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November 17, 2018

Miami City Guide

Hey guys! Today I wanted to do a really fun post and share a few of my FAVORITE places around Miami! I've done a post in the past about some of our favorite spots on South Beach, but today I really wanted to focus on the fun stuff outside of South Beach that you can't miss!

C o c o n u t   G r o v e
This is one of the older neighborhoods in Miami and has some incredible history, but also some incredible food! One of our favorite spots is Lokal which serves incredible burgers, local beers, and something everyone should try in Florida - alligator! It's actually really good! They've got great outdoor dining, and nextdoor at Vicky's you can grab some of the best milkshakes ever! The grove is fun because there are lots of parks, plenty of shops and bookstores in a very small radius, fun bakeries, and more.

W y n w o o d
This is probably the area that has exploded the most and now I find more people (particularly the "locals") go to Wynwood to hang out than we do the beach! Wynwood is best known for it's incredible art painted on all of the walls in the neighborhood, and again, for some incredible food. Some of our favorite restaurants include Kyu and 1-800-LUCKY - but our absolute favorite place is the The Salty Donut. Best donuts ever. They've got tons of markets and live music - one of the easiest places to find this is at Wynwood Marketplace.

Outfit details:  tee  //  jeans  //  leopard flats 

L i t t l e  H a v a n a  / C a l l e   O c h o
You can't come to Miami and not visit Little Havana. Miami culture is full of Cuban roots, and you can get a great taste of that here. The easiest place to start is at Versailles - their restaurant is world famous for cuban sandwiches and other cuisine - but the locals all know that their bakery next door is where it's really at. Grab a cafe con leche (or a famous cortadito if you really want to be awake all day), some croquettas, empanadas, and a sandwich, and thank me later. Head further down Calle Ocho and explore Cubaocho museum and performing arts center for more history, then refuel at Azucar for some INCREDIBLE ice cream. Right next door is the most important spot you don't want to miss - Ball & Chain! This restaurant/bar/dancing joint always has the best live latin music, dancing, mojitos, and more. It's one of my favorite places and just feels so electric!

Outfit details: dress (similar here as well)  //  persimmon flats

Wherever you head to explore, make sure you're chic and comfortable (and environentally conscious) in some adorable Rothy's. I'm addicted to their "point" style, but love their other options too! They even have little girls' styles now! Thank you to Rothy's for sponsoring this fun post!


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