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February 2, 2016

Little Black Dress

Just sharing a quick and easy look with a wardrobe staple - the little black dress. This one by the babes over at Brass is my favorite. It's been teasing me in the closet all pregnancy and I finally dusted it off and wore it today! Will definitely be a favorite for years to come, the quality is really something else! I spiced it up in the most neutral of ways by throwing on these lace-up flats (I originally mentioned them in this post and had to buy them)!

Outfit details:  dress  //  flats  //  watch (currently 55% off!)  


  1. Love this dress! You can dress it down for work and up for happy hour with the man or with friends! Looking good lady.

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  3. Hey Laura, quite possibly one of my favorite looks on you!! Totally buying the dress and shoes. Simple and sassy, I lvoe it. With this drab weather, I can totally use Rose ballet flats to add to the collection. So worth the splurge. Thanks girl

  4. i love everything about this. totally buying this dress today!

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