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June 13, 2014

Sling Diaries: On Strength

Throughout the next six months I will be posting entries for the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries Volume V - All the Love. I was so humbled and honored to be selected as a sling diarist and hope you all will enjoy these entries at least a sliver as much as I enjoy making them. Each month I'll write a letter to Liv on a certain topic - this month's topic is strength.

Dearest Liv, 

I write this letter to you as young woman who feels strong. A young woman who can't lift too much at the gym and still has to ask daddy for help to open jars, but still, I am strong. You see baby girl, strength can be a physical thing, and I do alright when it comes to that. But the strength I'm talking about is the strength of spirit. Empowerment that's built within us as we withstand hardships, persevere through the difficult days, and come out at the end of the tunnel smiling. 

This perseverance that develops our strength of spirit requires not that we stick the planned course - rigid in our dreams - no matter what, but instead, that we adapt and persevere in pursuit of our dreams. Just as the buildings that withstand earthquakes are able to bend and sway with the forces of the earth instead of cracking under pressure, so must we learn to bend and sway with the forces of our journey, through all its twists and unexpected turns. Those who are unhappy in this life are so because they can't adapt. They can't accept the changes in the course, and see defeat instead of a new path. They feel weak in this defeat instead of finding strength by choosing to keep going. My hope for you sweet girl, is that you can learn to go with the flow. Not to be complacent by any means, but to go with change and reach your goals in your own way. 

You have been the greatest lesson for me in going with the flow. You see, mommy has always been a bit of a planner. It's hard to get far without some skeleton of a plan. Now that you're along for the ride, my plans have simplified quite a bit. My large-scale goals are still the same - to become a doctor and have patients I can truly connect with and help, to be a loving a giving wife, to be a sacrificing mother and role model, but the day-to-day plans I usually throw out the window. No longer do I feel like a failure if everything on my to-do list wasn't crossed off, instead I focus on the positive and make plans for the next day, always aware that it may not get done then either. This isn't defeat, this is adapting, and by adapting we grow stronger. We gain new powers and abilities through each journey we take, and I hope you will find these as you go on your own journeys. 

I will always find my strength in you and I hope you will always know that you can find your strength in me. 

Love always,

I'm wearing Liv in my Sakura Bloom pure linen sling in Twilight, black tee and pants from Asos, and sandals from Target


  1. Super cute! Thank you for sharing!

  2. these photos are beautiful. You should consider making a photo book with all of these posts when you finish this series, it could be a nice keepsake for her when she gets older to have all these pics and the letters with them :-)

  3. Do you feel that your partner's plans have also simplified in the same way that yours did? I'm curious as to how mothers vs. fathers may experience parenthood differently in this respect.

  4. That was a very beautiful and inspiring piece. I've been feeling a little defeated as of late, and reading your inspiring words lifted me up. Thank you so much for sharing and Liv is a very lucky girl. :)


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