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July 17, 2018

New Shoes Dance

Nothing makes me smile more than watching these girls play together. Of course, 75% of the time they’re fighting with each other or telling on one another or at least one of the three is throwing a tantrum. But the sunshine wouldn’t be as beautiful if it weren’t for the rain! 

These girls were celebrating having just gotten happy mail ­ new clothes for the new school year! I ordered it a tiny bit big in hopes that it will still fit them by the time September comes around ­ they are truly growing like weeds and I’m constantly donating their clothes (eh, that’s not true, I let their grown­-out clothes pile up taking up precious drawer and closet space going unworn until I can’t take it any longer and then donate bags and bags)! But I digress. Gymboree has totally reimagined their brand and we are loving their adorable line! 

Liv immediately put on her glitter skirt and started twirling around, Elli put on her “princess dress” and headband (she refuses to let me put it on and this is how she insists on wearing her headbands lol) and Ro just couldn’t stop running around in her new sneakers! Adorable and them teaching each other dance moves and showing their favorite flowers just had me smiling ear to ear #madeyousmile. I’ll take Elli’s dress in my size asap please ­ it’s so soft and stretchy and even has pockets! All of the clothes seems so well­ made and is just too darn cute ­ love! Check out their new line here!


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  2. Seriously cute. Gymboree was never really my girls' (ok... my) style but thanks to this post, I checked them out and I must say... Momma likey!


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