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April 18, 2016

Almond Joy Protein Oats

Today I'm sharing the easy recipe for my favorite breakfast! I've literally eaten this every morning for the past two weeks lol! My favorite part is that you can prepare it in advance if you want and just grab it from the fridge and go in the morning! 


(this is my favorite brand)!

(this brand mixes the best and has the best taste)

Simply mix all ingredients and let sit in fridge overnight. Or, if you like it warm sometimes I'll quickly cook my oats in the morning by just pouring a bit of boiling water over them and letting it sit for a couple of minutes (while I get other things ready) and then add all of the other ingredients and mix! So easy to eat on the commute too! No more excuses for not eating breakfast! 

It's not particularly low-calorie, but it keeps you full all morning and is full of whole grains, fiber, protein, and lots of vitamin E (so good for your skin)! To make it even healthier you could use unsweetened shredded coconut and unsweetened almond milk (sorry I'm not parting with my bit of sweetness haha)!

PS - my container photo'd here with twist on lid (the best!) came as part of our Nutri-Bullet.


  1. I kid you not, since I've been home for vacation, my father has made me a nutribullet healthy smoothie every night to try and convert me to nutribullet. He has clearly won, because that damn thing is so handy and less stress than a big blender. Your recipe looks amazing. I'm super lazy with breakfast, so if I can do something high calorie that's prepped the day before then I am ON IT. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Blend, right, not stir? I usually assume (maybe incorrectly) "mix" in recipe directions means stir so I wanted to verify I should blend. I know you have the Nutri-Bullet in the picture so maybe that's a dumb question. Will you verify, anyway? :)

    Thanks for this idea! I coincidentally bought chocolate protein powder right before I saw this. Grateful for the recipe, and excited to try!

    1. No I really mean just mix - stir it with a spoon - and eat with a spoon. I just use this container because it has a lid so it's easy to take on the go! But this is basically like oatmeal. I hope you like it!

    2. Nice... Fewer dishes then. Thanks again

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