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November 18, 2014

Holiday Decorating Ideas

I'm usually a strict "no Christmas until after Thanksgiving" kind of girl, but this year, either because of the extreme cold, or all of the traveling, I'm getting into the Christmas spirit much earlier than usual! I've even caught myself listening to Christmas music and already watching Christmas movies! 

Here are some DIY home decorations and gift-wrapping ideas that have me really excited for the most wonderful time of year! 

I love all of these because we can go on a family walk together in our park and pick up most of the supplies (pine cones and pine leaves) - the only thing you'd have to actually buy is maybe some twine and paper (although I usually use paper bags from grocery trips when I forget my own reusable bags)! Talk about super low-budget, eco-friendly, and beautiful holiday decorating! 

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  1. I love pinterest for holiday diys! I wish I was a little creative to where mine came out like the picture.

  2. ok, phew - i thought it was just me.
    my "christmas playlist" on spotify has been up and running since early november...

    love these pinterest inspirations!

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