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September 3, 2013

Hospital Bag

Hello lovelies! Hope you all had great labor day weekends! In preparation for Ms. Liv's arrival, I finally put together my hospital bag for her delivery! Here's what's inside:

the bag: Lo and Sons OG bag, a trusty favorite of mine
the hospital stuff: a cozy robe and slippers, a pretty nursing bra, my iphone and charger, and toiletries and makeup in a truffle bag
my going home outfit: an easy chambray top (cheaper one here), comfy leggings and easy suede flats
Olivia's going home outfit: a simple white onesie with pink pants and matching hat and bib

For you gals who have been through it before, anything you would add? 


  1. I'm 38 weeks as of yesterday and packed my bag this weekend, also. Can't believe it's almost time! I also threw in a couple pairs of socks, a notebook so I can start tracking diaper changes and feedings, mittens so my girl doesn't scratch her little face, and some reading material. Best wishes to you in the coming weeks as you prepare for delivery!

    xo Angela

  2. aw this is so exciting !! i get excited pretty much every time you post anything now because i know it's almost baby time .. so i can only imagine what you and your fiance are going through :)

    wish you all the best and a happy delivery !

  3. Maybe a jacket for Olivia, just in case the temperature drops.

  4. I just got the O.M.G. bag to use as my diaper bag - I love it! And was thinking I would probably use it to pack for the hospital too... That's all pretty much what's going inside mine so far, except also snacks! (No thanks, hospital food - I figure a few PowerBars will get me through.) And I love the chambray as your going home outfit - I've been missing being able to wear my shirt, so that would be a perfect thing to pack because it'll fit again but still be roomy enough for the post-partum body.

  5. I had my little man in April and surprisingly the thing I needed most was lip balm. My mouth and lips got so dry when I was in labour, it was insane.

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