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April 14, 2014

Weekend: The Big 1-5

Happy Monday all! Just wanted to share a few pics from the wonderful weekend we had back home celebrating my little sister's 15th birthday. It's a big deal in hispanic culture, we threw a huge QuinceaƱera complete with the big white ball gown, damas and chambelanes, limo, etc. etc. etc.! Crazy that my own QuinceaƱera was now over a decade ago and all the cousins I used to babysit for are now finishing high school and in college. Liv had a blast seeing all of our family and partied the night away, even slept in her little white dress! Sunday we had a lazy day and a big brunch before hopping back on the road. I hope you all had great weekends!! Also - make sure to leave any ideas you have for posts in the comments section! Would love to hear! 


  1. Such a beautiful family you have!

    I have a few post ideas:
    Your pre-clinical studying/note taking strategies (I'm starting med school in Aug, trying to get some ideas on how best to study!)
    How to build a professional but fun wardrobe (preferably on a budget)
    Your experience with balancing family life with school (the challenges, etc)
    More outfits/what I wore type posts because I love 'em!

    Hope you all have a great week!

    1. Oh! And a post on your skin care routine--your face is always glowing!

  2. Your sister is gorgeous! and looks so much like you :)
    love your dress here and Liv of course is the cutest little thing!

  3. Wow, what a fun weekend! Your sister is just as gorgeous as you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love her dress :)

  4. Hi Laura!

    I agree with Angela! I would love to know your tips on building a professional wardrobe on a budget! Your family is just beautiful by the way!!

  5. OMG your sister looks so much like you, it's scary. WOW!

  6. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos of your family-Liv is getting so big!

    I would love to read a Med School Monday feature from N. and how he balances it all. I agree with those who commented before me, more work outfit posts would be great. I still refer back to ones you put up years ago for style inspiration, lol.

  7. happy birthday to your sister!
    she is stunning!


  8. I agree with all the girls that have posted before me. Your sis looks gorgeous! And that little lady is so excited to drive :D

    I would love to see a post about finding clothes that fit well, and what are the signs that you look for that let you know they're not the right size.

  9. Holy smokes, your sister is gorgeous!

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