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February 12, 2016

Travelling Necessities

We're headed off for a little long weekend escape and I couldn't be more excited - although I'll be honest and say I'm having a really hard time not feeling guilty for not bringing the girls! But I'm trying to tell myself they'll be just fine (they will) and I'll be back to them in no time! Guys I have a confession. In preparation for this trip (and having to check luggage on the way back so I can bring all of the milk I pump back with me!) I bought my first "spinner" suitcase and I'm never going back. This thing is awesome. If you guys follow me on snapchat you'll know that N is incredibly jealous of it lol! Best of all it's carry-on size and fits all of my stuff perfectly (and even fit under the seat in front of me when all the overhead space was taken)! The white one is gorgeous too, although I'm not sure how practical white luggage is? No, I know that answer - it's not! But still pretty ;)

For my smaller bag I keep under the seat I brought along my Charlotte + Asher diaper bag! It's the perfect size to hold my laptop and other necessities, has enough pockets to keep everything organized, but not too many pockets where things are still sort of lost. I also have this toiletries bag that I absolutely love - it's so much easier finding things in a clear bag! 

For entertainment I brought along my iPad mini (mine was just on sale in store at Target since Liv has officially commandeered my old one) with the kindle for iPad app (or alternatively a kindle paperwhite - I'm trying not to look at photos of it because it makes me want one! All kindles are currently on super sale right now too though)!

For this vacation since the kids aren't with us I decided I'd actually try and get some leisure reading in (honestly a laughable thought when traveling with them lol)! I actually signed up for Kindle unlimited since they were offering a free 30-day trial! You essentially can download almost any book and have unlimited reading (and audiobooks too) for $9.99 a month. So I've got a ton of books on my list right now! Honestly I don't know if I'll continue using it past the 30 day free trial (does that make me a horrible person?) since once this super short vacation is over I'm not going to have much "leisure reading" time, but if you are somebody who does it's seriously awesome!

And of course I couldn't forget my earphones (although I love these gold ones - they come in pink too!) for listening to music - I get major anxiety on planes (flying doesn't bother me, but being in a confined space with no escape does!) and music and chewing gum help big time! And this time I had to bring along a headphone splitter - this is the best invention ever for when you're watching a movie on the same laptop or ipad but each want to listen with your own headphones! 

As far as a travel outfit - this one is my tried-and-true - cozy fleece-lined leggings, a loose high-low hem sweater, and travel wrap. This wrap is awesome - I can wear it as a scarf for when I'm getting around the airport, but it opens to a really good size that I use as a wrap/blanket on flight! And makes for an awesome nursing or pumping cover up if that's something you also have to balance while traveling! Make sure to have easy slip on shoes too! During warmer months I stick with sandals that are completely hands-free when it comes to putting on and removing, but these shoes worked perfectly for this trip! 

Make sure to be following along on Instagram and Snapchat (both @lauralacquer) for peeks of our trip! Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Spinner suitcases are the best! I am so happy you've mentioned the headphone splitter product! I honestly never heard of it. Have a wonderful trip and do not feel guilty <3

  2. I don't even know how I lived my life without a spinner suitcase. I've had the London Fog Chelsea spinner suitcase and I just ordered the matching hardside spinner. This was a result of Southwest causing some stains. But yes, they are totally convenient and help navigating through the airport a breeze.

    I had Amazon Unlimited -- and I remembered I had it because I finally called the number on my bank statement to inquire about the charge that keep reappearing. Needless to say, it would be awesome if I could read more as well, but family, work, and my thesis prevent all my leisure reading, but I'm working on making time for something I love so much.

    I hope you guys enjoy your trip!

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  4. I have this same anxiet on planes! I'm not afraid of flying but freak out a bit in the small space.

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  6. The kindle paperwhite is great. The screen is so much kinder on your eyes and it's easy to read outside and in the dark. I love mine for holidays.

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  8. Loved this post!

    You work so hard and I hope you had a great time on your trip.

    I should definitely invest in the headphone splitter :)

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