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April 28, 2014

Weekend in Michigan

Happy Monday all! For those who follow along on Instagram you know we spent the beautiful weekend in Michigan for a friend's wedding! Below are some pics of the trip!

We had a lovely time at our med school classmate's wedding, and then exploring Ann Arbor! Some places I'd recommend (from my super brief time) are Rock Paper Scissors, Lab, and of course Zingerman's! Our sandwiches were all amazing, can you tell by Liv's face? One of their specials at the cafe side right now is the Dirty Sheed and omg I am so sad that I can't have that every day for the rest of my life. I almost wish I hadn't tasted it so I didn't know what I was missing, ya know? ;)

*A tip for mamas trying to do evening events with their babe? Bring a sling/your favorite baby carrier! They can sleep in that with you while you dance away (as Liv does) instead of you being glued to the table watching them sleep in their carseat (or up in the hotel room, etc.) Liv will pass out in it right around her normal bedtime or a little later (mama make sure to wear a nursing friendly dress), and take more of a nap if we're still out for an hour or two (waking back up to enjoy some of the party), and then we get her back down by the time we get home! 


  1. Looks like you had an amazing weekend! Your lil one is just too cute :)

    Rachel's Lookbook

  2. awesome pictures you're such a happy family I love everything you post Im one loyal instagram follower!


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