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September 14, 2015

Gift Ideas for a Two Year Old Girl

It's hard to believe my girl is turning two tomorrow. She's talking nonstop in almost full sentences (her favorite is probably "no mommy not yours, Livi's") and copying every single thing we say and do. Today I'm sharing some gift ideas that would be perfect for any two year old girl!

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1. Liv absolutely loves running around trying to push our stroller. She has a really hard time pushing around our favorite Skoot, and when we use our lighter umbrella stroller it's so light (and tall for her) that she usually almost tips herself over trying to push it! I can't wait to see her use this adorable stroller for her dolls/dogs/Mickie and Minnie - I already know she will be pushing them everywhere!

2. Liv's birthday falls at a perfect time when we can just pick up plenty of new fall and winter clothes for her - absolutely nothing from last year fits! An adorable jacket for the fall like this one is perfect for chillier temps!

3. An exotic stuffed animal. Sure Liv loves her stuffed dogs and bears, but I want to have the type of kid walks around with her sloth. A two year old who knows what a sloth is my kind of two year old. This one is amazing. So good. I can already see her walking around the neighborhood pushing her sloth in the doll stroller.

4. In Hispanic culture baby girls get their ears pierced almost immediately after birth (many hospitals do it before they go home), and if not certainly by 3 months. I wasn't a fan of it despite my mom's insisting, but Liv has actually started getting really interested in earrings herself and wanting to wear mommy's. So at 2 (well beyond the normal Hispanic age but I'm sure quite before the typical American age) we went ahead and got Liv's ears pierced (and she hasn't stopped walking around showing off her new "eawings.") It's obviously a choice that is family-specific, but if you're considering it I would highly recommend real gold studs; we went ahead and got Liv a tiny set of 10K diamond studs (on sale for $100)!

5. An age-appropriate handbag. I'm not a fan of making my Liv trying to grow up too soon, but she is obsessed with bags and always carries mine around. Searching for bags, most of them are either too "grown up" looking, or glittery and plastered with pictures of Elsa or some other Disney character. This bag is the perfect in between - bright and playful but still adorable.

6. The so-cute-but-what-were-they-thinking-when-they-decided-on-the-price gift. Scrolling through dresses this one immediately caught my eye, it's just so precious! But then I saw the price - do people actually buy stuff this expensive for 2 year olds!?! I wouldn't even spend that much on a dress for myself even if I could convince myself I'd wear it for years! I included it because it was cute for the collage lol!

7. So Liv's absolute favorite thing to do is jump in puddles. I'd almost say she loves rainy days more than sunny ones. We walk around the neighborhood in our rain coats and jump in puddles - initially in her snow boots, but now in an old dirty pair of mesh sneakers. But I can't wait to see her in these toddler-sized Hunter boots, she is going to absolutely love them. She'll think she's Peppa Pig.

8. It's been harder than I initially expected teaching Liv Spanish. I try to speak it at home when I remember, but no one else at home speaks Spanish, so she never hears much conversation. We watch Saturday morning cartoons in Spanish and Pocoyo in Spanish on YouTube, but now that she follows books so much better it's time to get more bilingual board books like this one.

9. We've just started her with potty training, and a toy like this potty training doll would be perfect to get her accustomed to the idea of what going potty is all about. Plus I am all for supporting brands that make dolls in all skin tones! Her other favorite that's she's had for about a year now is her Baby Stella that comes in a gorgeous beige skin color.

What kinds of gifts do you think are perfect for a 2-year-old girl? Would love to hear your favorites!


  1. I commented on your instagram already, sorry!, but I still don't know when to pierce Z's ears. I wanted to get them done earlier (as mine and my siblings were done as babies), but never found the time. Now she's going on three, and I'm more frightened than anything. How did she do during the piercing?

    Also, some cute ideas that I think are cute if she doesn't already have them, that my daughter loves are: a tea party set with napkins, cups, the whole thing. my aunt makes potholders and made Z some mini potholders for her kitchen, she absolutely adores them! So cute in funky patterns. Also, a wooden toy camera is on our list currently. She has a point-and-shoot that I passed down to her but now I think it's too much for a toddler lol, but she can surely use her imagination!! <3 She loves to pretend, so I think anything that encourages positive imagination fun is great!

  2. And by the way! If you like that dress, I have a grey dress that I bought for Zwi before she was even born just because I loved it so much! Liv could probably fit it, I can totally send it to you. It's adorable. We love it but I've been holding on to it for either another child or for someone who I think would get plenty use out of it! It's beautiful and perfect for fall!! <3

  3. So many cute ideas! She's going to love the stroller. My 4 year old daughter got one for Christmas and she still uses it everyday. As for the Spanish, have you seen the Little Pim series?
    My daughter really liked it and picked up so many words in Spanish. Now she's been watching the French series and it's crazy how easily she's picked it up. We do speak Spanish at home (mostly my husband because it's his first language) so my daughter has become fully bilingual. Don't give up on speaking it at home even if it feels like it isn't helping. It does stick even if it's only one parent who speaks it. Raising your child to be bilingual is one of the greatest gifts and advantages you'll ever give them. Happy birthday Liv!

  4. This is such an amazing and personalized list, yet it also gives the readers the options to be more creative with gifts! Great read.

  5. Happy Birthday Liv! I love your gift ideas. I am a fan of these cute animal chairs for'll be something she could use for years


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