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December 3, 2016

Getting into the (Miami) Holiday Spirit

Happy weekend everyone! I hope you all are enjoying it - it's so weird having weekends off like a "normal" person again! Although poor N - he's working a 24 hour shift today covering the eye hospital emergency room. But me and the girls have already cleaned the entire house (ok, most of the house) and gotten some Christmas shopping done - we even made it out to a reading of How the Grinch Stole Christmas! So much fun! 

It's been easier than expected to still get into the holiday spirit here in Miami despite not having the cold temperatures and necessary bundling up. The temperature is still a little bit cooler than it was in the summer months, and the key is dressing in easy layers! I can still get away with wearing a cute ankle boot (I shared these on my snapchat last week and so many of you wanted to know where they were from - they're by Sofft and on sale 25% off right now)! They've also got great cushion and a nice chunky heel that makes them totally reasonable for clinic days! 

Throwing on a light sweater still gives me that cozy feel, and usually it's needed in the air conditioned indoors anyway! If I'm out near the water the sweater is definitely necessary since there's always a breeze, and if the sweater isn't necessary, I always make sure to have a tank top underneath so I can take it off if need be! 

Boots  //  Sweater  //  Leggings  //  Bag  //  Glasses  //  Watch (get 15% off your Daniel Wellington purchase with code LAURALACQUER15)

On top of what I wear, the city itself has been getting dressed up for the holidays too! 
This is actually my hospital campus with lights that they put up!

This is the tree at the shopping center near our house! And that's Livi standing in front of it in the turquoise shirt if you can spot her!

I drive by these flashy palm trees every evening picking up Liv from preschool!

Some of my favorite lights in Coconut Grove (with my favorite people - this was on Elli's first birthday last week)!

It's been really nice, we're getting the house set up too! More on that to come in another post ;)

PS - There are tons of great sales still going on this weekend! My entire outfit is all on sale, most pieces are at least 25% off or more! Check the rest of the sales below! 

West Elm - 20% off all in stock items // no code necessary

MAC - 25% off entire order // no code necessary

Asos - 30% off party wear // no code necessary

Anthropologie - extra 40% off all sale items // no code necessary

Lands' End - up to 60% off // no code necessary
and 50% off all kids, 30% off EVERYTHING else // code KIDS, PIN 2977

Banana Republic - 40% off entire purchase // code BRGIVE

Coach - extra 50% off sale // no code necessary (OBSESSED with this crossbody - it's sort of my style though lol, nearly identical to the one I already have! But at less that $150 it's so tempting! This one is also really tempting, ugh, I need to just stop scrolling the sale)!

JCPenney - up to 30% off sale items  // code 44BUYNOW

Ann Taylor - extra 50% off all sale // no code necessary

Ann Taylor Loft - extra 50% off all sale // no code necessary

Pottery Barn - up to 30% off select items // no code necessary
also - today, 20% off one item + free shipping // code GIVEJOY

Baublebar - 25% off 2 items or more // code GIFT25 (I wish I knew what the initial for our 3rd baby would be because I would totally be asking Santa for this special necklace with all 3 of my babies' initials)! 

Enjoy the rest of your weekends everyone!! xx


  1. Who takes your photos?

    1. I just prop my phone up somewhere and use the self timer most of the time 😂

  2. You're so freaking pretty Laura! Do you want to have a Christmas baby?

    1. Aw thank you 🙈 And no, that baby would be a premie! I'm thinking a Valentines baby lol

  3. You have great hair girl! Slayyyyyy

  4. Can you talk to your followers on Snapchat more?

  5. That Palm tree picture is beautiful. Are you secretly a pro photographer?!?!?!

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  7. You are such an inspiration and a positive role model. I wish you and your family nothing but the best in 2017 and beyond!

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