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January 13, 2015

Wardrobe Basics

One of the things I'm constantly working on is keeping things simple. It's so easy to be a collector - to buy and store, to add and add and fill up your plate. But I find that physical clutter (even if it's pretty clutter) just contributes to mental clutter! As they say, clear space = clear mind (or something like that). Especially for us living in such a small space, I'm always trying to go through and get rid of what we don't need or use, especially in the closet!

Many of you have sent me questions about how to build a wardrobe - so here it is - all the essentials for your closet and nothing else. I'll warn you guys - I am a sucker for neutrals - but one way to pare your wardrobe down the most is to keep everything in a similar color palette, this way everything can mix and match. One of the ways we get into trouble with having too much is needing each item in every color (of course that's fine if that's what makes you happy!) A lot of these basics will change depending on what type of climate you live in as well, so you may swap out an extra pair of jeans for jean shorts - lucky you! ;)

Nice t-shirts are essential for my wardrobe - you can dress them up by throwing a blazer or cardigan over, or keep them simple. You'll never go wrong with black, white, and black and white stripes. A sweater is a must here in New England (I tend to collect these, but then find myself wearing the same one repeatedly - so that's the essential one)! A cardigan will make any of your short sleeve shirts or sleeveless dresses appropriate. A gorgeous wrap top is a work-piece classic, and can be paired with a pencil skirt or pencil pants (my favorite cut of dress pants - they look best when they hit right at the ankle)! A sheath dress is another essential for the business clothes - I literally lived in my black sheath dress during the summer workdays! Jeans are of course my favorite, but like anything else in my closet, I gravitate towards the same couple - a skinny pair and a more relaxed fit will get you anywhere! And shoes - we can't forget about shoes. Keep it classic with black pumps and black pointy toe flats for the office or nights out, sneakers for casual days, and neutral sandals or boots depending on the weather! Finally, a belt to pull together any work look - skinny black is my favorite! 

All the links for the items in this post are within the text, or you can shop the post from the image links below! 


  1. These are all wonderful additions for a staple/capsule wardrobe. I tend to collect cardigans since I get cold in some classrooms and especially in the library! Random question: Do you have any good suggestions for an iphone or ipad anatomy app? Maybe something that lets you rotate the body for multiple views? Thanks!

  2. I love all the basics you picked. I'm definitely moving towards a more simple wardrobe myself of quality basics. Here's a little list of accessory basics (just because it's relevant) that I whipped up not too long ago. And I have those bean boots and recommend them if you don't have them already!


  3. I JUST went through my closet and threw out everything I hadn't worn in a year or that didn't fit me anymore and I was left with exactly this... a closet full of black/white/grey and stripes. At first I panicked b/c I thought I had gone a little too nuts and was going to look weird having hardly any color in my wardrobe... it's honestly SO FREEING. No more decision fatigue in the morning over what outfit to wear and everything goes with everything and I like what Rachel Zoe says... nothing is more chic than black on black on black...

    love it. GREAT post!

  4. I honestly feel like such a plain jane sometimes because most of my closet is filled with basics and neutrals. I've tried so hard the past couple months to start adding more prints and "fun" pops of color into my life, but my heart will also rest with black, white, grey, and navy :) Oh...and anything with stripes...and sneakers haha

  5. It's so refreshing to read about minimising my wardrobe and avoiding clutter rather than buying yet more stuff! This is something I will try, and I love your advice about keeping all clothes in a similar palette. A little tip I would add is to accessorise in neutral colours, as this will work across whatever theme you're matching to.

    Angella Frasier @ 4-Wardrobe


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