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February 21, 2017

Out and About with Three

Hey y'all! Hope you're having a great start to your week! Today I wanted to share some shots from our first few times out with all three girls! Liv is now 3 and a half, and Elli is 15 months, and now we have a one week old in the mix! For the most part Liv is old and (thinks she's) independent enough to walk on her own all the time - she of course does get tired though, and then one of us (ahem, N, cough, cough) always gets stuck carrying her or giving her a piggy back ride! And Elli enjoys riding in a stroller, but hates being strapped/restricted. So in come the folks over at Evenflo to save the day - they sent me their Sibby Travel System to review - and I think everyone in the family is happy with it! We have other double strollers, but like I mentioned, it's hard to convince Liv to take a seat in any now! So the ride-along board on this stroller was perfect - it has a little clasp that allows it to easily fold up when not in use (but still easily get to the storage basket) and just as easily unclasp it to bring it back down again. 

T shirt (it's a nursing top and under $20!)  //  Mesh leggings  //  Sneakers  //  Sunglasses  //  Sling (currently sold out, similar here at under $100)

Elli loves that she can pull herself forward or recline back (while still being strapped in) or even kick her feet up on the handlebar (see above lol). Which is nice because we don't have to fight her getting in the stroller - she really does love riding in it! And not to sound shallow, but we like products that look pretty, and I love the Sibby system's minimalist style and gorgeous color options (mine is the color Mineral Grey).

Baseball cap  //  T shirt (on sale for $9!) //  Jeans  //  Slip ons (similar here)

At under $200 this stroller really does pack a ton - it even comes with a carseat which is perfect for Ro and what I use in the car. It's light weight and has a great canopy, and easily snaps in and out of the car base. Obviously when I have all three I can't actually use the carseat with the stroller (it snaps in easily though), I just keep her in my sling! As an added bonus Evenflo is currently having an offer to get a free soft infant carrier with purchase of a travel system! 

I'd say the only annoying part thus far was that I found myself kicking the board sometimes when I pushed the stroller - but that only took some easy readjusting of my step and I didn't do it anymore after the second or third time using it! N says it's not the smoothest ride - but this is the guy who almost exclusively uses our double jogger when he's out with the girls that has the shock absorption of a BMW (exaggerating but you get my point - that thing is smooth as butter, and is also over three times the cost). 

Lace up hoodie (less than $20!) //  Leggings  //  Slip ons  //  Glasses

PS - got asked a ton about this bag I've been carrying - it was a steal from Payless! Unfortunately it's not available online, but check in your local store! I snagged it maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago and it's been my favorite go-to! I love the mix of (faux) leather and suede, the 2 different strap lengths, and all the pockets! I searched online and found a few similar options if you don't have luck in-store - here, here, and here!


  1. Congrats on your baby girl. I just had my 4th boy a few months ago and I'm dying for a little girl. Hehe, question, what size hoodie is that? I'm usually an XS, but I'm not sure how it runs or if I want a looser fit.

  2. I already have the shoes you recommended, but now I might have to pick up that lace up hoodie after seeing it again here!

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