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June 27, 2012

DIY Distressed Shorts

Here's a quick and easy DIY perfect for summer I mentioned in my last post: distressed jean shorts! 
I scored these great jeans for $4.99 and they fit perfectly! I began by cutting them a little longer than I wanted (nothing is worse than cutting a great pair of jeans too short) and cut slightly shorter and shorter until they were the perfect length on me. Make sure to cut with the pockets out and at a slight angle inwards towards the crotch area so that the sides are a little shorter and the crotch area is a little longer. I'm giggling each time I type crotch by the way. Place something sturdy (I used cardboard) in the leg and go to town with a knife (safely of course). You can cut a few slits with scissors and scrape the rest with the knife. The key at the end is to throw them into the washing machine after you've made all of your cuts! Here's how my shorts turned out! 

Let me know if you found this useful! I'd love to hear how your shorts turn out! Thanks as always for reading! 

P.S. You ladies were so sweet (and funny) in your comments in my last post regarding my legs! I'm flattered and would love to share a workout post in the future when I've got some more free time!

June 26, 2012

Thrifted Nautical Outfit

A fun, casual (and entirely thrifted) summer outfit! 
Stay tuned for a DIY post on how I made these shorts!
{Top, belt, and jeans thrifted}
Flip flops, Old Navy
Wristlet, Sloane Ranger

P.S. Why do I always have to hold things upside down? Grrrr...

June 21, 2012

Beach Life

Just a few photos from Cape Cod. We spent a perfect cloudy day on the beach relaxing, looking for pretty rocks and shells (and dead crabs, the nature girl in me loves finding stuff like that), and skipping rocks. Take note ladies, the picture on the left is how not to skip rocks - that rock made a big old plop when it landed in the water! But after a few tries I got it!
{sweater - old navy men's; shorts - gap cutoffs}

I hope you all have lovely weekends, and as always thank you so much for reading!

June 20, 2012

Work It Wednesday No.17

Happy Wednesday! A bit of a crazier look today (well crazy is a relative term) with my natural curly hair and tribal top. Sort of nicely reflects the craziness that is life right now ;) We're going to continue our Work It Wednesday link up but make it more like once a month instead of every week, what do you think?

Top, JCPenney
Pants, Forever 21
Belt, thrifted
Bag, boutique in Newport, RI
Shoes, Zara

I loved all of your looks last week, you ladies really work it! This week's featured look is from Kate at The Perpetual Student's Wife
Loved the simplicity of her gorgeous look with the pops of beautiful color - the reds, oranges, and pop of turquoise with the belt was pure perfection! Great look, Kate! Link up with us below (and include a link back) to share your work looks and the chance to be featured in the next Work It Wednesday. Enjoy the rest of your weeks and as always thanks so much for reading!

June 14, 2012

Sweaters and Jean Shorts

Yay or nay? For some reason the combination is one that many people are afraid of. Granted it can easily go wrong, but for me sweaters and jean shorts are one of my favorite casual pairings. Check out some inspiration below and stay tuned for photos of my own look (I'm 99% sure it is all I will be wearing this weekend for our trip to Cape Cod)!

Rosie Huntington has perfected the sweater and jean short look!

Do you ladies wear this combo? We want to hear! I hope you all have wonderful weekends and spoil your dads a little for Father's Day ;)

June 12, 2012

Work It Wednesday No.16

Happy Wednesday! Before anything I just want to say thank you so much for all of your birthday wishes, I had an amazing weekend and hope to share photos soon (those of you who follow me on Instagram @lauralacquer have seen a few already)! Here's my look for today's Work It Wednesday link-up. 
Dress, H&M
Blazer, Banana Republic
Pumps, Zara

My favorite look last week was full of one of my favorite colors - coral! 

Check out Cristi of The Noux Rejekt and her gorgeous look! The striped top gives it an almost nautical feel but the color is just so fresh! Love it!

Link up with us this week making sure to include a link back to this post!

June 6, 2012

Work It Wednesday No.15

Happy Wednesday! Sorry this link up is coming to you a little later than usual but clinic is ridiculous. I actually felt like I had more time working inpatient! Here's my outfit for this week's Work It Wednesday; I think a red lip would have been perfect for this look (like I did here with a similar top), but I have yet to work up the courage to wear red lipstick to the clinic or hospital. Don't think I ever will. And my pants are the most deceiving thing ever - they may look dressy but they're actually stretchy work out pants so they are pretty much the comfiest thing ever :) 
Top and belt, Forever 21
Pants, thrifted
Pumps, Guess
Bag, Lo & Sons

My favorite look last week was Kacie's from Kacie's Kloset!
Loved her pink blazer paired with striped top, the perfect dark wash jeans, that gorgeous necklace of hers plus the rest of her accessories. Too cute! Absolutely perfect for a casual Friday at the office. 

Link up with us below and make sure to include a link back to this post! Can't wait to see what you all link up with! 

June 1, 2012

Inspiration: Summer Date Nights

One of my favorite parts of summer is casual date nights out. Here are a few looks I need now! I'd pair them with my favorite pointy toe pumps or simple strapped sandals, hair up in a bun or in a loose side braid (why fight the humidity?) and enjoy my cold drink and hot man! 
What does your perfect summer date night outfit look like?
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