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December 2, 2013

Gift Guide Week: The Medicine-Inclined

Happy Monday! I'm back! Got through the monstrous 9 hour Step 2 exam and enjoyed family over Thanksgiving. I hope you all had wonderful times! This week I'll be bringing you gift guides to start the holiday season, and in Med School Monday fashion, we're kicking it off with gift ideas for the medicine-inclined! 

  1. Laboratory flower vases (here) - Rustic chic + science geek? Yes please!
  2. Gentle Reminders pencils (here) - These beautiful white and gold pencils almost make you want to write those notes.
  3. Littmann Stethoscope (here) - Keep it simple with the Classic II (anything else is overkill), keep it chic with the all black finish.
  4. MDpocket White Coat Clipboard (here) - On the wards this clipboard keeps all your patient notes tidy, folds into your white coat pocket, and has tons of references for when you're just starting!
  5. First Aid for Step 1 (here) - Ask anyone how to do well on Step 1 and this book is guaranteed to be a part of their strategy. Memorize this book (easier said than done) and get through UWorld's Qbank and you're golden. 
  6. iMac (here) - This one's always been a dream gift of mine and most other students I know. Any large computer display makes studying and learning so much more productive, this one is just beautiful and minimalistic to boot. Someday...
  7. Kate Spade 2014 Planner (here) - I've professed my love for planners already (here and here), and this one is perfection!
  8. Keurig Mini (here) - Hot cup of coffee. In seconds. In tons of flavors. In the perfect grey shade. Need I say more?
  9. iPhone cover (here) - My iPhone is my go-to reference on the wards, keep it protected with this cute cover!
  10. Netter Anatomy (here) - First year anatomy is a rite of passage - this book with its gorgeous illustrations is all you need.
  11. ExamKrackers MCAT study books (here) - Not everyone can afford a review course (I know I couldn't). These books were my savior. Just enough information to do incredibly well without being overwhelmed with minutiae. 
Of course, if you follow my blog, you'll know that I think the best gift for the medicine-inclined is time spent living life! A date book is an adorable way to make some date ideas and give your pre-med/medical student a break - for a movie night, bowling, whatever! Get your chance to win one below! Making one? Use code LACQUER10 for $10 off your purchase and make sure to order by December 13 for guaranteed delivery by Christmas!
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  1. you're back ! we've missed you lol this a great gift guide (even for those of us who aren't so medically inclined) ... some of these can still transfer over. i love that kate spade planner :)

  2. welcome back!!
    i loooooove the pencils - such a cute idea.
    i contacted the vendor but sadly they're no longer in stock.
    hopefully i can find something comparable!


  3. I love everything about this. Also, can you do a post on how you studied for Step 1? (Unless you already did, I can't find it!) I'm totally freaking out, mine is scheduled for June 2014 and I know we gotta start hitting it hard come January. :(

  4. this is such a great gift guide, laura! glad to see you're back. i have no idea how you handle everything in life with such poise!

  5. This list is perfect! I especially love the black stethoscope. A gift card for Amazon would have been amazing too. We med students like to order tons of highlighters, pens, post its, and tabs LOL. Hope you had a great Christmas!


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