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August 20, 2016

Weekend Vibes!

Enjoying a little Miami staycation with N this weekend to celebrate our wedding anniversary (and my first weekend of derm residency actually NOT being on call)! Will add a few more pictures later in the weekend! Hope you all enjoy yours!

Dress  (comes in light denim like mine or medium denim, and is on sale for $30!)  //  Handbag  //  Watch  //  Sunglasses  //  Sandals

Top  //  Jeans  //  Handbag  //  Watch  //  Sandals (on crazy sale right now from the original $170 to $75!)


  1. Hi Laura! I'm a new subscriber and I wanted to tell you how refreshing your blog is! I'm obsessed with reading your journey because I will be starting nursing school on Monday! I was accepted into a pretty competitive program and really want/need to stay on top of everything. I wanted to give you a product recommendation. I absolutely love LUSH handmade cosmetics and I bought their new hair custard product while I was vacationing in Hawaii and it SAVED my hair! I have curly hair and it is quickly becoming a holy grail product.

  2. Your style never fails to impress me! I fall in love with everything you wear! Have fun on your staycation- you deserve it!

  3. I almost got that bag at Old Navy yesterday!!

  4. Congrats girlie! I'm a PGY1 with young kids and wanted to ask you when you found time to study for step 3? Did you just do questions whenever you had time? Seems like there's no time! Thanks!


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