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January 29, 2016

Sleeveless Turtleneck Dress

Happy Friday y'all! Just sharing yesterday's easy clinic look (dresses seriously are SO easy for work)! I love sleeveless designs because I don't overheat in my white coat, and can easily add a cardigan or coat for when it's a bit cooler! For the price of this dress (see below) I couldn't believe the softness and bit of stretch of the fabric - and the length couldn't be more perfect for work!

These flats are another simple staple that look adorable with ankle length skinny jeans for the weekend or a dress for work! And the best part (other than the comfy memory foam footbeds)? They were on sale for $10 (and are buy one get one 50% off). Seriously doesn't get better.

This entire look cost $144 -  that's including the coat - and the watch (that's normally priced at around $200). Ya girl doesn't play when it comes to bargain shopping!! ;)

Outfit details:  dress  ($12!) //  coat ($32!)  //  flats ($10!) //  watch ($90 - over 50% off its usual price)!


  1. I just found a gold Nixon watch that was originally priced at about $500. I got it for $93! Thanks for the helpful tips! I'm in the process of saving money but I couldn't pass up this sweet deal!

  2. oooh all so affordable! Love it! Thanks for sharing :)

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