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September 22, 2016

Fall Weather (at least indoors)

Happy first day of Fall everyone! The weather down here in Miami certainly doesn't feel like fall (and I'm accepting that it never really will), but these crazy people put the air conditioners on so high that yesterday I still wore a sweater to work (and was still chilly all day)! 

My top was a recent purchase from SheIn; I've been obsessed with ruffle tops lately (maybe because Liv loves them and twirls with me when I wear them?), so I'm wearing them as much as I can until the bump makes it look a little ridiculous. And at under $20 it's hard to beat! These pants are my new favorite work pants - I love that they come in petite sizes as well, and I especially love the soft stretchy material and the side zip which should be able to accommodate the bump for a while! And my shoes - maybe you guys remember me obsessing about the rose-colored ones I got this spring? I went ahead and got the camel colored ones for fall and love them just as much. 

I get asked all the time about my watch and glasses on Instagram photos - I'm always wearing the same ones that I linked up below! New to my "classics" are these pearl earrings that my mom got me over a decade ago and I just rediscovered! I wear them almost daily. 

Top  //  Pants  //  Shoes  //  Bag (similar)  //  Watch  //  Glasses  //  Earrings (nearly identical)

(Pager not included hahaha. Trust me you don't want it).


  1. Laura you were posted on Bossips's website!

  2. Why don't you Snapchat anymore? You used to talk about how much you loved Snapchat on Instagram and I downloaded Snapchat just to watch you. I miss seeing you! Do you Instagram stories instead now?

    1. Sounds like you haven't been on Snapchat lol! I've been posting all week! I just don't have my phone on me as much as I used to, but i'm still posting!


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