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November 19, 2014

Sling Diaries: On Travel

And just like that, we've arrived at my last entry in the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries. Just one more reminder of how quickly time passes, as if we needed another. These last six months have been a whirlwind of returning to clinical life, wedding planning, getting married, residency applications, first birthdays, and beginning the residency interview process. It's quite fitting, actually, that this month's entry is on the topic of travel. Read my previous entries here!

Dearest Liv,

I write this letter to you from the comfort of our cozy little one-bedroom apartment in Boston. The little apartment I moved into when I first started this journey of medical school, my first place all to myself, the mark of the start of my "big-girl" life. Now this apartment has become a home, thanks to you and your father, full of laughter and dirty laundry the way real homes are.

As I write this, daddy is in New York City, one of his seemingly endless trips around the country as he interviews for residency. Soon enough I'll be starting the same interview process. Our situation is a little unique for couples - where others can couples match to guarantee they end up together, we can't. But oh, my darling, we will end up together. Don't you worry, we will.

This traveling has been stressful, mostly because I've never traveled with the intent of finding a home. I've had my share of travels, and boy do I love it. Your Abuela and Papa John won't hesitate to tell you stories of the time I told them I was leaving to Europe for over a month, by myself. I was just a kid then, fresh out of college, but I yearned to see the world more than anything. Growing up the real world was limited to our little city of Springfield - we didn't have the money to travel far, no one in our family even had passports! But I knew the world was much much bigger than that, and I wanted to see it all. For some people the idea that the world is a big place is a scary thing; for your mama it was an amazing thing. Something that promised unseen beauty and lessons I wouldn't find anywhere else.

And that's just what travel gives you - beauty that you won't find anywhere else and lessons from the world. Once you travel, you realize that the world isn't that big of a place, that we all have similarities and things that unite us as people. It's beautiful, really, comforting to say the least. Wherever you go, you will find a mother and child. Wherever you go, you will find a little boy and his puppy. Wherever you go, you will find doctors and patients, police and firefighters. And although the languages may all be different, I hope I can teach you that kindness truly is a universal language, spoken and understood by those who see good and beauty in the world. And there are so many of those folks out there, baby girl, I hope you will be one of them.

As I've morphed from a young woman traveling to see the world, to a young mother traveling to find a home, a truth has become increasingly clear. Wherever we go, wherever we end up, home is wherever you and your father are. Whether it be across the country or across the street, my home is with you. And that my beautiful girl, is a wonderful, powerful, fear-conquering feeling. Cheers sweet pea, to many more travels and making our new home, wherever it may be.

Love always,

I'm wearing Liv in in my Sakura Bloom pure linen sling in Maple, cozy long sleeved tee shirt (here), live in leggings (here), and Gap slippers (here). Liv is wearing a Lucky Palm Tree headband and Carter's top and leggings. 
Our duvet cover is from Ikea (here). 

Read more about all things travel here, and stay tuned Friday for a post with tips on traveling with a baby or toddler! 


  1. All of these entires and photos would make such a beautiful keepsake for her one day. You should have them printed in a nice leather bound photo book.

  2. *brb, sobbing into my pillows*
    Liv is going to have such wonderful words of wisdom to read when she's older. You're such a fantastic momma, and an inspirational woman that a lot of us look up to. <3

  3. mooomssss i love you

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