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February 26, 2017

Instagram Lately

Happy Sunday! Today just sharing a roundup of some of my recent IG posts including answers to a couple of the most common questions I got this week!


Tee  (mens, I'm wearing an XS) //  Joggers (I'm wearing the sweet macaron color - they're currently buy one get one 50% off) //  Slip Ons (seriously wearing these almost daily on maternity leave)

Car seat info: I got a lot of questions on Snapchat after I share snaps of all the girls in my backseat when I'm taking Liv to daycare - we fit all three carseats in our backseat! Liv and Elli both sit in these car seats, and Ro sits in this seat I talked about in my last post). For reference I drive a Ford Escape. 


Tee (wearing an XS) //  Jeans (similar for less than half the price here)  //  Glasses
Chair  (MUCH cheaper at Ikea if you have one near you) //  Mirror  //  Kids Chairs (so many of you wanted the info on these - they're currently on sale for $20 off the normal price!)  //  Kids Bookshelf/Bench (white is available but honestly a little overpriced compared to what I paid, but after searching around it looks like it's out of stock most places, so that explains why! It's also available in grey for a cheaper price)  //  Couch (all the covers come off so I can just throw them all in the washing machine and dryer)!


Top  //  Jacket (less than $20)  //  Jeans (less than $20, run small, I'm wearing a M) //  Heels  //  Purse

I got my full length floor mirror here and absolutely love it! Hope to do a home post soon and I can share some better shots of it!   


Tee (nursing friendly!) //  Shorts (less than $20, run small, I'm wearing M) //  Sling  //  Slip Ons


I've been getting asked a ton about how I got back in shape so quickly after three babies - I haven't done anything yet except breastfeed and pump, but I was also a size 0-2 pre-baby. Everyone's uterus gets toned back down at its own pace but I do think it gets stronger each time - but who knows! I did a full post after having Elli on postpartum fitness you can read it here!


PS - so many of you ask pre-med/med/studying/balance related questions - make sure to check out the FAQ and Medicine sections of the blog!


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


  1. I think unfortunately a lot of post-baby fitness is luck/genetics! I always feel like an a-hole talking about it, but I gained very little weight during pregnancy, had a smaller baby at 35 weeks, breastfed/pumped and my body was (looks-wise) pretty much back to normal in a week or two...except for the breastfeeding boobs ;-). I was pretty active during pregnancy and tried to make good decisions on food but nothing crazy. There were a lot of milkshakes involved during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    All that to say...I feel like our society puts a lot of pressure on bouncing back, but no one should beat themselves up, or think you're not working as hard as the skinny moms . I really believe it's mostly luck, although a healthy lifestyle and breastfeeding (if you can!) certainly doesn't hurt.

    1. Totally agree with you re:genetics playing a big role too!!

  2. Thanks for sharing Laura! Btw where is your couch from? Love your content! <3

  3. I totally saved that mirror for 'future purchase'. Exactly what I was looking for for my apartment! You're looking stunning as always Laura!!

  4. Just curious are the white jeans from Shein see-through? I always worry when buying white things they are going to be see-through, also love your blog! Found you after my husband applied to medical school. Please let me know about the jeans. :)

  5. I really believe it's mostly luck, although a healthy lifestyle and breastfeeding (if you can!) certainly doesn't hurt.



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