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June 21, 2016

Easy Summer Look - and come meet up before I leave Boston!

Happy Tuesday! Today is a particularly happy Tuesday for me because yesterday was my last day of intern year - I'm done!! I sure did go out with a bang - I was long call admitting resident on cardiac critical care and worked from 7am until about 10:45pm when I turned in my pager and headed to the parking lot for the last time. Craziness!

Even more crazy is that next Tuesday we'll start our trip down to Miami. Pinch me. 
Although we'll be bringing some of our stuff, I'm looking forward to really starting with a very small amount of things and curating a very thoughtful new apartment - it will be fun to share with you all! 

Before that, I'll be having a huge moving sale/ meet and greet the same place N and I got married! It will be so special and so fun for me (and hopefully for you too)! Check out the event page here for more info! It's next Saturday, so mark your calendars!

Outfit details: romper (only $15), bracelet (also on $15), mug by Brim Papery (more will be available very soon), watch, c/o Daniel Wellington  (I'm wearing a new Durham strap with my old Classic face - I love that they're interchangeable)! PS - use code  LAURALACQUER for 15% off all products from - good until July 15! 


  1. Congrats on finishing your intern year, that's so exciting! It's gonna be so fun to see you posts from Miami.

    I have been wanting to get that Daniel Wellington watch every since I saw it on your blog! It's so classy.


  2. Congrats pretty lady!! So many new things! What's next for your medical career??


  3. Hi Laura! I love your blog! And your family! You are such an inspiration!! Congrats on finishing intern year! I too will be moving to the South shortly and will be looking forward to your decor posts! I will be moving into my first apartment and I am super excited! I would love it if you could check out my blog when you have the chance. thank you!

  4. Congrats on finishing up! Good luck on the new chapter.


    Aïchatou Bella

  5. Congratulations and Good luck on your next journey... I wish I lived near you I would buy everything (well try atleast)

  6. Congratulations! I can't wait till I'm at this point.
    The Medic Mind

  7. So sad I missed your sale! But, that would have been a long drive from the Windy City! :) if you still have any items left, would you consider selling online?

    Also, I'm talking about summer reading on the blog today. Perhaps you can get lost in a book or two on your family road trip!

  8. Hey Laura!!! I love your blog. I know you've posted about your own personal journey through under-grad and med school, but I was wondering if you would ever consider posting anything about N's? I understand that that may be invasive and (from what I can tell), he's a fairly private person!! Regardless, seeing two young, colored people excel in life with a sense of hard work and family is inspiring enough. I don't need a detailed story to make me be look up to the both of you!!! Stay on your grind girl, you're one of the only sources of inspiration pushing me through law school lol!

  9. Congratulations and Good luck on your next journey... I wish I lived near you I would buy everything.
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