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March 18, 2016

How I Straighten My Hair

Happy Friday!! I got a lot of snaps recently about my hair care - particularly what I use to get my hair straight or to get my loose waves as most of you know my hair is naturally wavy/curly (for those who are familiar with curl types I'm usually a 2B/2C with absolutely no product in my hair, a 3A with curl-enhancing product).

For those who have seen my snaps this is the straightening iron I use - both for getting it straight and for doing my loose waves. I bought it on a whim when I lost my old one (after having it for almost 6 years!), and could not be happier with it! I've had it now for about a year and have had no issues, most of the reviews online agree it's awesome as well!

After shampooing and conditioning (and honestly I switch up my shampoo and conditioner ALL the time so I won't act like I have a favorite) I use a ping pong ball size amount of this mousse and work it through my towel-dried hair. This has been my holy grail (especially since it started thinning and falling out post-partum)! I try to let it mostly air dry, and then finish drying it completely with a round brush and my blow-dryer - making sure to brush it up away from my head and in various directions to get the most volume. (the right side of the middle picture above is my crazy hair after blow-drying it in this fashion - it's not meant to be the final result)! Then I split my hair in half and then multiple smaller pieces, going over each piece with my round brush and flat iron right behind it (which provides nice tension). I make sure to bend the bottom to get a little bounce as I'm not a fan of stick straight hair! To get the waves I use the same technique except I sort of flick my wrist while using the iron which creates a nice loose curl - I'll have to video it since I think it likely doesn't make much sense when I explain it!

My hair is happiest actually a day or two after I wash it, as I use dry shampoo that gives it more volume and thickness (right now this postpartum hair loss is no joke)! Right now I currently use this dry shampoo which works fantastically, but sometimes does flake and sometimes annoys me with its smell (its weird, some days I can tolerate it, some days I can't). I think I'll be buying this one next  - it has fantastic reviews on Amazon (and in magazines, etc) and I smelled it the other day in a salon and it smelled SO good! It was pretty pricey in the salon though so I think I'll purchase through Amazon which is the cheapest I've seen so far (although I'd love to hear if anyone sees it cheaper somewhere else)! I just spray it at the roots, let it sit for a minute, then massage my roots (and usually brush it out, although some days I'm going for a more toussled look so I skip the brush). And that's pretty much it! When I straighten my hair I usually will not wash it for at least a week after - my curly haired girls know this is the norm, we don't deal with as many issues as those with fine/oily hair. As far as sleeping, I usually put it up in a loose high pony with a soft hair tie. When I shower I just put it in a bun and have a microfiber headband I wear over my edges so they don't revert to their natural nappy state lol! I hope this post answered some of your questions, and have an awesome weekend!!

PS - my scrubs in the left photo are by FIGS (and you can get a discount any time using code "lacquerxfigs" for sizing reference I wear an XS in both top and bottom), and here are the details for my outfit on the right : Tee  //  Sweater (non-cashmere look-a-like a fraction of the price)  //  Jeans  //  Sneakers  //  Bag


  1. I have naturally curly hair too, so I feel your pain! but still not going to complain as we get the best of both worlds :) I also have a CHI and i've had it for about 8 years now and I love it.

  2. Props to you! It's so exhausting straightening my hair but I totally love the result.

    Aïchatou Bella

  3. Hi! Great post :D would love to see a post on how you stay positive and self care, have a great day! Take care <3

  4. great post. i agree with Naima, i would love to see how you stay positive and manage working full time, kids, date nights, cooking,cleaning and self care. it seems that this is a big challenge for most working moms.

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