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January 8, 2014

Slow down

Last night after getting home from work Liv and I had a long talk. Of course we didn't really talk, but I spoke and she exchanged with loud babbles - the days of soft cooing and grunting are over and this girl knows how to use her vocal cords. I picked her up for bath time and she wrapped both arms around my neck, immediately grasping a handful of my messy hair with her left hand. In the bath she laughed and let me get under her armpits, holding her toy so agilely with both hands. When did this baby girl of mine become this able almost-4-month-old? As if Isabel knew the strokes of passing time were hitting me harder that night, she emailed me with photos from Liv's 3 month session, and oh man was I blown away - with the differences from 3 weeks (top) and 3 months (bottom), and even the differences from her 3 month photos and now! Slow down, time, be kind to this (now working) mama. Of course, this is the plea of all parents, but that is just what children do - grow. And although it happens seemingly too quickly, it is such a beautiful thing, and so lovely to have pictures to help with memories of what was only months ago. 

{Of course, mama never planned on being in any of these photos so I'm a mess, but Liv is precious as ever!}


  1. that last picture is absolutely precious. she's going to grow up to be so beautiful and smart! how could she not with parents like hers? :)

  2. She's such a cute bundle of joy! Beautiful pictures! x

  3. I just love these pics! She has grown - too cute!


  4. This made me tear up a little…..oh the joys of watching little babies grow up!

  5. These are too sweet. It's such a great thing to have pictures to look back on and with you in them too. I am not in enough pictures with my son because I was always the one behind the camera. I so wish I had someone to capture intimate moments like these.

    And boy does time just fly or what? I remember just crying over Cruze when he was a newborn because I felt like he was changing before my eyes and there was nothing I could do to stop it or slow it down. I'm already feeling that way for baby boy #2 and he isn't even here yet!

  6. Gorgeous! Love T + M


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