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January 3, 2014

New Year, New Direction?

Happy Friday and happy 2014! This is my last Friday of maternity leave - I go back to work on Monday - it's going to mark a bittersweet change for me! It also means I'll be trying to get back to doing more outfit posts, although I must admit, after having Liv I feel like the focus of the blog may change a bit. We'll see where it goes but I hope that you all will stick with me either way! I'll continue with Med School Mondays, they're some of my favorite posts as I feel like they're helping you guys the most, although they won't be every Monday. we'll see what else will end up on the blog in 2014! Would love to hear in the comments section what you all want to see! This look below was worn for an amazing girls night/gift exhange dinner with some of my besties! We went all out with delicious tapas!

Marshall's top (almost exact top on CRAZY sale here!), Forever 21 wax jeans (similar here), Charlotte Russe platform booties (similar here), boutique necklace (similar here)


  1. you are glowing! happy new year to you & your beautiful family! xx

  2. Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to more Med School Mondays and daily life (balancing your passions and being a mama) stuff! I'm really grateful for all your posts so far.

  3. you look amazing, laura!
    i'd love to see more school related posts - although i'm not in med school, i find them very informative and have used some of your tips and tricks in my personal life.
    i also love your outfit posts and think i speak for everyone when i say more olivia posts, haha.


  4. I'd love to see more med school posts and about your hobbies and balancing those!

  5. as a new mom and a phd student (who also loves fashion), i'd love to see some posts on balancing work/life/baby.

  6. Nice photos! You look great! Love, Shabana

  7. I LOVE outfit posts and would hate to see them go! But I do understand that probably isn't your first priority as a new momma :)

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    jeux de ninja

  9. Keep up the good work, Laura! I'm so glad I happened upon this blog...even if it was due to "catfish" You are such an inspiration! I love the med school monday posts the most, but would love to see more outfit posts anfd just general posts on how you're balancing your new life and family. Happy New Year!

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