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December 11, 2018

Introducing fun into the middle of the week!

Hi all! Today I wanted to share the best Wednesday night we've had in a long time - it's always fun to do something out of your normal routine (particularly mid-week, when sometimes it feels like you can't do anything "fun" until the weekend)! But here's to celebrating hump-day!

We went to Chuck E. Cheese! When we got there, we ordered a large pizza to our table (my husband is obsessed with their pizza, and I must admit it was so good, dinner - check)! I put our stuff at a table and Nathan got All You Can Play passes - such a great idea! Instead of buying a certain amount of coins, you purchase a certain amount of time and can play as many games you want in that time! With older kids it would be so much fun to challenge everyone and see who can win the most tickets in a certain amount of time (we saw the adorable video of Ryan and his family doing the AYCP challenge, so fun)! With our kids they could care less about the tickets lol, it was more of a "how many times can you ride the giraffe" haha, but I LOVED it! My favorite "game" was the photobooth - so much fun taking limitless family pics haha! It felt great to not have to worry about how many times we had used our card (love that it's all on a simple tap card now, no need to worry about coins and littles inhaling them - yes I'm a doctor mom haha)!

Speaking of safety, I loved that all the kids that come in with an adult get a matching UV stamp that gets checked before leaving - an awesome safety measure that ensures your kids can't leave without the adult they came with! A few more awesome things I learned about after our visit that may help you if you decide to have a fun family trip - you can actually pause the your All You Can Play time at a kiosk (say you're going to finally eat that pizza but don't want to lose out on your game time). Also, Chuck E. Cheese is one of the few places you can also grab a beer or wine with that pizza. Just sayin.

We all had such a fun time and I'm so glad we were able to toss a little fun into our week - can't wait to go again!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese's. The opinions and text are all mine.


  1. I absolutely hate this chucky cheese location in Montgomery. The first time I came out with my family the staff was very rude about how their machines were disfunctioning. I have a big family and this time we came it took them forever to bring out my pizza. And when they did it wasn't tasty at all. They were stingy with the cheese and it is just a very ghetto fabulous location. I said I wasn't coming back here and this time I am really serious. I will drive all the way to Birmingham if I want my family to have a good time. This place should be shut down..

  2. That was so great weekend. I wanna be here much five nights at freddy’s


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