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September 16, 2013

Guest Post: Franish

Hi lovelies! I'm actually writing this quick little intro from the hospital, as this weekend N and I finally welcomed Olivia to the world! Check out my instagram (@lauralacquer) for a pic and I will of course update the blog relatively soon. But for now while we get settled I've got a few lovely posts from some of my favorite bloggers prepared for you, I hope you enjoy them! The first is Franziska who writes the blog Franish! Keeping up with the theme of Med School Mondays Fran is the sweetest medical student with a knack for great style - I'm sure you'll love her blog as much as I do!! 
I've been reading Laura's blog since I was in college studying biology. I was in awe of how smart, gorgeous, and stylish she is - she seemingly has it all. As I went through the medical school application, and now the beginning of medical school, I've come to realize how much Laura and her blog helped me adjust to and be successful in this crazy journey to becoming a physician. Here are just a few things she has taught me:

Organization is the key to everything

what comes with me everyday
I LOVE planners, and so I was really happy to see how much Laura uses hers. Having a place to keep track of all the exams we have, and then all of the other activities we as students participate in, has been so helpful. It was so helpful to know that it's okay to block off little bits of time here and there for "me" time just to help keep our sanity...and to make time for blogging ;)

that the days are going to be long and no longer your own

I worked for two years at a 9-5 job. My life outside of work was my life - I got to nap, eat, blog, do whatever I wanted when I wasn't at work. Because of Laura's documentation of her journeys through school (see this post as an example of her day!), I knew to expect that my life wasn't going to be all my own - when I have time off from class now, it is going to be spent learning. I'm "on" 8 AM to 10 PM+ every day learning all about the human body. We (Laura, me, every medical student) are spending all of our freedom learning to be the best possible physicians we can be for our future patients.

that it's possible to be a medical student and stylish

If you are a reader from my blog visiting, let me introduce you to why you should be an immediate follower of Laura's blog:

See why I'm such a fan? Classic looks that are modern, on trend without being trendy, and so chic. I can't wait until it's a bit colder so that I can recreate all of her fall looks - I think number 4 is my absolute favorite. Laura has taught me that being a medical student isn't all about yoga pants and school sweatshirts (which I couldn't wear to school anyway) but that it's possible to look pulled together and professional, but still have fun with your outfits.

that there is life outside of medicine

I've had a bit of a hard time adjusting to this new life I'm leading. I'm separated from my boyfriend of five years by 600 miles. I have a whole new way of having to deal with money, being far away from my family, and living my new day to day life. If nothing else, Laura has taught me that there is more to our lives than medicine. We have to look for the little bit of shiny in our lives, to make time for love, and to make time for family (current and future, human or animal).

Thank you so much for having me on your blog today! We all can't wait to meet Miss Liv - best wishes to your adorable little family!


  1. great post congratulations on the new baby I'm 5months and I'm so looking forward to having my little bundle of joy you're blog is amazing I love it and look forward to reading every day!

  2. LOVE seeing you on here, Fran! I love love love Laura's style (and yours) and it makes me so happy to see you worlds collide here today!

  3. great post, I'm glad that you'll try to make space for a little bit fun in your life. I'm a dentist, and I know how obsessed we can be with our professions!

  4. Great post! I will follow your blog as well. I'm a student Physical Therapist Assistant and I have a crazy hectic school/work schedule, so I enjoy seeing the medical posts about making life work with school. Good stufff! Congrats on lil Olivia, Laura and N!

  5. Love this post...lots of solid advice :)
    Congratulations on little Olivia!!
    God bless you guys :)

  6. Thanks Fran for introducing me to Laura's blog! Love her style!

  7. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! So exciting :) Can't wait for more updates! And I love Fran's blog :)


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