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October 29, 2014

Grey stripes and Leopard spots

Sharing another easy look today and talking a bit about my current time "off!" 

It's been nice having some time to myself this month - having time to finally submit this paper we've been working on forever, figure out our travel plans with N flying all over the country for interviews, and having some time to work on the blog has been nice! Having time off is also nice because it usually serves as a good reminder of what you like to do with your day - as much as heading to a coffee shop to do some work is great and all, I actually miss clinic and seeing patients! Is that weird? Probably. 

For those wondering how I have "off" time - fourth year of medical school is a time for electives and residency interviews! There are very few requirements left by this time, and I've finished them all, so right now I'm on an unscheduled month. I think the hardest part of this month (or really, the only hard part), is still having to take Liv to daycare. I'd love to take her out for the months that I have "off," but if we take her out we lose her spot there, and it took us almost a year to get her there! Boston daycares have ridiculous waitlists! And seeing as I will have a couple of months where I'm still on rotations, we're keeping her there so we don't lose that spot. Being "off" and not having Liv with me definitely lends itself to lots of guilt, so I keep myself as busy as possible with lots of work!

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  1. I'm new to your blog, linked over from Franish. I love your style and your adorable family!

  2. Love the mix, you look super chic!

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