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August 29, 2015

Organized Bags at every size and price

After mentioning my ideal school/hospital bag in my post about back-to-school shopping, a lot of you wanted more recommendations for bags that were a little smaller (or larger) and could fit various budgets. So today I whipped up a quick guide for some of my favorite organized bags, which size I think is best for what, and an easy solution for organizing any bag! 

Small bags:  Small crossbody-style bags are perfect for days you are only carrying what you need for a certain event. Maybe you're only in the hospital for the morning and just need a small notebook, your stethoscope, cell phone and other essentials. These size bags are perfect for when you don't need to carry your entire day with you.  From left to right (least expensive to most expensive) are this bag by Target, this Dooney and Bourke classic, and this gorgeous bag by Tumi

Medium bags:  I think my idea of medium is probably a little bigger than some people's, but these medium bags are perfect for carrying around most of what you'll need for an entire day at work or school - your laptop, planner, lunch, and other essentials. Their size isn't overwhelming but they can pack pretty much everything you need. This is usually my go-to everyday bag. From left to right (least expensive to most expensive) are this bag by Fisher Price (yes, now we're getting into the diaper bags, but trust me these are fabulous for organizing!), this bag by Skip Hop, and this bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs

Large bags:  Now we're getting into the really large bags - typically designed for weekend trips and short travel. But if you're the type of girl who has to carry around everything for multiple different events throughout the day, this will be your bag of choice. These bags not only fit your laptop and lunch and whatever else you need for the day, but you can also throw in your change of clothes and sneakers for the gym where you're headed straight after work. Or you're sneaking away to get a couple hours of work done but later will be on mom-duty running errands with baby for the rest of the day and need to carry both mom and baby necessities. Whatever is it that is packing up your day, these size bags will allow you to carry everything you need with you. From left to right (least expensive to most expensive) are this bag by Skip Hop, this cult-classic by MZ Wallace, and this bag (my med school favorite) by Lo & Sons (happens to be 20% off now)!

Already have a bag you love but it could use a little more organizing? Try buying a bag insert that essentially adds extra pockets to your bag! This one gets awesome reviews- it fits most tote-style bags, comes in bright colors, and is a great solution at around $20! An insert like this can really make any bag an organized carry-all! 


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