some of these tips can help you make it a more regular part of your everyday life and help in switching your perspective. Here's to a happier and healthier you and a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

November 23, 2015

We Can Do It All Giveaway

Happy Monday and Thanksgiving week!!! I've been leading you guys on for a while with talk of a giveaway, it's time I finally spill the beans! Not too long ago I hit the 50K followers mark on Instagram, and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate that (and all of you amazing readers) then by hosting a huge giveaway! I've teamed up with some of my favorite shops who have all graciously donated goodies for this giveaway - or these giveaways I should say! I've found most of you tend to fall into at least one if not all of these categories below so I'm having a giveaway targeted to each - for my working women, my nonstop mamas, and my medicine women! You can enter all three giveaways if you like! Here are the details of each giveaway below and how to enter:

1. Working Woman Giveaway:

2. Nonstop Mama Giveaway:

SO many goodies to give away - and there will be one lucky winner for each giveaway - that means three winners!! So how to enter? This giveaway is being run exclusively over on my Instagram page, there you will find the giveaway images for each giveaway. Make sure you are following me and all of the shops involved in the giveaway and repost the image to your page with the hashtag #wecandoitallgiveaway. In order to see your entry, your profile shouldn't be private (for those of you who want to keep it private, just turn it public between 7 and 8am ET on Thanksgiving Day when I'll be randomly choosing winners). 

For one extra entry you can mention a friend in the comment of the photo, and for another entry make sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter that I'll be publishing soon! You can sign up here! Good luck everyone, and as always, thank you so much for reading and following along. 

November 21, 2015

Favorite Pre-Black Friday Sales

Just sharing a few amazing pre-Black Friday sales that are going on this weekend (some are today only)! I usually am not one to get into the hype of shopping in store, but these online deals are too good to pass up! 

  • GAP - cardholders get 50% off everything with code BFRIDAY 

  • Target isn't running too many of their storewide sales yet, but they are having a buy one get one 50% off sale on lots of items. They're also having a great sale on their Christmas decorations, which is exactly what I'm shopping for right now! Get an extra 10% with code 72HOURS (and if you spend $125 or more in home items you get 20% off automatically). All of their Christmas trees are also 15% off with code TREES (and some of their indoor Christmas stuff is 20% off with code TREES?) Honestly their sale is a little confusing but I'd just try using code TREES and code 72HOURS and see which gives you the better discount at checkout!!!

  • Pottery Barn is offering 20% off any one regularly-priced item today only! Use code SAVE20. I'm loving this faux fur blanket, would be so perfect for winter!

November 20, 2015

Maternity Leave While in Residency

Happy Friday y'all! Today marks a big Friday for me - I am finally done with my inpatient rotations and now have three months of elective time! I've been getting this question a lot, so I figured I could detail a bit of how I'm making "maternity leave" work during intern year. 

For starters, it helped that our timing actually worked out and we got pregnant at the end of fourth year - the worst first couple of months of pregnancy (first trimester for me) were spent not having to do much and just wait for graduation. I started intern year right at the start of my second trimester and thankfully by then my energy was coming back and I didn't feel as sick. Even more importantly, though, was that I was able to talk with my program director and my chief residents (residents in their last year of training who are responsible for a lot more of the administration side of residency - making schedules work and settling conflicts, etc.) before starting residency and make the schedule best work for having a baby. For me, that meant getting all of my overnight and "harder" rotations like ICU out of the way early. It also meant saving up all of my elective time for right around when the baby was due - that way no one has to cover me on an inpatient rotation while I'm gone.

By law, I can still take up to 3 months completely off for maternity leave (although only a month of it would be paid). Because of ACGME requirements, though, (the folks who oversee graduate medical education, ie residency training), any time over one month spent outside of the hospital is time I have to make up in the next training year. So let's say I did choose to officially take off December, January, and February, I could come back in March, but then instead of finishing in June like everyone else, I'd have to stay July and August as well making up that time off. Although to some mamas it sounds unfair, for training purposes it makes total sense. This isn't an option for me, though, because as soon as we finish our programs in June we have about a week to move down to Miami before starting our advanced 3-year residencies. So all of that to say, yes, residents can take 3 months of maternity leave like everyone else, but because of our training requirements much of that time has to be made up, and not all of us can afford to make it up.

So back to how I'm making it work. As part of our training we do get 3 months of elective time, and 3 weeks of vacation time that comes out of this. All of this is paid time. Elective months can be spent doing a research project, working in a more schedule-friendly primary care clinic or other outpatient clinic, etc. Depending on what you choose to do you're looking at a 2- or 3-day work week, or coming in every day but only in the mornings, and getting your weekends off with no call or overnight responsibilities. So for me, I'll be starting elective next week, working in a Spanish-speaking primary care clinic a couple of days a week, pretty much until I go into labor. When I go into labor I'll pretty much just inform my program director and chiefs that I'm taking my 3 weeks of vacation (and again, because I'm on elective no one has to cover me). And I will have to come back to the hospital after those 3 weeks are up, but it will be to a much nicer elective rotation again, where I'm sort of just coming in part time. After my three months of elective time I'll head back to the wards on an inpatient service again. I think that's as good as it gets for having a baby during intern year and I really couldn't ask for more! N will also get elective time in December and paternity time whenever I head into labor, so I couldn't be more thankful for that. And I have my mother-in-law, pretty much the godsend of intern year, who'll be taking care of both babies while I'm away. I spoke a little more about this arrangement (and all of the other childcare options we've been through) in this post here! She's just as excited (if not more excited) than I am to add our second seat to our stroller that I just got for the baby shower! Can't believe we're about to be living that double stroller life lol!

November 19, 2015

Feeling sexy at 9 months

Happy Thursday! Today just sharing a super quick (slightly scandalous, at least for me) outfit that I wore last week! I don't think I mentioned it on the blog, but Wednesday was N's 30th birthday, and he didn't it, but Friday I had organized all of our closest friends to get together for dinner and a celebration after! Even one of his best friends who's in the middle of busy residency in Chicago flew in for it!! It was the most amazing surprise and I loved seeing N so blown away and happy. Anywho, although I didn't join them out for the after party (I had to wake up at 5 on Saturday for my long call shift) I did still get a little dressed up for the dinner party. I searched for a while for a top that would accommodate my bump but also make me feel sexy - and this one was perfect! It's non-maternity, but anything made in a stretchy fabric and with ruching can always work even for a 9 month belly! 

Top (here)
Leggings (here)
Boots (here)

And random home goodies that aren't thrifted (pretty much everything else is!):
Lamp (almost exact here)
Deer head (here, and now $8)! 

November 18, 2015

Just a Little Rant

I love that I somehow have become a source of inspiration for so many amazing young women - especially since after graduating from HMS and balancing a family - it motivates me to hear how I motivate you, if that makes sense at all! But a reader recently pointed out a forum online (forums are usually the source of all things negative on the internet lol) where women (some of whom claim to know me? But obviously are not women who know me) were bashing me for "hiding" my true relationship story with N and trying to make the start of it look "perfect," and for some reason I feel like I should say something about it.

I usually don't address things like that on here because quite honestly it's nobodies business and I share what I choose to share. But I also love sharing when it could potentially help someone else, so for that I'll only slightly address it lol. Because at the end of the day I get the question all of the time - how are you so happy, how do you keep a healthy relationship, how do you find motivation - and the root answer to most of those questions is (in as nice a way as possible to say it lol), I don't care what other people think (for the most part, but let's be real we all care a little bit) and I don't focus on the past. And I'm hoping that I can convince you all to care a little less and not focus on your past as well.

So for those of you who likely don't know since you arrived at my blog well after all of this, or those who think they do know, yes I had a boyfriend through the first 2 years of medical school who was not N, and yes we happened to be high school classmates, but we only started dating at the beginning of medical school (to address the people who claimed we were "high school sweet hearts"). I actually had a different boyfriend in high school and college, that horrible abusive relationship I alluded to in a previous post. Yes I deleted the blog posts that included that boyfriend, the same way most people delete pictures of their ex from their Facebook profile pictures or anything else. And yes I deleted posts that initially addressed any of that when it first happened, not to make my story look more perfect, but because I was applying to residency and anything too personal got taken off the blog because people who were going to be deciding the outcome of my future career could see it. In the deleted post where I had shared briefly about our story, these "women" couldn't believe that N and I were actually best friends throughout medical school, because I had never posted about him before. I don't know about you guys, but in my previous relationship, my boyfriend at the time would not have been happy about me posting pictures of another guy - I think that's common sense. I think it's also common sense that I don't share every person in my life or all of the events in my life just because I have a blog and choose to share some things. They also couldn't believe that Liv was actually "planned." And I scratched my head, where have I ever said that Liv was 100% planned? As much as conceiving her wasn't an accident, she certainly was a surprise. N and I made the choice to stop using birth control in hopes that we'd eventually get pregnant, but eventually being like a year or two. I had been on birth control since high school and honestly didn't even know if I could get pregnant, so we figured we'd give it some time and eventually it would happen by residency. To our surprise we got pregnant the first month off of birth control! Which ended up being perfect timing, because we made it perfect timing. There's more I could address (like whether or not we're actually black, wtf?), but I honestly just don't think it's worth it.

I share all these super personal things again not because I feel like I need to explain anything (those who were writing negatively about me had already "sworn off" my blog because I was now being "fake" anyway lol), but because I think sharing some of the drama and imperfections is what should be inspiring about our story (and what usually gets left out, not in an effort to make it look perfect, but in a very purposeful attempt to only focus on the positive). Life isn't perfect, things don't go as planned, people are gonna talk crap behind your back or on internet forums, and that's perfectly fine. As I always like to say, life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react. I am happy because I fight to be happy. I am where I am because I left people behind who I didn't need, who held me back, and instead chose to surround myself only with a small circle that truly cares and is moving forward with me. And I really hope that you as young women can learn to do the same. It's a shame that many women do such a horrible job of respecting other women's relationship decisions (or life decisions in general for that matter). No woman should fear leaving a relationship that they know isn't right for them because what another person may think, especially other women.

And if folks wanna pop off (please watch this if you haven't seen it yet haha) let them find a plan for your life. Because I can guarantee you they won't. So do what's right for you and keep it moving!

November 16, 2015

Baby Shower - the second time around

When my closest girlfriends and mom/MIL brought up throwing a baby shower for me I scoffed at the idea - you don't do a baby shower if you already had one for the first! We already have most of the things we need, we're just slowly pulling them out of storage, I told them. I kept being super difficult about it until they finally forced me to give them a few dates that worked for something small. Of course, dates that work are few and far between right now, so Sunday ended up being the day. I'm in the middle of a 12 day stretch of working with no days off (work all week, then long call on Saturday - meaning you work from 7am ~ 10pm, then post-call Sunday - meaning you work 7am ~ 1 or 2 or 5 lol, and then today (Monday) I still come in and work until Friday. This is the dreaded "black weekend" most residents know about and the weekend we decided worked the best for it haha! But hey you have to squeeze it in somewhere!

As tired as I was, my resident and I busted a** to get out of the hospital by 1, I actually went and got a pedicure (the first time probably in this entire pregnancy) and came home and took a quick half hour nap while Liv napped. I woke up to my girlfriends and moms cooking and getting the house ready and once I was dressed we soon enjoyed the prettiest, coziest post-call baby shower a girl could ever ask for. It was amazing and I am so so thankful for all of the effort that all of these amazing ladies put in - from all of the handmade decorations, to the delicious food and desserts, and of course the gifts (especially Liv's special big sister bag)! And most importantly time just spent catching up with the ladies I love most. Scroll below for more pics from the afternoon! 

And obviously we all stayed in our socks. The best way to spend a post-call afternoon ❤

My outfit details:
Tank (here - seriously going to buy them in every single color - they are non-maternity but super stretchy and purposefully longer length so perfect for layering - and $3...)
Cardigan, c/o (here)
Leggings (here)
Socks (here, buy 1 get 1 50%)

PS - check out this post for pics from my first baby shower for Ms. Liv!

November 13, 2015

Professional Bump

Happy Friday! Just sharing a quick work look I snapped on my phone before heading to the hospital! Love this Brass dress because it's sleeveless (but no spaghetti straps) so it's a perfect layering piece - our workroom in the hospital is always a sauna! But when I go to patient rooms I can easily toss on my white coat and feel comfortable. And when it's time to head outside I can toss on my coat and feel perfect! 

Outfit details:
Brass Column Dress, c/o (here)
Shein Coat, c/o (here - and on sale for just over $30!!)
Watch (here)
Shoes (here)
Glasses (here)

PS ladies - I've got a HUUUUUGGGGGEEEEE giveaway coming up. I'm talking hundreds and hundreds (likely thousands) of dollars worth of goodies. From Brass, Daniel Wellington, Solly Baby, just to name a few. You don't want to miss this! Make sure you're following on Instagram @LauraLacquer for when I announce it!

November 10, 2015

Perfect OTK boots on sale!

I'm thinking just a couple more outfit posts with the bump, we're just about hitting the 9 month mark so our days are numbered! 

Outfit details:
Plaid top (here)
Maternity jeans (here)
Coat (here)
Compression socks (here)
Watch (here)
Boots (here*)

These boots are my favorite and still working for me during pregnancy! See below for a few nonmaternity looks with them and a great deal on them right now!

These original boots are still on crazy sale on (and an extra 10% off with code EXTRA10), but only in very limited sizes. 

I just found that Aldo essentially released the exact same boot this season but with one slight update - a back tie that looks amazing! Otherwise they're the exact same boot in the exact same shade released by Aldo! They're available directly on Aldo's website but also on Amazon - and Amazon is having a huge 20% off Veteran's Day sale right now, so you get almost $50 off the price of the boots with code 20VETERANS!! 

Happy shopping ladies!

November 8, 2015

Coat Weather

Can't believe we're already into November! The weather has surprisingly stayed relatively mild but today it was definitely chilly enough for coats! We stayed super casual in our tees and sneakers to play at the playground and toss around some leaves while it's still light outside! Now post daylight savings it's dark by 4pm! 

Random, but our outfit totally made me realize I need matching white chucks like Liv's! The realist in me knows I won't get much use out of them as winter will be here in no time, but the bargain-hunter in me also knows that they will be so much cheaper if I buy them now then come spring time!

My outfit details:
Tee (here)
Maternity jeans (here)
Shein Coat, c/o (here - and on sale for just over $30!!)
Watch (here)
Sneakers (here)

Liv outfit details:
Sweatshirt (here)
Jeans (here)
Coat (almost identical, here)
Sneakers (here)
Headband, c/o (here)

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

November 5, 2015

Great Big List of Residency Interview Questions (and how to answer them)

Here at my program residency interviews have begun, and I've already had the pleasure of meeting with awesome applicants who are all nervous for their interviews. And steal the free cookies at the interview lunches, that's my real motivation ;)

Today I wanted to share a huge list of interview questions I put together myself throughout my dozens of interviews last year, and a bit of general advice on how to answer them. I really hope you guys get some use out of them!

Getting to know you questions
These questions usually want to get down to who you are as a person, what your motivations are, and really just get down to whether or not you're the type of person that would fit at their program. Most of the interviewers are faculty who will be working closely with residents - they want someone who they would enjoy being on call with or working in clinic with. Here are some of the questions I got:

Tell me about yourself.

How did you end up here? (Similarly stated, Has medicine always been the plan/How did you become interested in medicine?)

What would your friends say is a negative about you?
Pick something honest but relatively harmless. 

What are your strengths and your weaknesses?

What was your best job?
You want your answer to highlight a passion of yours that you want the committee to know about. For me it was mentorship and teaching, so I always brought up my summer spent teaching neuroscience and genetics classes to high school girls who I lived with and mentored over the summer (sort of like a summer science camp counselor, but we dissected brains)!

Tell me something about you not on your CV.

How do you handle stress?

Describe yourself in three words.

What makes you unique?

What has made you successful?

What do you like to do for fun/What do you do outside of work?

What are you most proud of?

If your house caught on fire, what would you save if you could only choose three things?

What is the most risky thing you have ever done?/ What sort of risks have you taken in life?

Do you have a role model/Who has been most influential in your life?

What is your favorite book/author/recent book you read?

If you weren’t in medicine, what would be your fantasy job?

What was your favorite/least favorite clinical rotation?

As your advocate on the board, what's the one quality you want me to get across to them?

Getting to know how you deal with difficult situations
How do you deal with stressful situations? These questions really boil down to how you keep your composure under pressure and whether or not you're a person that can walk through the fire with them. They want real examples of mistakes or dilemmas and what you did, think of something! It's a little concerning if you don't have any experiences to talk about, then you come off as either not being helpful in/avoiding those situations, or someone who is just oblivious - none of these are good things. They want to know that they can count on you when they need to. 

Describe a situation in which you made a mistake, and what you did to remedy the situation.

Describe a situation in which you failed.

Describe an ethical dilemma you faced.

Tell me about a difficult case you dealt with when you were a medical student. How did you handle it?

What is the most difficult decision you had to make?

Describe a difficult time in your life and how you dealt with it.

What kind of personality traits do you find most difficult to deal with in coworkers?

What kind of patient do you find it most difficult to relate to?

Getting to know your aspirations, ie what type of resident and physician you plan to be.
Even if you don't quite know what exactly you want yet, come up with something and stick with it. Package yourself up neatly so that your previous experiences and aspirations fit together and make sure it is consistent with what that program offers. 

What do you want in a (insert specialty of choice) program?
Make sure to have answers for both your specialty and a preliminary/transitional year program if you have to apply for those as well (ie my answers for what I wanted from a prelim program were very different from my answers for what I wanted from a derm program).

Think about things like size of the department and how many residents they have, the culture of a place, breadth (or focus) of clinical cases, etc.

What are the three most important qualities that make a great a resident?

What can you bring to this program?

Where do you see yourself in (5/10/20) years)?

Describe what your typical day will be like from morning to night in 10 years.

Why do you want to come to city X (or stay in city X)? Why would you ever leave city Y?
Do not underestimate the importance of this question. Residency interviews are also a big ego game, residency programs want to invite/accept residents who will actually be ranking them highly, so if they don't think you're coming they may prematurely cut you off their list. If you have family there, or best friends, or some type of connection that makes you more likely to choose that city make it known! 

Why do you want to work with our patient population?

Random questions I got...
All of these questions seemed to be getting at more of "who you are," and if you're not prepared for them, they can show a little more than what you want to portray to the committee (ie, you get asked the joke question and only have dirty jokes in your head). Stay honest in your answers, but if you plan for them ahead of time you can at least come up with good answers!

Would you rather be perfect but late or good but on time?

Who is your historical hero, and who is your modern hero?

If you could be any superhero, which one would you be?

Teach me something.

Tell me a joke.

And don't forget! Have well-researched questions to ask at the end of the interview! They can be regarding something that caught your eye on the website, something a current resident mentioned during the pre-interview dinner or tour, just have at least 2-3 questions prepared that show further interest in the program.

Would love to hear what other questions people got or any other comments you guys might have! Good luck with interviews!!

November 3, 2015

Halloween and Apple Picking

Happy Monday Tuesday y'all! It's felt like forever since I posted but things have been incredibly busy and I feel like there's no time for blogging! I literally tried writing this post during "breaks" all day yesterday and eventually it was 10pm and I was leaving the hospital and pushing the post off until the next day. Looking forward to things slowing down a bit in a couple of weeks when I wrap up this wards (ie, general medicine) rotation. Today I just wanted to share a few pictures from our weekend!!

You guys might remember last year we all dressed up as the Incredibles in a fun DIY I put together, and this year we dressed up as monsters from Monster's Inc! It was a lot more rushed this year since I had no time to prepare (I literally was shopping the night before Halloween) but found some great pieces and it all sort of came together in the end! For actual halloween night Liv and I went trick-or-treating around Charles St. which was so much fun! The best part is that N was able to meet up with us when he wrapped up his long call at the hospital and end the night with us! This year really was special because Liv was really into it! Jumping around yelling "Happy Halloween!" at random passersby and shyly saying "trick-or-treat" to get her treats. It was awesome.  

The weekend prior we took Liv trick-or-treating at the zoo which she absolutely loved, and she ran around as a little superhero feeding goats :)

Also just had to throw in this pic that captures the real chaos lol!

Halloween outfit details:

Liv's supergirl costume (one piece, here)
Day of the dead skull tattoos (here)
Liv day of the dead dress (here)
DIY Incredibles costumes (instructions from last year here)

Monster's Inc costumes:
Sully (blanket found on clearance at Marshall's, purple spray paint, construction paper)
Boo (puffer vest on clearance, purple spray paint, old hood cutout, styrofoam balls, yarn, felt)
Mike Wazowski (workout tank on clearance, felt, construction paper, green socks)

Sunday we went to the apple orchard - it was a perfect day when all of the "apple picking" frenzy has mostly wrapped up so we had the whole farm almost to ourselves! Liv had a blast picking and eating all of the apples and seeing all of the farm animals!

Apple orchard outfit details:
Seraphine maternity/nursing sweater, c/o (here)
get a similar non-nursing version here or steal it for less than $20 here!
Old Navy maternity jeans (here)
Hunter Boots (here)
Buffalo Plaid Scarf (on sale here!)
Liv sweater (here)

It's been a long time since I had two days off in a row so we really soaked it up as much as we could! I hope those of you who always have 2 day weekends appreciate them!
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