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September 5, 2013

Dressing the bump: fall edition

Labor day has passed, pumpkin spice lattes are taking over Instagram (and I'm not above it), and the temperatures are starting to drop (if only the teeniest) - it's almost fall! And as much as I want Olivia in my arms I almost wish I could keep the bump for just a month or two so I could have fun with fall fashion. The layers, cardis, knits, tall boots, scarves, I love it all! 

{moi, Marion, a totally not pregnant Helena, Delmy, moi again}

For more on dressing the bump for fall, check out my guest post over at Well Rounded NY


  1. Love all these looks! With a mid-October due date, I'm excited about dressing a bump for fall, but probably I'll only end up with a week or two of it by the time the weather cools enough... checking into those great olive pants anyway!

  2. love them all!!! you are the cutest! love your whole style :)


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