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October 24, 2015

Preventing Stretch Marks

One of the questions that always pops up whenever I post a pic of my bare bump is what do I use for stretch marks. As a physician and soon-to-be-dermatologist I can not tell you that there is any one product that will prevent stretch marks - there just isn't. And although people don't like to hear it, for the most part stretch marks have a lot to do with genetics (so those women who don't have them are mostly just lucky). But there are a few things that you can still do to decrease your chances of getting stretch marks, which I'll discuss today. 

First a little science. 
Stretch marks, or striae, are literally small tears in the dermis - the thick middle layer of your skin that has collagen and elastin (what gives our skin strength and elasticity). They're caused by rapid stretching of the skin - so they frequently occur in puberty, in bodybuilders, and in pregnancy. The faster and more drastic the stretching of the skin (ie the quicker you gain weight/size), the more likely you are to develop stretch marks. The genetics part comes with the collagen and elastin fibers - some people just have a better "build" of skin that can better withstand stretching. And some people don't.

What makes them worse.
I said above that the more drastic the stretching, the more likely the stretch marks, and women who gain more weight during pregnancy (and do so more quickly) have a higher chance of developing stretch marks. Other than the speed of growth, there is also evidence that higher levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) lead to more stretch marks. People with endocrine disorders that lead to higher levels of cortisol almost always have stretch marks. Topical creams that contain cortisol are known to cause thinning of the skin and stretch marks when used longer than directed. What else causes high cortisol levels? Stress. So as if you needed another reason not to stress, remember stretch marks. I don't think they've done any direct studies on it, but it would be safe to assume that women with high levels of stress (and therefore higher levels of cortisol) are more likely to develop stretch marks during pregnancy. Diet plays a role here as well, not only in the sense of gaining a healthy amount of weight during pregnancy, but also because certain foods are known to cause big cortisol spikes - mostly those that are high in sugar or simple carbs (ie processed white bread, chips, etc), and foods with trans fats. Try and stay away from these!

So two non-product things you can do to help prevent stretch marks? Eat a healthy diet (including prenatal vitamins and lots of water) and try to keep your stress level to a minimum (which is pretty much impossible in pregnancy, but we can at least try). 

Products that may help. 
As mentioned in the beginning, although there are many companies that want to convince you otherwise, there is no product that will prevent stretch marks. But there are many products on the market that can help at least soothe the stretching/itching feeling most of us mamas get with a growing belly, and theoretically some with ingredients that could help the collagen and elastic fibers in your skin. Some of these ingredients include fatty acids, vitamins A and E, rosehip oil, and more. 

With my first pregnancy, I absolutely loved Mama Mio products - particularly their Tummy Rub Butter. This stuff smelled magical, felt so good applying, and made my belly feel like heaven. It was a little on the heavier side, but I was ok with that. What I ended up not being as ok with though was how quickly I went through it and how pricey it was. When I first tried it I bought it as part of a travel size sampler (always a great way to try new products), and when I got hooked I asked for some for my baby shower and got spoiled with another big tub. The stuff works great, and if you have the budget for it I'd recommend it. It's also free from parabens, petrolatum, synthetic fragrance and colorants, xenoestrogens, PEGs, phthalates and glycols, but it is not organic (if that's something that matters to you). Personally I'm not a huge organic person but many people are and there are lots of new organic products on the market as well. 

This pregnancy I wanted to try something new and the lovely Boston-based ladies at Organic Bath sent me their Stress Less Organic Body Butter. For those who want something all organic, this butter might be for you. For me, I loved it because of the smell, I honestly have not smelled a more relaxing scent if that makes sense at all (it's a heavenly lavender). The ingredients are packed with skin-nurturing goodies and it just feels so good going on! Liv will rub this on my belly at night and we both love it :) I will say, though, that it was still a little to greasy for me and wearing it in the morning, although I like to feel moisturized I don't like to feel greasy as I head into work. So although this is a product I still use almost nightly, the search continued for a good daytime belly rub. 

What I now use every single day after I get out the shower is this body butter by Earth Mama Angel Baby. For starters, as motivated as a person I am, I'm also lazy (or like to do things as efficiently as possible), so the pump bottle feature of this lotion is a huge seller - in the morning being able to just pump it twice from it's spot on the shelf and apply is huge (as opposed to taking out a tub, opening it, getting a scoop out with your fingers, closing it, putting away the tub - I know, I know I really am making myself sound lazy)! More importantly though this butter provides just the right amount of moisture for daytime use - it is very rich, but still somehow light and fast-absorbing. It's also all organic and has tons of good ingredients in it for stretching bellies. I'd say personally the only drawback is the smell; it looks like many reviewers love it, but for me there's something a little too sweet about it that was a little off-putting at first. Thankfully the smell is light and doesn't last long so it's never bothered me enough to not have it be my daily moisturizer. And for you budget-conscious mamas, the price is right on this one. Many women also swear by this cream, but I have yet to try it so can't really give my two cents. But it's up there on other peoples' lists!
How to apply.
Whatever cream you use, apply it to the growing areas of your body (for me the three B's - boobs, belly, butt) after lightly towel-drying post-shower. Your skin should still be damp but not wet. Other things that can help include using a light body scrub in the shower on these areas as well - no need to over exfoliate, but a light buffing can help get the blood flowing too. Many women as when they should start using creams for their bellies, and honestly the sooner you start the better. Most of this stuff is just preparing the skin as much as possible to stretch (like training for a marathon), so it's never too early to start taking good care of your skin! I like to continue using them after delivery as well as the skin has a lot of shrinking it now has to do.

Fading stretch marks.
I'll save this topic for another post, but I just wanted to mention here that there are many treatment options for fading stretch marks, and for the most part, most of them are not safe to use during pregnancy. So while your growing that baby just work on eating healthy, keeping stress levels as low as possible, and moisturizing like crazy. Save the fade creams and laser treatments for after though.

I hope this post could be helpful to some of you mamas with growing bellies! And honestly just remember that stretch marks are purely cosmetic, and many women wear them with pride (as they should)! They're a reminder of the amazing feat your body accomplished! 

October 20, 2015

Back to the Wards

Happy Tuesday y'all! After two months of being in the ICU and living in scrubs and t-shirts I'm now starting my medicine wards block - which means getting dressed daily (except on my long call days when I can thankfully still wear scrubs)! My time is still super limited so I likely won't be able to do full outfit posts with my DSLR camera, but I'm hoping to be able to share some of my daily looks with you and maybe even provide some inspiration for how to dress a big bump (8 months currently) "professionally." Today's all-black outfit is about as easy as it gets for today's chilly temps. 
Top // Leggings // Boots (on *CRAZY* sale here, mine are the honey color!)

I've had these boots for about 3 years now, maybe even longer, and absolutely love them. I can't believe how cheap they are on sale (I originally paid about $200 for them). 

Hope you guys like these super quick little outfit posts!

October 18, 2015

Instagram Round Up

Happy Sunday! Today I just wanted to share a few shots from Instagram over the last week or two and share all the info for what we're wearing in each since so many of you frequently ask! 

Livi's adorable striped sweater dress can be found here. She's already worn it three times in the last week and a half! This maternity top was an impulse buy on a Target run (you know how that goes, but it was only $15!), but now I might need it in every color! It's literally one of the comfiest tops I've owned (and I've heard from some of you ladies on instagram who own it that you love it too)! My scrub bottoms are from here, and my glasses are from here (see a few posts back for a free pair)! Livi's knit cardigan is from here (and on sale now), my fleece jacket is from here. Livi's coat that she's been sporting lately is actually last season and no longer available, but I found an almost identical version here - only the buttons are different! Her Hunter boots are from here!

And Dorothy Perkins is having a big 25% off of everything sale right now - below I'm sharing some of my favorite picks all under $30!

October 14, 2015

What to Wear to Pre-Interview Dinners

Now that we're getting into residency interview season, I'm hoping to share some more advice after going through the process last year! I'll be posting soon about the most common questions I got asked, interview attire, and hopefully travel tips (with the help of some of my classmates because I sucked at planning travel) , but today I'm sharing some ideas for what to wear to pre-interview dinners.

There's always something about not having a strict dress code that makes picking what to wear terrifying. If your invitation does have a dress code listed, then your job becomes a little easier. But sometimes they'll just say "business casual," or something even more vague. I always felt the interview dinner is a time for you as the interviewee to get a better idea of the program. Sort of like being a fly on the wall gathering more information without being noticed. Usually the dinners consist of just the residents (although sometimes faculty will be there), so it's a great time to get a vibe of how they interact with each other and how they feel about the program. When it comes to what to say and how to act, it really is best to be more on the quiet side (but still super friendly and approachable and not awkward), but stay away from being the life of the party! When it comes to what to wear, the same applies. Stick with looks that are classic but subdued - you don't want the entire room to be noticing what you're wearing, but when someone does look at you, you want to look effortlessly polished (which is of course impossible after your delayed flight and room that wasn't ready and your cab driver not being able to find the restaurant lol! You'll learn to roll with the punches).

These looks are just that (although even the pink/peach pants might be a little too loud - I'd probably go with blue or grey if you want something other than black). I almost always stuck with a pair of well-tailored ankle pants and flats paired with a simple top. For my interview in Michigan my top was a light sweater - in Miami it was a conservative sleeveless top (no spaghetti straps or racerbacks), just use your judgement! My favorite places to shop for interview clothes were Banana Republic and Ann Taylor - I could always depend on their styles and fits (scroll below for some amazing discount codes)! As far as a bag, some people like to carry around a lot and bring along their interview bag (I love love love this one, but this one is a fraction of the price!); I preferred just carrying my wristlet with my phone and ID/debit card/hotel room card, lip balm, and mints or gum!

Edit* I left out the men the first time around (sorry guys, I'm sure you need help too, honestly didn't know I had many male readers)! For the dinners most guys don't wear suits - dress pants and a button up shirt (with or without tie, I say it's always safer to bring one just in case) seemed to be the norm! Of course there will always be residents who show up to the dinner in jeans and a polo shirt but interviewees probably shouldn't try that! 

Here are some pre-interview dinner selections from some great sales that are going on right now. Click on any image (or any link in the text) to get to the product page!

  • At ShopBop, get 25% off your entire purchase using code INTHEFAM25.
  • At Banana Republic, get a whopping 40% off your purchase using code BRSAVE.
  • At Old Navy get 25% off (or more!) using code MYSTYLE.
  • At Ann Taylor get an amazing 40% off full-priced items using code SHOPFALL.

Hope you guys found this post helpful and are getting excited for interviews!! As stressful and expensive of a time it is, it really is fun to travel all over and meet so many amazing people!

October 12, 2015

Hospital Bag Checklist, the second time around

Hi all! Although my due date is still a whole 2 months away (although technically less now), I'm measuring bigger than my due date (and looking ginormous) and packing for the hospital is starting to actually creep up on my to-do list! I think I did a decent job packing the first time around for Liv's delivery, but there were definitely a few things that I could have left home, and a couple that I definitely should have brought! Today I'm sharing what I plan on packing in my hospital bag now that I know a little better! 

I will say that my labor and delivery didn't go as smoothly as planned (you can read Liv's birth story here), so I spent some extra time in the hospital and was definitely not up and on my feet while in the hospital. Many women will have much nicer experiences and be walking around within a day of delivering! But it doesn't hurt to plan for things being not as perfect as you'd like them to be!

Within your hospital bag, make sure to also have a much smaller bag (preferably clear) to keep all of the essentials you want within easy reach in one place organized (and easy to find in the middle of the night). I like this one and this one! I didn't have this the first time and kept losing things on the bedside table or bed as things got moved around or when meals came. Speaking of meals, make sure to pack some extra snacks for during the day. Lactation cookies are a great snack - this mix you can make at home (or an amazing best-visitor-ever will bring a homemade batch) or you can buy premade ones. In some hospitals the patient kitchen and hospital cafeteria are only open during certain hours, so it's nice to have snacks on hand! And you'll soon learn that one-handed snacks are a nursing mamas best friend.

Make sure not to forget our tech essentials like your cell phone and cell phone charger - preferably one with a long cord as you never know how far the outlets will be from the bed. I took most of my photos and birth story notes on my phone so it really was good to have, I of course brought my bigger DSLR camera for some nice shots as well. N also brought his laptop which was great for all the hours I spent actually in labor before Liv arrived, we caught up on episodes of Scandal together which was really relaxing. And once baby arrives, they still sleep a lot, and there is never anything on during the day on basic television (unless you're a fan of soap operas). I plan on catching up on episodes of The Mindy Project. Again, my experience was a little different since I spent some extra time in the hospital (and N had to be back in class the next day) so I spent a lot of time with just me and Liv!

As far as clothes for you in the hospital, it's not fun wearing hospital gowns, but it also isn't practically to get fully dressed a day after delivering. The option of having a tank (for those hot flashes) that can easily be covered with a nice robe when visitors come by is ideal. I usually didn't wear pants, but when I did I was happy I packed super soft bottoms with a really soft waistline. I absolutely love this set: it includes a nursing tank, pants with a super comfy waist, robe to cover up (even a little matching outfit for baby)! Make sure to also have a nursing bra with you as well - one without underwires will be most comfortable. And the underwear. Giving you the TMI warning now. I thought I packed comfortable underwear, but in reality they weren't big enough to fit the monstrous pads the hospital provides for the monstrous amount of bleeding that happens afterwards. I had to wear the hospital provided ones which are one size fits all and not ideal. This time I'm packing appropriate comfy panties that will be large enough to accommodate those huge pads (plus the witch hazel pads and extra postpartum care stuff your fantastic nurses will hopefully show you) and still actually fit. The first time around I packed slippers but didn't really use them much, they just took up a lot of space in my bag. What I did wear all the time were my cozy socks - this time around I'll do slipper socks that you can keep on in bed and walk around with too.

Most hospitals will actually provide you with samples of lanolin gel - I originally had Lansinoh, which was good, but pretty thick. This may be TMI, but when you're in those first few days of trying to breastfeed, with cracked nipples and peeling skin, a thick and relatively tacky type consistency is terrifying - I found the Medela lanolin ointment to be thinner and much nicer to apply, definitely felt soothing! Add on the hydrogels and it was a wonderful much-needed break from the pain! My nurses were the best and would actually store mine in the fridge for me and I did the same at home when I could actually remember to!

There must be trolls in the hospital that steal hair ties while you sleep. Seriously, bring lots of hair ties if you have longer hair. Mascara and lip balm are nice to have, especially if visitors come by  (I personally never used any of the mascara and just used the lanolin ointment as lip balm, but I also didn't want any visitors)! I've seen hospital bag checklists that include shampoo, conditioner, hair serum, blow dryer, and flat iron - and I try really hard not roll my eyes, but I totally roll my eyes. Then again I don't have the type of hair that needs washing every day so I shouldn't judge. I think dry shampoo is more than enough, I love this one. I also kept deodorant within easy reach. Then pack whatever other daily toiletries you use!

All hospitals will provide you with blankets for swaddling, and as tempting as it is to just one of those fancy swaddle blankets with snaps take this chance to learn from the nurses how to actually swaddle and get a nice little baby burrito! Unless of course you have dozens of those fancy swaddle blankets (which are great too, don't get me wrong - we loved ours but used plenty of regular swaddle blankets too)! Make sure to pack one in your bag for heading home.

I have no idea why I brought all of these outfits for Liv - the baby will stay in the same hospital onesies and nice and swaddled all day - no need for extra outfits! You only need one for going home, make sure it's easy to get on and won't irritate their little umbilical stump! A little one-piece like this is perfect. The hospital will have plenty of diapers so no need to bring that. For you, you're going to want something cozy (but likely still want to look put together) - I'm packing a loose-fitting soft V-neck sweater (hide the post-baby bump and easy access for nursing), leggings, and probably cozy shoes like Uggs (it'll be December). Make sure to have the car seat properly installed beforehand and ready to go! Below is a checklist of the essentials I mentioned in this post, feel free to click here for a printable PDF version of this list!

I hope this post can help some of you as you prepare for your own labor and delivery! It will all be just fine. 

October 9, 2015

A Day to Unwind (and New Glasses)!

Liv's sweater here // My jacket here (in Birch White) // My tee here

Today I finally got a day off (you know your schedule sucks when you're excited about one day off) but such is intern life - I'll be working all weekend and then do another week of ICU nights! But today I'm really taking the time to soak up as much as I can from the day, while still making it relaxing enough to feel like a day off and hopefully have a bit more energy when I head to the hospital tomorrow. Heading into the eighth month of pregnancy and still working these seemingly endless 16 hour shifts is starting to take a toll on me, I'm really looking forward to my more relaxed elective time that will come in November! But until then we'll push on, and soak up days like this as much as we can!

One of the things I'm really excited about is I finally got a new pair of prescription eyeglasses!! It's the little things I tell ya ;) But seriously, working nights, or even just really long day shifts in my contact lenses has been tough - Liv broke my old pair of glasses and it's taken me forever to find a pair I like - I have this problem that I'm too picky to like most of the "budget" frames, but too frugal to allow myself to spend too much on a pair I think are cuter! Thankfully I found, they have cheap glasses that actually come in styles that I fell in love with (they have prescription sunglasses too)! I've only had my glasses for a couple of weeks now, but so far the quality has been great and I haven't had any problems with them, I can't wait to use them for my next string of nightshifts! Glasses Shop is also having a deal right now that any new customer can get their first pair free (except for shipping and handling) so you can't lose to try! And once you're hooked use code GSHOT50 to get 50% any other pairs you get ;)

I hope you all have wonderful weekends and make sure to be thankful for the time you get to spend with your loved ones!

PS - Remember my Stokke Scoot post? It's not being advertised but the black Stokke Scoot is currently $100 off here if you've been waiting for a sale! I'm not sure how long it will last!

October 8, 2015

Jacket with room for a bump (and eventually a babe)!

Happy Thursday! I feel like I've been working all the time lately (mostly because I have), and these 2 months of back-to-back ICU rotations are really catching up on me! But the other day both N and I were out of the hospital before sunset (a truly rare occasion) so we took it as a chance to scroll around the South End and spend some time (not on the couch or asleep in bed) together!! 

The temperatures are getting cool enough to pull out my heavier jacket - B & Me sent me this jacket and I've been dying to wear it! It's designed for babywearing (you all know that I'm an avid babywearer), but can also be used during pregnancy as well with extra room for a bump!

I cannot wait to be wearing this with the new babe in a carrier - there's even a little hood snap-on for babe that made my heart melt! For now it is happily accommodating my huge belly though! And as a heads up for you ladies on the hunt for a good shoe deal, these boots are now over a year old and starting to show some wear, but they are currently on sale for twenty five dollars! They're definitely not the highest quality, but I love the look of them and they lasted me at least one full season, so I'd say definitely worth the $25! 

Jacket, c/o B & Me (similar looking here for those who don't need space for a bump or a babe)  //  Jeans (here)  //  Boots (exact pair here on sale for $25 + free shipping!!! Similar/higher quality/more expensive pair here as well)

And how could I leave out the other two pieces of my heart? It's hard to imagine loving another little human but I am certain that it will happen without me even knowing - it's amazing how our hearts can grow!

October 5, 2015

Thinking about Medical Specialties

Time for another medical post for my med school followers! Current fourth years applying for residency now will know that it's October - Dean's Letters are out and applications (should) have been submitted, and now it's time to wait and get interview invites! While I was applying for residency last year one of the questions that came up quite a bit was how I decided on a specialty. (I decided on dermatology, by the way, and am doing my preliminary year in medicine right now and will start my dermatology part of training in July - there are lots of specialities that require a "prelim" or transitional year like ophthalmology, radiology, anesthesia, etc).

I'll save how I decided on dermatology specifically for another post, but today we'll talk more about how to figure out what might be right for you. I will first say that deciding on a specialty is a very personal choice and everyone will have a different answer as to why they chose their given speciality. The path to figuring out what you like is a long one, and it really is best to wait until at least third year to really try and make up your mind as to what you should actually apply in. When I first came to medical school I thought I'd do Ob/Gyn - I had worked at a women's health clinic for underserved women throughout undergrad and loved it - but by the time I did my Ob/Gyn rotation third year... well let's just say my experience changed my mind! There is of course nothing wrong with knowing early on, just make sure to keep your mind open to everything you think you don't like, and to keep a critical eye when it comes to what it is you think you do like. Does that make sense? Of course with that said, there are definitely things you can start doing in the pre-clinical years to help you figure out in a broader sense the parts of medicine that may be most fitting for you!

A few questions you can ask yourself during first and second year - do you prefer memorizing anatomy and visualizing where things are in the body or working through physiology problems and thinking about how organ systems work? Do you like basic science or histology, or do you never want to get near a microscope again? Do you like radiologic images and trying to find the pathology on film?

If you really like anatomy, do you prefer a more passive or active role in exploring it? If active, you might really like surgery - anatomy is at the forefront of surgery and you will know every muscle, artery, nerve, etc. of whatever system in the body it is that you focus on! If you prefer a more passive role in exploring anatomy, you might really like radiology - radiologists are the other physicians who really know every single vessel and can manipulate images in their mind to put together an anatomical picture of patients that really is amazing.

If you like organ systems and physiology you might really enjoy medicine or critical care, or even anesthesia (especially if you like pharmacology). In these fields you're constantly thinking about feedback loops, electrolyte abnormalities, etc. Do you really enjoy the physical exam and what it tells you about a patient? Neurology takes the physical exam very seriously. Do you hate the physical exam and care more about what the patient is telling you? Psychiatry could be better suited to you. Do you like acute problems with quick solutions (emergency med) or chronic problems with longer solutions (primary care). Kids, women, older folks? These are all things to keep in mind when you think about what you might want to do.

At the end of the day, it comes down to the kinds of problems you like solving and the types of patients you want to treat. One of the residents I worked with gave me some advice I hadn't thought of before - "what is the most boring, bread and butter stuff that a doc in that specialty does? What are they guaranteed to be doing in their practice every single day when there aren't the exciting or rare cases? If you're satisfied doing that, you may have found your specialty." He was of course trying to convince me to go into OB, since their "boring, everyday" is delivering babies. Pretty cool, but not for me. But the advice is something good to think about for every field! If you're not sure of what the basic things are in a field, ask someone who practices in it!

Something you should not make your decision based on? The money. For any of us who come from upbringings where money was very scarce, the last thing you want to hear is someone telling you it's not all about the money. I think what we really care about though when it comes to money is stability. And whatever specialty you choose, as a physician you will be making enough to not have to worry if you will afford rent next month.

This early on (ie in the preclinical years) the most important thing is to do well in classes and Step 1 so you don't close any doors for yourself should you like something more competitive. And most of all just keep an open mind! You will gain something from each of your clinical rotations, whether you go into neurosurgery or pediatrics, so try to enjoy all of them! And listen to your heart - listen to what makes you excited and happy again! I was on "easy" rotations where the hours were short, but what we did during those hours was so boring (to me) that the day literally dragged, and getting out of bed every morning was tough! On the flip side, there were rotations where I never saw the sun, but I enjoyed what I was doing so much and had such great teams that I loved going to the hospital! Don't dismiss that feeling.

Another fun thing to do (that I still love doing just for general medical knowledge) is to explore cases in the Figure 1 app. This is a new app that's sort of like Instagram for medical providers. Users can anonymously share photos of medical conditions - either a rash, a picture from surgery, even an interesting EKG or blood smear - and get feedback on differential and treatment! It's not always 100% correct (it's random people commenting) but it's really fun to just see so much different pathology. Pay attention to the cases you're drawn to - maybe you're like me and love seeing a rare rash, or you love all the orthopedic cases, or the rare infectious disease presentations from third world countries! Just check it out!

Once you get to the clinical years, try and ask attendings what they like about their jobs and how they've set up their practice (do they work mostly in the hospital, a mix of clinic and hospital, private practice, or mostly research and teaching, the different set ups will surprise you)! It's obviously great to talk to residents who have chosen that field as well, but try not to dragged by them if they happen to be a little less than optimistic. The years of training are some of the hardest and you have the least control of what you actually do during the day, so sometimes residents aren't always the happiest. Don't always let that get you down! But on the flip side, if every resident is miserable, that's something that's hard to ignore (and you probably shouldn't)!

I hope some of my rambling can help as you think about what kind of specialty you might want to practice. As always leave questions or suggestions for posts in the comments section!!

October 3, 2015

Cozy Budget Sweaters

Here in Boston the temperatures have dropped and it is officially sweater season! Today I'm sharing some of my favorite budget sweater finds from Forever 21 - plus the jacket that needs to be in my closet right now! And scroll down below for a deal on Hunter Boots - with this drizzly weather Liv and I have been living in ours when I'm not at work! 

Mommy's Hunter boots   //   Livi's Hunter boots (25% and free shipping)!

I hope you all have wonderful weekends!

October 1, 2015

Practical Shoes for the Hospital

I just got a really fun question from one of my amazing readers who's looking for shoe recommendations for the hospital. Shoe choice is obviously up to you, but if you're a practical girl like me comfort will win over style most of the time. But you don't always have to sacrifice style for comfort - here I'm sharing my comfiest options for flats, boots, and sneakers! And clogs. Clogs are hideous and there's no denying that. But spend enough time in the hospital and you will not care! 


Dr. Scholl's ($30 cheaper here)!  //  Sam Edelman  //  Tommy Hilfiger  //  Crocs

Flats are a perfect choice for clinic days, and many brave ladies still wear them while on hospital rotations too! It all depends on how long you can be on your feet and how much support you really need. All of these flats I carefully selected because they've got the best reviews for comfort (and still don't sacrifice much on style)! The styles range from sexy pointy-toe loafers, classic ballet flats, one of my favorite style D'orsay flats, and a more modest pointy-toe flat. Any of these would look great with a skirt,dress, or dress pants.


Boots are like the flats for colder temperatures. Nothing is easier than dressing up in cool weather, actually - literally just throw on a pair of knee-high (or over the knee) boots with leggings and a pretty tunic top, or with thick knit tights and a dress! Toss on your white coat and you're good to go! Tall over-the-knee boots are my favorite, this pair is a fraction of the cost! More traditional knee high boots sometimes look better with dresses (especially dresses that are a little longer), I love this simple sleek pair, but also am drooling over this pair with a tiny bit of hardware! All of these options come in brown too, which is my go-to shade!


Klogs  //  Dansko  //  Crocs  //  Birkenstock

Clogs are the quintessential hospital shoe for those who really are spending all day on their feet. Ask any nurse and she's either wearing clogs or sneakers! I love my Dansko clogs now, but they did take a bit of getting used to. During most of third year OR rotations I actually wore my Crocs and was really pleased with them as well (especially for their price). The one thing I don't like about clogs is that they're not the easiest to run in. I probably shouldn't be doing much running, but in the ICU or on nights I have to respond immediately to any code blue or rapid response - running in clogs is not recommended! So I've been wearing my sneakers more now. What clogs are wonderful for though is being in the OR - trust me, you do not want to be in mesh sneakers and get blood (or any other bodily fluids) on your shoes. Clogs are great for easily wiping down.


Pegasus  //  Zoom  //  Juvenate  //  Air Max

Sneakers are one of the most fun options for shoes in the hospital to pair with scrubs and I really love how expressive we can be with them! And I'm a sucker for Nikes so I apologize but all my picks are Nike. I am absolutely in love with this floral pair of Pegasus - my grey/coral Pegasus are my comfiest pair of sneakers and really put an extra bounce in my step! The Zooms are amazing as well and I love the all coral color! More subdued pairs like these olive sneakers and these tan/gold ones are perfect for the more modest sneaker fans!

I hope this post could give you all some ideas on what types of shoes are most appropriate for different situations in the hospital/clinic and show you that there are comfy (and stylish) options out there! As always, this post doesn't apply to just medicine, any of us who work on our feet are always on the hunt for a good supportive shoe!
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