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July 18, 2016

Back to School Bags!

I can't believe we are already approaching the start of another school year (thanks to the displays at stores for reminding me)!!

I've previously done a huge post on the most organized bags of almost all sizes and different price points - but today I wanted to share a few perfect school bags!

At the top of my list is this laptop bag - I'm a sucker for customer photos on Amazon and there are a few that would really sell me on it!! It's well structured and beautiful (but not so fancy that you'd be afraid to really use it as your everyday bag) and has some serious looking supportive straps! I also love the laptop sleeve and other pockets. I also like that while this bag doesn't have a zipper (easier to grab things out of while on the go), it also doesn't have one of those useless magnetic snap closures that doesn't do a thing once you've actually filled the bag! This clasp closure gets the job done! 

This bag came in at a close second - it's cheaper than the last one, but per reviews sounds like people really love it - for a college student on a budget (it's less than $50) I think this would be a great and reliable option! There are obviously even cheaper bags, but one thing I learned while always trying to save money (or more like not having enough money in the first place lol) was that even if I could find a super cute $25 bag from a store (I still am a sucker for Forever 21 finds!) - it wouldn't even last half a semester with the way I was using it! So if you can spend a tiny bit more for a more durable bag, I would. It doesn't mean you have to spend an arm and a leg! 

And I couldn't forget a backpack - it's a school classic and really is so convenient for carrying around all day! I fell in love with this one (it comes in other colors and patterns too) - it has a padded compartment for your laptop and then other pockets for everything else! Doesn't get better!

And as a relevant aside - I get asked all the time about notebooks vs ipad vs laptop for taking notes in class. I personally tended to be a paper and pen kind of girl and always preferred notebooks. But I think in college it's a little easier to organize things that way when you're studying a limited subject for a limited amount of time (a semester usually). Currently for dermatology residency, I actually almost exclusively use my iPad mini and the Evernote app. I still carry a small notebook with me too jot down things when I would otherwise feel uncomfortable pulling out my iPad, but those notes will later get thrown into my Evernote notes. I love this because your notes can actually be searchable - so when I hear something and know I've written something down about it before I don't have to flip through endless pages searching - I can just type in a keyword and find it in seconds! I think this is going to work better for dermatology where I'm studying the same (incredibly vast) subject for years. My laptop (a MacBook Air) definitely still comes along some days as I prefer it for doing blog posts and writing papers, etc. but sadly I've had way less time for that with all of the change in moving and learning a new field! But don't worry y'all I'll definitely be back to more regular posting soon! 

Hope you found this post helpful!


  1. Great post! I love totes, but I use mine so much the the straps start to wear out where it attaches to the bag. I will give these a try & hope they take a bit longer before going to the tote bag graveyard lol.

  2. Ahh I love the idea of the back pack! So cute. I'm always toting around things to read and it's professional enough that I wouldn't stress out a shoulder/neck carrying ��������

  3. Hi! I would love to learn more about how you use Evernote for school. I signed up ages ago but never really got the hang of it. I would be super interested to learn more about your approach and tips. Thanks! (signed- fellow Smithie ;) )

  4. Great post – these are an excellent variety of stylish and practical carry bags for your laptop and other electronics. You spend a lot of money on purchasing your laptop, and for most people, it’s an essential part of carrying out daily life. So, it’s well-worth investing in a good bag that will prevent it from coming to harm and to extend its life. Getting a good laptop case is also well-worth spending a bit of money on.

  5. Laura! Thank you for such a helpful post! I have been looking for just the right bag for my senior year in college. After your post, I ended up getting the second bag on your list in the medium size, instead of large, and I must say, it's perfect!!

    Good luck in your derm residency, you are such an inspiration!


  6. Thanks so much Laura!! This post came right on time, as I'm heading back to school this September and seriously needed a new bag!!

    Good luck with everything, you have inspired a lot of people out there

    - Meriam

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