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August 27, 2018

Managing Screen Time for Kids (and adults too)!

There’s always a debate about screen time with littles, and I totally get it. Having been raised by a loving family and spending many a summer sitting on my abuela’s couch watching telenovelas (Spanish soap operas), I’ve never been too concerned with the effect a little television can have on kids as long as their getting plenty of play and stimulation elsewhere. But in the advent of iPads and smartphones and other devices, screen time now encompasses much more than just time spent in front of a television. 

We have iPads in the house and I think they are an INCREDIBLE learning tool – we have apps that help Liv learn to read, do math, Elli practices matching and pattern recognition and her alphabet and counting, and more! On top of that we love fun creative apps that let us do science experiments, dress up zoo animals, have tea parties, and even play doctor (I think I smell a post on favorite apps for the girls coming soon)! 

But with all of these awesome apps also come scarier ones – there have been a few times Liv will get onto YouTube and watch fun videos and then end up with a video that’s totally not child appropriate. Or she’ll somehow click an ad and then end up on a different website entirely. I needed something to help manage the way her iPad was being used, and thankfully I found that with Circle

Now we have Circle in our home and I finally have the screen time sidekick I’ve been hoping for! Circle is a small white box and a paired app that allow you to manage time online for every wifi-connected device in your home (so laptops, phones, and even smart TVs are included)! With Circle I can block certain websites (or what I actually do is just list a few “safe” websites that I want the girls to have access to like Disney and everything else is blocked), limit access to certain apps, monitor and/or limit the amount of time spent on devices and on apps, heck I can even pause the WiFi in our house! Amazing control all from my phone and a great way to keep screen time safe and establish healthy use for the girls. 

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