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March 5, 2015

Sweater Dress

Hey all!! Sharing a quick outfit look with you guys today - one of my favorite dresses styled at two different lengths. As a petite girl it's sometimes hard to find dresses that hit just where I want them without needing tailoring - one way to get around this is to buy looser fitting dresses and belt them at the waist so I can get the length a little shorter. But this isn't always something I want to do, and especially with more figure-forming dresses it doesn't always look right! 

Sweater dresses are one of my favorites during the winter, and this one by Brass has not let me down. It's got a nice heavy quality to it and does not lose its shape, making it perfect for folding in if you want to adjust the length (like I did in the top photo) and not falling out of place! The normal length hits just right to make it business appropriate as well, so for me it's also a no-brainer to throw on under my white coat and go! 

All shopping links can be found here:

Thank you to the lovely local Boston ladies at Brass for making such high quality dresses and sponsoring this post! 


  1. such a cute dress ! love how heavy it looks .. makes it more appropriate for daily casual wear :)

  2. this is a great look - with out without the vest.
    great dress!


  3. never thought about wearing knee high socks with boots. That looks really cute. Have to try this.

  4. So stunning! You look perfect in this sweater dress also you look very pretty in this dress.


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