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July 31, 2011

Tag Sales

This Saturday morning was spent working on my big presentation, but later I couldn't help but stop at a few tag sales. I picked up a few nice china plates, and then we came upon the big daddy of all tag sales. The family had just moved out of their old Victorian house and the owner was selling some of the most beautiful things. I immediately spotted two antique chairs, a late 19th century desk, and a miniature microscope!

I think the hat suits Max better than it does me.

Shirt, Forever 21
Jean Shorts, Wet Seal
Sandals, Faces
Bag, Target
Hat, JCPenney

July 30, 2011

Cloudy Friday

I put on a dress today to bring some cheer into a cloudy Friday. I'm usually super pumped about Fridays, but I have a big presentation Monday morning so we'll see how relaxing the weekend will actually be. The weather looks gorgeous though, so hopefully I can sit outside and analyze data. I hope you enjoy your weekends!!

Dress, H&M
Cardigan, Charlotte Russe
Flats, Material Girl for Macys
Belt, Gap

July 29, 2011


Hi guys! Welcome to my blog, A Little Bit of Lacquer, a blog about everything from fashion and home decor to cooking and travel, and even a bit of my real job - finishing medical school and becoming a doctor! I hope you enjoy!

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