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March 25, 2016

Videos are BACK!

For those of you who might have missed the couple of announcements I did over on Instagram, I'm back to making YouTube videos (when I get the time lol)! Actually speaking to you guys on video as opposed to "speaking" on the blog adds a whole 'nother level (at least that's how I feel, I hope you guys feel the same)!

Today I posted another video, what's in my bag! Check it out below! 

My outfit details:  Sweater  //  Jeans (on sale for $18.50!)  //  Shoes (obsessed with this color for spring, FYI- I sized up a half size and they fit perfectly!) //  Bag (similar)  //  Nail polish

Product mentions in video: Aquaphor  //  Baby lips  //  Perfume  //  Multicolor pens  //  iPhone  //  iPhone charger  //  Stethoscope  //  Notebook used for iPad (only $10!)  //  Mini Binder  //  Macbook Air

Check out my channel to see previous videos and subscribe if you want to know when I post again (as I won't always be posting it to the blog)! 

I hope you all have great weekends!!


  1. I enjoy your videos! Can you do video on books you're reading/the books that inspired you.

    Thanks!, Kat

  2. Hobo wallets are wonderful! Take a look! (Not cheap, but they last forever).
    Thank you for the 'timer' trick! I'm going to use one right now and get back to studying neuroanatomy!

  3. I recently discovered your blog and you are such an inspiration to me. I've been in such a negative mental state regarding my ability to accomplish my goals. Your pre-med journey video was just the kick I needed to pull myself out of this funky funk and focus on what I want. Your blog is such a bright spot and truly proved to be a blessing tonight. Thank you so much for sharing your insights and positivity.

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