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May 31, 2018

Liv's Preschool Graduation

Time  is  flying  y’all,  and  I  feel  like  not  long  on  this  blog  I  was  announcing  my  pregnancy  with  Liv  – and  just  last  week,  she  had  her  preschool  graduation!!!  Can  you  believe  it?? 

It  was  the  most  adorable  thing  ever,  but  one  of  my  favorite  parts  (besides  their  precious  graduation  song)  was  a  video  segment  her  teachers  filmed  asking  all  of  the  kids  what  they  wanted  to  be  when  they  grow  up.  There  were  plenty  of  the regulars - firefighters,  teachers,  doctors,  police.  But  then  there  were  the  unexpecteds  –  the  zoologist,  the  civil  engineer,  and  the  dermatologist  (can  you  guess  who  said  she  wanted  to  be  a  dermatologist  hahaha)?  All  of  those  came  out  of  the  mouths  of  little  girls!  And  I  was  just  so  proud!  

I  know  she’ll  change  her  mind  a  million  more  times,  and  if  she’s  anything  like  me,  she’ll  get  to  be  my  age  and  still  not  be  completely  sure  of  what  she  wants  to  do  with  her  life.  But  the  point  is  that  she  never  limits  herself.  The  point  is  that  she  believes  she  can  be  anything  she  wants  to  be,  as  creative  as  she  wants  to  be.  Heck  it  may  be  a  job  that  doesn’t  exist  yet.  I  know  when  I  was  her  age,  blogging  wasn’t  a  thing  (heck  internet  was  barely  a  thing)!  Her  and  her  sister  have  proclaimed  they  want  to  be  singers  (especially  after  watching  the  incredible  women  on  stage  at  the  Billboard  Music  Awards),  face  painters,  drivers  (thanks  to  our  female  Uber  drivers),  ballerinas,  moms,  horse  doctors,  pilots,  and  I’m  sure  they’ll  come  up  with  more!  The  thing  is  that  they’ve  seen  a  female  in  every  one  of  those  roles  (whether  in  person  or  in  a  book  or  on  TV)  and  that  is  just  so  dang  powerful!!  

So  here’s  to  all  YOU  women  in  those  incredible  roles!  Let’s  keep  YOU  in  the  spotlight  and  keep  your  presence  visible  for  all  of  the  young  girls  to  see!  Here’s  to  women’s  empowerment  and  companies  that  are  making  an  effort  to  actively  promote  it.  Uber  is  one  of  those  companies,  and  I’m  so  grateful  to  be  collaborating  with  them  on  this  post.  Maybe  I’m  corny  but  I  feel  sisterly  pride  when  I  get  into  an  Uber  and  a  woman  rushes  out  to  help  me  get  my  bag  in  the  trunk  –  she  pushes  aside  her  baby’s  car  seat  that  was  in  the  trunk  and  gets  me  to  where  I  need  to  be.  I  see  the  hustle.  Or  to  my  Uber  Eats  driver  (I’m  a  multiple  times  weekly  user  when  times  get  hectic)  who’s  making  deliveries  with  her  kids.  I  see  the  hustle.  Here’s  to  more  companies  like  Uber  to  help  empower  those  women  with  work  that  fits  their  life.  Thanks  to  Uber  for  sponsoring  this  post.  As  always  thoughts  and  opinions  are  my  own.    


  1. Yay, Liv!

    Miss your posts, Laura. <3

  2. Congratulations to Olivia, and to you as well!

    I have been a follower a little while before you were pregnant with her. It's like I've been able to watch her grow from a distance. LOL! Time definitely waits for no one and it's extremely important that we make the most of the time that we have with our children. Because before you know it, you're daughter is going to her first middle school dance and then the next day, she'll be graduating high school and will be off to college. (Yes, I'm triggered. LOL!)


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